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Cant go back after cheating

I want to forgive you
I want to look past it all
I want to forget the pain and all its caused
I want the hurt to disappear
I want the betrayal to leave me alone
I want us to dance to our song
I want our love to be whole again
I want act like we did before
I want us to stand so tall
I want to believe your promises
I want us to be in love again

Is it possible?
Not after your cheating ways
It hurts to bad to pretend
That I am okay

Fire in your eyes

I see the fire bright in your eyes
Seeming to burn on forever
Passion is whole
And your is open
With that you welcome me
Into your heart
A place I am meant to be
Keeping me there
Is an important job for you
Which you are well qualified to do
I see the fire in your eyes
Flames higher then ever
Your passionate about our love
And thats how I like it
I would have it no other way
In your heart, I choose to stay
For forever

Trouble, trouble, trouble

I see trouble, trouble, trouble all around me
Fix me a sniff drink so I can be
No end in sight do I see
Oh trouble please get away from me
Your tall dark and handsome as can be
Tempting me hard, making me weak
Take your temptation and get away from me
Oh please trouble let me be
Make me weak in my knees
Unlock my chain with the key
Trouble please set me free
You need to stay away from me
Keeping me all night, I see
Making my dreams come to be
Don't you here my begging plea
Mister just go on out to sea
And live me be
And take all my love woes away from me