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When the days are hot
And the freezer is not
And the children play
And ice cream is all we got

When the fans fail
And the air is stale
And the heat is sticky
And you break a nail

I want to get cold
Dont want to create a sweaty mold
But on your chair
There it is covered in hair

No matter what you do
Your gonna be hot to
This is my sweaty nightmare
This is my sweaty nightmare

When you feel the heat
Look no further
This is where the AC blows
This is where the AC blows

Dont get to close
You will hog all the air
This where the AC blows
This where the AC blows

Something Like You

I heard that you were ran down
That you found a cast and you have bandages now
I heard that your leg was crushed
Guess you should had look when you were crossing

Old friend, why are you so sad
Ain't like you to cry so much

I hate to just show up like this
But I couldn't stay away, i had to see this
I had hoped you'd see me and be reminded
That for you its all over

Never mind, you will walk again
I wish nothing but the best for you too
Don't forget that you can, Remember you said,
Sometimes therapy works the best
Sometimes therapy works the best

You know how cars fly
Only yesterday you were walking fine
We were born with moving legs
Bound by blood and veins

Nothing compares to the pain your in
Regrets and mistakes, there memories made
Who would had know how bittersweet the street taste

Never mind you will walk again
You will some time to heal your leg
Don't forget you can walk, Remember you said
Sometimes therapy works the best
Even if laying around till it heals is…

The night sky

He is not happyWon't let up on us Roaring with thunder  As you beg for silence  It pours with rain And your tears are heavy The clouds darken Holding your head in fear No umbrella  No shelter Can hold it out It wants to find you Why It's what you both share  Pain from your better half

An eternity

Too long We breath  But no heart beats No real emotions  Just death Just blood Human or deer or bear What ever is easiest  At the time of hunger Sucking its blood alive Running from the sun It's burning passion  Won't kill me Just injure me Outlive my many loves Hide from the others Walk alone  In the midnight moon No pack here Just an eternity Of never ending  And forever  Loneliness

Thinking over

I am thinking overThe lies you said The promises you broke The hearts you stole The tears you caused The lives you harmed The souls you crushed  The feelings you hurt  The cheating you did The mistakes you tried to cover The excuses you made 
I am thinking over  Cause you said sorry And you think that works That its forgiven I am thinking over  How stupid you think I am How you wronged me And others I am thinking over  How you believe  One sorry  Makes it forgiven

The road ends here

I wanted To give you all my love My whole heart All my time
But then I couldn't  It all stopped It all ended
We came  So far in love So deep into each other Into each others soul
I wanted The never ending  Forever  All my life love
But then The lights dimmed  The streets cleared And the road ended 
It ended To fast  To soon To quick
And I will Never Not once Forget you

Your dragon

Your big fiery breathing dangerous dragonNeeds A mint  A fire extinguisher Some manners  Some friends  A pair of glasses A sense of humor Some food Some space A castle A damsel Some peace  Some music A marriage to A donkey.

I will send for you

Don't come for meI will send for you First class delivery Same day shipping I will be there  On time  Where I promised  To meet you at You want to come You better  I am ready Lets handle this fiercely  With the strength of men And the voice of a woman I will send for you

But I didn't

I was suppose to spend an eve in darkness and spend an eternity knee deep in my fears. I was suppose to never see the light again and never hear the angels sing. I was suppose to be cushioned in pain and breathe out fire to breathe in hate. I was suppose to give my soul away and growl at any happiness. I was suppose to. But I didn't. But I didn't?

You deserve it

You deserve itThe love  The respect  The loyalty  You deserve it Today Tonight Tomorrow  You deserve it Now Forever  Till the end You deserve it And I can't give it to you And I won't give it to you Cause I can't  You deserve it Not from me I will just break your heart  And hurt you so bad You deserve it Not the pain  Not my twisted love Not my revengeful heart You deserve it Love  Respect  Loyalty You deserve it

Away I go

I creep on you in the middle of the night
Stand over you and watch  you sleep
I stay quiet as I possibly can
You dont here me
You continue to sleep
You dont know I just like your smell
I am Nosferatu
I will bite you soon
I will drink your blood
Til your body is drained
I came for you
In the night
The sun blinds me
It will boil my skin
Thats no good
I need to stay alive
In the darkness
And with your blood
It bleeds red
Although its really blue
Time to eat
Dont awaken and scream
No one needs to hear
Dosent matter its over
I was quite thirsty
Thanks and
Oh my
Theres the sun
Away I go

A moment of time- a poem

A moment in time
We decided on lies
To fix what we were in
The crime we committed
No one can know
No truth lays here
No one should tell
But we still go to hell
A moment in time
Changed our lives
Forever and Ever
A bad decision
A wrongful mistake
A quick reaction
A bad one
Thats so permit
A moment in time
When we loss control
And someone fell
And never got up
Its really sad
No one can change it
But it should stay our secret
At least til the end
A moment in time
A moment in time
A moment in time
Where our dreams now hide
And our fate just died
No one comes back from this
In that moment of time

It's not like the movies

It not like the movies. I didn't feel the spark when we first met. It's not like the movies. We don't get together in the end. We don't fall hopelessly in love. It's not like the movies. You don't confess your unconditional love for me. The world doesn't stop when you speak. It's not like the movies. I don't feel love at first sight. I can breathe without you. I don't think about you when you leave. It's not like the movies. I can live without you. It's not like the movies and that kind of sucks for us.