And In The Night He Reached

It was 12 midnight on a Thursday night. He was sleeping on he full size mattress rapped in in his blue quilt blankets. It was a cold winters night and the smoke from the fire he put out in the fireplace earlier in the night was long gone from his sight but the smell still lingered in the air.
The dogs were on the side of the bed quietly sleeping as well. The blonde man turned over to look at his dogs and saw them sniffing towards his bed. He wondered would they could be sniffing at and so he slowly lifted the blankets off. He was worried because he did not know what to expect but he felt surprisingly calm. So he quickly leaped onto the floor in one motion and looked under the bed.
And he found a girl who looked to be 15. He had noticed her from the missing posters and milk cartons. He had saw her picture all over the news, five years ago.
He said, "Are you, are you Samantha Phillips?"
She respond, slowly "Yes, I think so."
He said, "Well,  I know so. You family will be happy to see you."
She tried to smile but her face was beaten to bad. She said, " is it?"
He looked at his clock and then looked back at her, "You are Samantha Phillips. It is Thursday, 12:01 am, December 22."
It was two days before Christmas.
She looked in straight in the eye bruises all around them, her body badly beaten, burns and stab wounds all over. "Am I alive?"
He was hurt, that she didn't feel alive. He reached out his hand, "Yes you are alive and I am here with you to help you."

It turned out, her captor had lived 15 minutes away. She had escaped him three days before when he had a heart attack right in front of her but because she was so malnourished and beaten so badly it had took her that long to reach Will home. Will was a cop. He had just started three days ago.

And in that night, he reached his hand out to her to lend help her.
Trying reaching out today.

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