Too hot

It was a hot summers day. The air was hot and the sun was burning bright out. It was 101 degrees outside but inside it felt hotter. Peters mom would not let him turn the fan on. She simply thought he was to young to do such a job. He was only 13. He thought she was being crazy and paranoid. He asked, "Why do we own it, if I cant turn it on?"
She said in a sweet voice, "The fan is for people who understand the great responsibility that comes with it." He looked at her confused. What could she mean by responsibility? You just turn it on high and let it cool you down. He went into the kitchen for a cup of water with lots of ice, she shouted "Don't touch that ice, you don't understand the responsibility that comes with it yet!" So he didn't touch the ice. All his life he was never able to touch the ice or the fan and it bothered him whenever he got hot, especially since they lived in Arizona. He came back into the living room giving her a dirty look. She said, "I just don't think you are smart enough to know how to handle ice and the fan yet."
He said upset, "Mom, its to hot for this crap. One day I am going to use them and that day is today." He immediately ran over to the fan and turned it on full power. His mother was shouting for him to stop as he ran into the kitchen to get all the ice in his cup. He was so happy but she was so upset as she started to fade into the fan. He looked at her in awe, as he ran over to the fan to turn it off. All that was left of her was the right side of her body. The rest was in the freezer in the ice trays. She looked up moaning, "Can you handle me like this, the house, the bills, everything?"
He nodded no.
She said, "I told you, you were not ready to handle the responsibility that comes with it. Now what are we gonna  do,  cant live like this. Turn the fan on, so I can go peacefully."
So he did and all was left of her was pieces of her in the ice trays. He sat  in front of the fan cooling off, waiting for his dad to return home, so they can decide what to do next. He never did turn the fan on in front of his dad, and so his dad died naturally of old age one day.
But he never disobey his parent again.

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