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Hiding from health

He lead her through the forest to the deepest part hoping to get out of site from the thing that was following them. They did not want to surrender and they did not intend to. The thing that was following tried to get them to do things that were against everything they had stood for.  she stopped behind him, unable to go on. She sat down on a rock near a tall tree. He looked at her, "Please we have to keep going, before he comes." He pleaded with her to get up so they could get away. She waved him off, trying to catch her breath. She was tired and he was to but they did not want to surrender. "Maybe we can fight it off, or cut it up to make it easier to deal with.", she said.
"Cut it up, and then what put cheese on it? Treat it like something we want to eat!", He shouted. He knew that is what they would have to do if they got caught but it was not something he wanted to. It was just not right to him, but she was getting weaker. Maybe he could leave her, b…

Too hot

It was a hot summers day. The air was hot and the sun was burning bright out. It was 101 degrees outside but inside it felt hotter. Peters mom would not let him turn the fan on. She simply thought he was to young to do such a job. He was only 13. He thought she was being crazy and paranoid. He asked, "Why do we own it, if I cant turn it on?"
She said in a sweet voice, "The fan is for people who understand the great responsibility that comes with it." He looked at her confused. What could she mean by responsibility? You just turn it on high and let it cool you down. He went into the kitchen for a cup of water with lots of ice, she shouted "Don't touch that ice, you don't understand the responsibility that comes with it yet!" So he didn't touch the ice. All his life he was never able to touch the ice or the fan and it bothered him whenever he got hot, especially since they lived in Arizona. He came back into the living room giving her a dirty lo…

Its not easy

Its not easy getting lost in a world with so much technology and cameras that can follow you where ever you are, where ever you will be, have been. Its not easy being there when its hard leaving here with so much baggage to carry with you. Its not easy carrying baggage that you don't want or feel that belongs with you, but its there because no one goes through life baggage free. Its not easy being free when you have the your problems shackled to you and you refuse to find the key, and set yourself free. No its not easy trying to set yourself free when your to weak being in distress waiting for your rescue crew. Its not easy waiting for your rescue crew when you don't have the patience to allow them to help. Its not easy letting people help you when you can be so stubborn and try to fix the impossible on your own. Its not easy being on your own, especially when your in a crowd full of people you don't know. Nothing is easy but its not easy realizing all  of that before its…

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