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Who knew

That if you
Ate an apple you would die If you smelled the garlic you would cry If you faced death you would lie  If you had a gun you would tell me bye If you sat on a bomb you would go high If you had a chair you would hang by a tie And if in the end look act me weird when I ask why

I want our love

To beExotic  Loving True Exciting Thrilling Passionate  Amazing Historic Flawless Once in a lifetime Only ours Between you and me I want our love to be

A creatures tale.. a poem

Grab your pitchforks and your torches
Grab your wives and your children
Board your windows and your doors
Board your homes and your stores
Light the fires and the candles
Light your hearts and your minds
If you think it will keep out
At least for tonight
For I am Frankenstein creature
Not his monster
I know you are Gods creature
So I don't treat y'all like a monster
So please understand
In the night, I have come to shake a hand
Asking for all the peace in the world
Cause if not, I can kill you all where you stand

A vampires tale- a poem

If I were to stay, I would go into a hole
If i were to go, have fun with my soul
When you grab that stake, aim for my heart
For it has already fallen apart
From your silver and not your gold
From your garlic and not your pepper
I will live in the dark, if that what keep me safe
Cause your light it burns my innocnece

A killer dream- a halloween poem

I had a dream yesterday and you were in it
You wanted me to kiss your neck but i was to busy biting it.
You wanted to share love but I wanted you to share your blood
You wanted to hug and I wanted to kill
You wanted to eat some food and I wanted to drink some blood

I had a dream and you were in it
You thought I was kissing your neck but I wanted to slit your throat
You wanted to go on a date and I wanted to go to your funeral
You wanted to build a home, i wanted to dig your grave
You wanted to to marry me but I wanted to bury you

I had a dream and you were in it
You made me feel like a monster but I was so happy
You made me want to be cruel, but it gave me joy
A dream where I harm you made me love you more
If that meant you could die and no longer live

I had a dream and you were in it
It was just a dream
Maybe for you a nightmare
But for me it was all good
maybe it could come true
On Halloween night

I had a plan and you were apart of it
Its set for Halloween night
Its going to be a re…

That was a close one

One day Steve got a text from his friend saying he was on the way an to be ready. Steve didn't find it weird cause his  friend Archie always do that. He assumes they would go get food as always. So he got his regular jeans and white short on. He went downstairs told his mom bye and went and got in the car.
In the car was three other guys in the back. Archie told him to get in front. This was weird for he was sure he was Archie only friend. They drove off and Steve just happened to turn around to see there were guns in their hands. This scared Steve and Archie told him to be cool and that everything was going to work out. Steve did not know what to think so he looked out the window to recollect his thoughts on everything that was happening. He saw them drive pass the diner, pass the movies, pass the mall, pass the bowling alley, pass the gym, pass another diner, pass the library, pass the school. There was nothing else for him to pass. Steve looked at Archie worried and Archie told…

You...... A poem

I hate you
I don't want you I despise you You give me the creeps I don't like you
Your smile Your way Your thoughts  They disgust me
I don't like it when you are near My skin crawls when you touch me
I don't love you I can't stand you I wish we never even met
But here you are  And you need to go away Stay away from me Never return back here  Get your things and go

So much fun: A halloween song.

Through the forest and through the paths
that is where your fate lies
it contains the death that will soon come
but for me thats so much fun

Through it all
you will see it clear
as you look at all your fears
but for me thats so much fun

Go in a little closer
only if you dare
I know you think this is not quite fair
but for me thats so much fun

And tomorrow I will do it all over again
lower someone into their demise
Tortue them with their lies
but for me thats so much fun

Waiting on the ocean

I am waitng on the ocean
to bring you home to me
to where you need to be

There is no thing in the sky
There is no land to cross
Only a big open sea
that separates you from me

Your in a place
where your facing my fears
as I create more tears
whenever your not near

Your letters come a week late
I try to piece them together by the date
but your already somewhere new
just get in here in a few

I know sailing is your job
while mine is picking corn on the cob
I just wish you take me with you
and always you promise one day to

I am waiting on the ocean
to get you here right now
to get you back to town

I know you see many of watery days
i know you will be back in may
i know you still at night pray
I know you cant wait to tell me in person "hey"

