Over His Head

It was a Tuesday and Jim was going to his job at the local 7-11 which he hated but he needed a job so he kept going.
So a customer came in and went straight to the slushy machine and got one. He then paid for it but something happened. He never turned it off and it was in the back so Jim never saw. It was a slow day and so it just kept going.
It was Jim lunch break and paying no attention to the slushy mix all over the store went straight to back and closed the door to eat his ramen noodles, grape soda, and Cheetos lunch. 15 minutes into his lunch he noticed a red substance seeping under the door. He was curious so he opened and the mix poured all over him. It was over his head and he was buried and really cold cause he had the air on so the slushy stayed cold. Thinking quick he begin to slurp his way out of the mix. It didn't work he ended up dying of extreme case of brain freeze. 
He was so in over his head. 

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