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Over His Head

It was a Tuesday and Jim was going to his job at the local 7-11 which he hated but he needed a job so he kept going.
So a customer came in and went straight to the slushy machine and got one. He then paid for it but something happened. He never turned it off and it was in the back so Jim never saw. It was a slow day and so it just kept going. It was Jim lunch break and paying no attention to the slushy mix all over the store went straight to back and closed the door to eat his ramen noodles, grape soda, and Cheetos lunch. 15 minutes into his lunch he noticed a red substance seeping under the door. He was curious so he opened and the mix poured all over him. It was over his head and he was buried and really cold cause he had the air on so the slushy stayed cold. Thinking quick he begin to slurp his way out of the mix. It didn't work he ended up dying of extreme case of brain freeze.  He was so in over his head.

The Red Block

May and Frank met in 1922 when he was 22 and she was 18. She had just graduated from high school and he was a busboy at a restaurant. They met one night at a fair. She was there with some friends and him as well and amazed by her beauty he walked up to her and said, "If i win you that bear, will you ditch your friends and come to join me for some ice cream tonight." She smiled and thought he probably wont make the bell go to the top and so she agreed.  He did win the bear and a bets a bet so she went with him and they stayed together for 65 loving years.
Lisa was 33 and the year is 2013. She was in the dressing room of the church wondering if she was marrying the right man for this would be her third marriage. She was wondering if she was making the right decision. She wanted love to be so simple and come to her do easy but her first husband cheated on her and the second one just walked off and never came back so she just assumed he had left her. This one was a guy she had o…

Too cool

Johnny always thought he was so cool. Everyday when walking him from school he would want to prove how cool he was by walking in the street and not on the sidewalk like the rest of the kids. Billy thought "Johnny thinks he is to cool to play it safe." No, Johnny just though he was always to cool to play it like the other kids. He would run with scissors because he thought it was too cool to walk with them. He would always spit out water because he thought he was too cool to drink it. Johnny was really crazy and Billy knew that.
One day they were walking home again and Billy shouted to Johnny in the street, "Your not being cool, your being dangerous. Something bad is going to happen."
Johnny said back, "Man, I am cool." Billy just shook his head in disbelief. He had given the warning and now all he could do was wait.
See Billy was apart of an elite group that tried to help people like Johnny, but Johnny didn't adhere to the warning.
One day they were w…

Nothing makes sense

The pain made him numb
The pain had him just going through the motions
The pain made him unable to feel life

Speech had no meaning
Touch had no feeling
Taste was completely bland
Smell did not exist
Sight was not complete

He was in pain
He was hurt
He was in mourning

Nothing could replace
Nothing could mend
Nothing could change
Nothing could restore
Nothing could compensate

He would not forget
He could just move on
He should mourn

It was hard
And yet he was not alone
But does anyone ever really know the feeling
With her the world, at least his world was complete
With out her nothing, not anything makes sense

And In The Night He Reached

It was 12 midnight on a Thursday night. He was sleeping on he full size mattress rapped in in his blue quilt blankets. It was a cold winters night and the smoke from the fire he put out in the fireplace earlier in the night was long gone from his sight but the smell still lingered in the air.
The dogs were on the side of the bed quietly sleeping as well. The blonde man turned over to look at his dogs and saw them sniffing towards his bed. He wondered would they could be sniffing at and so he slowly lifted the blankets off. He was worried because he did not know what to expect but he felt surprisingly calm. So he quickly leaped onto the floor in one motion and looked under the bed.
And he found a girl who looked to be 15. He had noticed her from the missing posters and milk cartons. He had saw her picture all over the news, five years ago.
He said, "Are you, are you Samantha Phillips?"
She respond, slowly "Yes, I think so."
He said, "Well,  I know so. You famil…