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So many times

I have been told so many times in my life that "I love you"
Only for it to never be seen to be true
And only if I could find that man
That one true man
I would know if it's real
But l love myself and no need no validation
But it's doesn't hurt to have a relationship
I would look high and low
Til someone told me so
And meant it to
I been told so many times
If feels like a constant smile
Feels like a phony laugh
Like a repeated lie
But even as I sit in the sand
I know there is one man
Who means it to be true

An open letter to another soul

Discrimination is a revolving door that America can never seem to get out of. It keeps going and over time does not change much. To be black in America is still as dangerous as it was 100 years ago. Back in the day they could kill us because of the color of our skin and today that still remains true but in today’s world they are still not held accountable for it. Being a minority or being woman or being the different one in race, gender, or sexual orientation, we are constantly reminded to strive but not to far. To reach but not high. To learn but not a lot. To speak but don’t say much. We are reminded to stay in our area, in our lane, and to be good not great. That is unacceptable. We are taught discrimination is a black problem, it’s not. Its a human problem because everyone has faced it. Everyone has faced discrimination in some way either given or received. Back in the day that did not keep people from living their lives. These close minded ideals did not keep Harriet Tubman from…

Someone who knows me

Its nice to be with someone who knows you
Knows how to touch you
Knows how to kiss you
Knows how to make you feel like the most loved person in the world
Its just so nice
It isn't grand to hear your name
Being gently said
By someone who really loves you
It brings a certain joy when you come near me
You know me so well
I can tell
Like how you know how I like my coffee
Like how you know how I like my eggs
Like how you know how to love me
It's nice to be with someone who knows
Who really gets me
Who smile makes me so weak
Don't ever let me go
Don't ever let me float away

See me there

I wonder if you see me there
Watching me as I stare
Hoping to catch your glare
Do you see me
Standing in the corner
Hoping for our eyes to meet
Do you see me
Watching you
Hoping to get a glimpse of that smile
Wondering if you feel the same
Wondering if you even know my name
I want you to see me as I am
I want to see me as something
I want us to be more
Than strangers
I want us to be more
Than to cars passing in the night
I want us to laugh together
I want us to play together
I want us to enjoy life together
But only is you me there
Watching me as I stare
Hoping o catch your glare
Do you see me
Do you see me
Do you see me
Cause I see you

I see

I look to you and see peace
I see a happiness that can be replaced
I see a light that shine so bright
The passion in your heart shine through your words
The passion in soul shine through your actions
I see a kindness so gentle
I see a laughter so sweet
I see a family man and a good heart
I see a dependable friend til the end
I see my crush in you
I see you for you
I see the good and the bad
I see the awkward and sad
I see you're trying
I see me likng you

Is death really the answer

It's amazing how you can feel their pain Only after they gone  And wounds are already bleed out  And the pain already took them out And there is nothing you can do  But mourn them  It's crazy we get one life to live And so much pain is inflicted in that life  And how we hold all in Not searching for the light But someone is here for you Was there for you  Should had tried harder for you Gonna miss you man Should had spoke up more for you Judge you less  Welcomed you more  Inspired your dreams more Said I love you more Is our fault  Is it anyone's  Now you at peace they say Should had had that when you were alive Trying to survive the cruelness Now you up above  Now you up above  Now you up above  Was death really the answer

Only pennies to my name

I feel like a moneyless foolGood for nothing Selfish heifer  Pennies to my name But not enough to make 100 Quarter would save my life If I could get one  Bills on top of bills God hear my cry  I am trying But maybe not hard enough I am a moneyless fool Living for a rich future  Trying to remember  a rich past  Stuck in a moneyless present Oh how I worry Oh how I anger  Oh how I get poor with money  But hopefully not my spirit 

In my blue dress

I sit here With my blue dress on Watching you come in here All late  Full of excuses  Try to explain your way out of it But you know you wrong You could have called You could have sent someone to me Making me wait Was a big mistake Cause know mister you got a problem  Told me to put on a fancy dress Told me you be here at six It's 11:02 And I got nothing to say to you  My hair is down now My shoes are off My makeup is gone  And I am feeling a little tipsy  It's not fair You can't kiss it away  I don't even want you to stay  Just go away  Just leave me be  My yesterday's were better When you didn't have me waiting  On our five year anniversary Here's to us

Our happy is real

I look around the roomAnd what what do I see  All these happy faces looking at me  Seeing me for what I am  And how I do pretend Just to make all of you happy 
I look around the room  Hoping to see you  Hoping you here  Feeling that your near  I want you here  So I don't have to pretend 
Oh how glorious it could be For you and me  To run away from it all Everything else would seem so small  It's one to love But it's another to stay 
Come join me  Yeah come up on stage  They wik think its a show  So let's give them a good one But we will know Our happy is so real

My man

I need my perfect manTo only buy me nice things Who makes me go bananas  Every time hear his name  Sometimes I need that man Who makes me feel so special  I want him now I want home forever  I want him to be my man