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The yellow umbrella

Follow my yellow umbrellaTo a brighter day and time Just make sure the rain is slowing And the sun is glowing Ever so bright And follow my light yellow umbrella Under the clouds it will be seen  No need to get green This is our thing For me and you It will glide to the sky And you will see How the wind carries  it And keeps it afloat  Hold steady my love And follow it right on home

Like a flower

Like a flowerI grow up I bloom I might start at the bottom But I will get to the top With the right sunlight Pouring me down on me I can survive it all  Even if to fall  I have water to give me strength I have others around me  Cheering me on It dosent matter who plants me in  I will love them till the end Blowing in the wind Only pushes me to stand taller Than I can And like a flower  If I die  Others shall take my place My kind won't be forgotten  Especially if there are pieces of me  Out there in the world I shall live in through them   Like a flower I return to earth again 

The empty room that is your heart

Your heart Is like an empty room nowNothing fills but air Who left that window up over there The door is locked for now No key under the mat can be found Trying to get in is the hardest part But will I be happy to see The emptiness awaiting me Let me in  Pour it all over me Let's place something there  Where are we to put this chair  So I can comfortable here Your heart is like an empty room  Put it up for sale I will in right away  Give me the key I ask nicely Let's make your heart my home

Strangers and friends

StrangersIn the deep of the night Friends  In the bright of the light Winning all On the bets of games Losing all On the bets of life Taking All they can get Giving All they that have Street lights Guiding their ambitions Table lamps Shading their secrets  Feasting  Like poor kings Dining  On rare queen wine Sleeping On desperate motives Dreaming  Of better times Strangers Friends Walking down the boulevard Shadows keep them tight

Keeping it real

I eat cereal at midnightAnd pizza for breakfast  Coffe fuels the sleepless days  And beer steers the partying nights I dip my Cheetos in my Twinkies I use my orange hands to paint my face Then I wrap a trash bag around my waste I don't ask for much I keep it simple And I don't like it rich  In my paper tin dreams come true On banquet dinner feast  And natty bo luck And through my shades I search for my thrift store king To sit next to his queen On our toilet paper throne And keep it simply  Real

A chance at you

If u gave me a chance I would take it The best thing to happen to you I would make it My love for you I would not fake it Your favorite foods I would bake it Your heart I would not stake it Your blissfull life I would awaken it So give me a chance And I won't waste it

Loving you is something impossible

I know I am not your only one
And thats not okay
When you say its right
I look at you with more wrong
Being bad show your true soul
And its not something to love
Not by me
Its crazy when you do wrong
I can really see you
And without love
You are the disgusting one
Loving you is something impossible
And I realized your not the one
And thats okay
When I say its right
You look at me with more wrong
Being good shows my true soul
And its something to love
Just not by you.

Take my heart to luxury

Take my heart away
To a place better destined for it to stay away
Leave there in its utter luxury
Pass to no one else to have it in that way
Its yours to keep and not throw away
Hold and don't ever let it leave your sight
Grab it tight with all your might
Leave it in its blissful luxury
Keep it away from painful darkness
Take it to the light and don't let it fade
My heart belongs only to you today
And never to anyone else can hold it like you can
Touch it gently and be careful with it
Take it to luxury