I think distance makes our love a little stronger 
even if it means were apart a little longer
I watch the moon at night  knowing its the only thing we share
I hope your looking to cause it helps me know you care

I am waiting on the ocean
to sa…

It was easier than

I didn't do because I liked it. I did it because it was easier than. It was so easy to go to the corner and meet him. Slide him ten dollars in a quick handshake and in return get it in the other hand. It was easy to walk back down the alley with it in my hand. My family knew what I was. My daughters were aware of what I had become so no more guilt and having to hide my dirty little secret. I could past them right now and they would hug me and keep walking. Hug me out of respect and not such  much out of love. Honor thy mother and father. The only reason I think they treat me with such kindness. But no they were always kind.  I pass the friends I had fun with last night. I my what kind of friend would let another have such dangerous fun. It dosent matter I got to escape from my truth if only for a while. The truth that I have cheated on my wife and she left me. That I only cheated with the other woman because she was stupid enough to by me a truck. That I have not bought my daughte…

I wish: a poem

I wish he would just know how Much i appreciate that he works two jobs do hard. That he catches the bus and allows me to use the car. That he wakes me up everyday before the alarm. That he gives me the last piece of the pizza. That he let me control the remote. That he never raise his voice at me no matter how loud I get. That he hold the door for me every time we out. That he never curse at me no matter how wrong I am. That he never hits me in any way. That he does the dishes after work. That he gives me lunch money when I am low. That he loves me and only me. I just wish he knew.

Although : a poem

Although I walk in the shadows I fear no evil, I do no harm, I speak no hateYou ride my back as if I am a horse not knowing how hard I can toss you off.  We walked together all to easily and I lost no faith. We had ate together and yet I was not full. You have tried to come Between me and him many of times but to no avail. Although I sleep in the darkness I don't live in its ignorance, I don't feel it's hurt, I don't want it's foolishness. He carries me to help me stay lifted in his word. You do your worst and leave me there but I don't and won't surrender to such a Demise of my life. I will not fall to your knees in hopes you will grant a wish that fails in the end. I am forced to refuse your empty promises and your lonely offerings. I am force to stop you in your tracks and push you away. Although you are King in the shadows, He is the All Mighty everywhere. And what's done in the dark will come to light and end you, end you and all your wickedness .

For me and you

Tattoo your name on my shoulder
Place your heart in my hands Lay all your love on me Lets go take a stand 
Never to be alone again Together forever till the end  So lets get married And take our first dance
Tonight is the beginning  To our beautiful life  Carry me into our place  Place me in your arms 
Fill my cup with happiness  Spread joy around our home Never let me go Cause nothing gets better than this

By the bay

Down by the bayWhere the eagles play I wait for you And I want you to I want your musty smell I know you can tell I want your soft touch All to much I want to see your inviting smile  As I start to dial To hear your deep voice  Which such sweet noise If I could have you close I would be the best host You could have my heart As a sign we would never part Just let me have your love As we watch the doves Play a lovers game As we sit and do the same Down by the bay  Where the eagles play I sit with my soulmate  On a lovely date

The truth

Jimmy had a truth
Jimmy couldn't speak it
Jimmy was to scared
Jimmy became a writer
Jimmy wrote his truth
Jimmy made alot of money off it
Jimmy also found relief
Jimmy knows if you can't say it, write it

That woman

God created the sun, the earth, and  the moon.That woman created my pain, my guilt, and my sorrow. 
God said "let there be light" That woman said "let there be misery"
God had angels  That woman had other men 
God created Adam and Eve That woman cheated with Adam and Steve, Phil, Jerry, Danny, and four others
God is the All Mighty That woman is the All slutty
God believes marriage is sacred  between two people That woman believed it was sacred between herself and the men at the gym

The times: a short story

It was good times and bad timesWinter made business slow and Norma was getting worried. It was only November and we had no money. I prayed everyday for a break in the storm in our life. Staying positive wasn't easy and skipping meals became all to common. This was not our first winter and yet it felt like our last.  I was none to pleased with myself knowing as a man I should provide better  but we were in winter months and the crops just wouldn't grow.  It was truly the end and all I had was Norma and cans of beans.  "Soon the light will shine"she said. But frankly it was hard to believe.