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Going out for cigerattes

I walked out for a pack of cigerattesKnowing I wasn't coming back Things had just gotten so hard I had no more control  So I decided to take the easy way out And leave for a little while  Just to get some cigerattes  But then minutes turned to hours And days turned to weeks With each passing store  It wasn't good enough for me So I drove to the end Drinking in any dive I could fine Staying in any hotel cheap with my lies Dreaming of the memorie I left behind For a pack of cigerattes  A pack I never bought Cause I don't even smoke

In the darkest corner

This is hardly romanticThis is not for real This not a good dream This is not what it feels like
This dosent feel safe I don't feel warm It's not right I feel like I am choking to stay alive
I cant get any air Not tonight Hear I am  Alone With all my fears In the the darkest corner of the world


I saw a turkey
stuffed with leaves
cooking on an open fire
in a tree filled kitchen
surrounded by some cool people
family with love

I saw a turkey sitting on a wood table
surrounded by berries
baking in the sun
in a grass filled dining room
covered in some clouds
family with smiles

yes or no

wanna get married
for life or for now
for weeks or for years
for them or for us
for money or for love
for fun or for real

wanna get married
tomorrow or today
now or never
tonight or in the morning

wanna get married
and get a big white house
and have a few kids
and get the mini van
and send the rest of our days together
or get a divorce
and never see each other again

wanna get married
yes or no
no or yes
not maybe

Would you believe

A rose grows in the darkA woman finds strength in her fear A man stands in the storm A child laughs at nightmares A family rises in spite of hardship  A sun comes out the clouds A scream could be heard with no sound Would you believe me

Say something

Say something So I can say I love you to Say something  So I don't give up on us Say something So I know that this is true Say something  So I feel that this is real Say something So I can stay  Say something  So I can give my heart to you Say something So I can say I love you to


I don't want realismI want magic I don't want straight  I want curved I don't a strangers meanness I want a strangers kindness  I don't want romance I want desire I don't want time I want an eternity  I don't want richness of money I want richness of spirit  But we get life

For a sister

Don't worryDon't be sorry Don't cry Don't even try Don't get sad Don't be mad
It will all be okay At least for today It will all be fine At least go dine It will be all good At least it should
Don't you worry

Night night - a poem

Get drunk drunkOf my blood punch To your face face Cause of the hurt  That was given to me me  Due to your infidelities  And feel the pain pain Of a never ending hangover  That is crazy crazy But you deserve it At least tonight night 

The real white fence life- a poem

On this side of paradiseWhere the children play And the moms drink their problems away  The dads never come home When they do they drive over the garden nomes 
On this side of paradise Where the children cheer And the moms choose Martinis over beers The dads forget about love When they do they just curse out the doves 
On this of paradise Where the children stay And the moms push them out the way The dads chose to walk out When they do they it means they have chosen a cowardly route

Let us play- A poem inspired by the film The Hobbit

Let us play a game
A game of heads or tail
Or rather 20 questions
But maybe cast a spell
Using my special precious
That makes it all unseen
But its not a prize to give away
Cause its our precious
And it stays today
So away you go
Take you thieving hands
Cause we know you mean harm
To get our precious
That we may never see again
So let us play a game
A game of three guesses
Guess a riddle if we can
Just I and myself
Or guess whats in your pocket
Thats not fair
We have to our precious
Just I and myself
So let us play a game
Whats missing from our hand
Our precious

And _ A Poem

Close my eyes in the darkness
Feel my way to the light
Hope that someone sees me
And take my hand

No one likes being left behind
Especially in a rough time
Hold my hand out
And hopes someone pull me out the mud

Shield myself against the danger
Try to cover my cuts but they still bleed out
Hope you will come along
And bandage me up

Hide away in a corner
And cry all the pain away
Screaming it loud but nothing comes out
And I hope you will hear me anyway

Run into a cave
Cover myself from the cold
Bundle me up in your love
And hope you bring a blanket with your heart

The nuns

All the nuns in the world Can't stop all the Guns in the world
And all the love  Can't stop all the hate
And all problems  Can't be solved with any right solutions 
And all the being the sameness  Can't quiet our differences 
And all the nuns Can't stop all the guns 

Wake me up

Wake me up
When the pain is gone
Wake me up
When death no longer exist
Wake me up
When children are no longer hungry
Wake me up
When no one can get sick
Wake me up
When everyones faith is strong
Wake me up
When everyone can hold on
Wake me up
When tears are only for joy
Wake me up
When drama is just a class
Wake me up
When moms are no longer sad
Wake me up
When dads don't walk out on kids
Wake me up
When we have no enemies
Wake me up
When we are all friends
Wake me up
When dreams do come true
Wake me up
When nightmares are for movies
Wake me up
When no one has to beg
Wake me up
Never again


Don't be afraid Of what's to come next Of what's unknown to you And your heart Set your mind free Release into the fear Go with the peace There is no choice No opting out Just go with it Let the calm rain down on you Don't be afraid  It will only happen once  Take it as you may Just have faith After its all done Things will keep going  On and on Living so close to the unknown