Dreams Do Come True

They tell you, one day all your dreams will some true. And this is true for some people if they try hard enough.  One day Oscar was sitting in his room, enjoying Sunday night football. It was the Colts against the Patriots and the Patriots were winning by a touchdown in the third quarter. Confident that the Pats would win, he begins to drift into a deep slumber.
He started to dream about the Patriots and catching the ball from Tom Brady. It was shaping up to be a good dream, a dream he hope one day would be reality when he got out of college. He was hoping to play for the Pats one day for real. All of sudden he heard something in his dorm room and jumped up. It was coming from by the window. He was on the fifth floor so he assumed it was coming from the inside. He turned his lamp on and saw nothing, so he got up and turned the TV off. Then he looked over and saw his roommate under the covers. Maybe it was he, can’t sleep maybe. So Oscar tuned off the light and got back in bed. As he begins to nod off to sleep again, he heard his cell ring. See Oscar thought it was his roommate playing a joke because the ring was one he particularly set for his roommate, so Oscar picked it up and said, “Good one, man. I know its you under the covers over there.” But the roommate responded, “Man, no. I was just calling to let you know, my sister can’t bring me back home till morning. I am home, bro.” Oscar worried replied, “Good one. Dude I am looking right at you sleep.” His roommate again said, “No, I haven’t came back to campus yet.” Oscar looked down at the phone, but as he was looking down, the covers on the bed begin to move. By this time the phone call had ended and Oscar looked up smiling, “Jeff, you got me.” The figure came from under the covers with his back to Oscar and said, “I am not Jeff.” Then at that moment it leaped over to the bed and begin to chew on Oscars body as he screamed out he jumped out of his sleep to only realize it was dream. He pinched himself a few times then went into the hallway and saw Amber who angrily confirmed he was in reality. He then went back to his room and saw Jeff under the covers and the TV on which he turned off and returned to bed. But just as he was drifting off his phone ringed, it was his roommate. Jeff then replicated everything he had said in the dream, to which Oscar said, “Oh no.” as the figure jumped at him like from the dream. Jeff returned the next morning to blood and guts all over the room and a note on the bed saying Good one Jeff. Jeff was eventually after a year was cleared of the charges but the killer was not found for he was only real to Oscar.                                                                
They always say, your dreams will come true but sometimes not only through the good ones come true but even the bad ones. Too bad it wasn’t the one about the Patriots. 

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