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When the days are hot
And the freezer is not
And the children play
And ice cream is all we got

When the fans fail
And the air is stale
And the heat is sticky
And you break a nail

I want to get cold
Dont want to create a sweaty mold
But on your chair
There it is covered in hair

No matter what you do
Your gonna be hot to
This is my sweaty nightmare
This is my sweaty nightmare

When you feel the heat
Look no further
This is where the AC blows
This is where the AC blows

Dont get to close
You will hog all the air
This where the AC blows
This where the AC blows

Something Like You

I heard that you were ran down
That you found a cast and you have bandages now
I heard that your leg was crushed
Guess you should had look when you were crossing

Old friend, why are you so sad
Ain't like you to cry so much

I hate to just show up like this
But I couldn't stay away, i had to see this
I had hoped you'd see me and be reminded
That for you its all over

Never mind, you will walk again
I wish nothing but the best for you too
Don't forget that you can, Remember you said,
Sometimes therapy works the best
Sometimes therapy works the best

You know how cars fly
Only yesterday you were walking fine
We were born with moving legs
Bound by blood and veins

Nothing compares to the pain your in
Regrets and mistakes, there memories made
Who would had know how bittersweet the street taste

Never mind you will walk again
You will some time to heal your leg
Don't forget you can walk, Remember you said
Sometimes therapy works the best
Even if laying around till it heals is…

The night sky

He is not happyWon't let up on us Roaring with thunder  As you beg for silence  It pours with rain And your tears are heavy The clouds darken Holding your head in fear No umbrella  No shelter Can hold it out It wants to find you Why It's what you both share  Pain from your better half

An eternity

Too long We breath  But no heart beats No real emotions  Just death Just blood Human or deer or bear What ever is easiest  At the time of hunger Sucking its blood alive Running from the sun It's burning passion  Won't kill me Just injure me Outlive my many loves Hide from the others Walk alone  In the midnight moon No pack here Just an eternity Of never ending  And forever  Loneliness

Thinking over

I am thinking overThe lies you said The promises you broke The hearts you stole The tears you caused The lives you harmed The souls you crushed  The feelings you hurt  The cheating you did The mistakes you tried to cover The excuses you made 
I am thinking over  Cause you said sorry And you think that works That its forgiven I am thinking over  How stupid you think I am How you wronged me And others I am thinking over  How you believe  One sorry  Makes it forgiven

The road ends here

I wanted To give you all my love My whole heart All my time
But then I couldn't  It all stopped It all ended
We came  So far in love So deep into each other Into each others soul
I wanted The never ending  Forever  All my life love
But then The lights dimmed  The streets cleared And the road ended 
It ended To fast  To soon To quick
And I will Never Not once Forget you

Your dragon

Your big fiery breathing dangerous dragonNeeds A mint  A fire extinguisher Some manners  Some friends  A pair of glasses A sense of humor Some food Some space A castle A damsel Some peace  Some music A marriage to A donkey.

I will send for you

Don't come for meI will send for you First class delivery Same day shipping I will be there  On time  Where I promised  To meet you at You want to come You better  I am ready Lets handle this fiercely  With the strength of men And the voice of a woman I will send for you

But I didn't

I was suppose to spend an eve in darkness and spend an eternity knee deep in my fears. I was suppose to never see the light again and never hear the angels sing. I was suppose to be cushioned in pain and breathe out fire to breathe in hate. I was suppose to give my soul away and growl at any happiness. I was suppose to. But I didn't. But I didn't?

You deserve it

You deserve itThe love  The respect  The loyalty  You deserve it Today Tonight Tomorrow  You deserve it Now Forever  Till the end You deserve it And I can't give it to you And I won't give it to you Cause I can't  You deserve it Not from me I will just break your heart  And hurt you so bad You deserve it Not the pain  Not my twisted love Not my revengeful heart You deserve it Love  Respect  Loyalty You deserve it

Away I go

I creep on you in the middle of the night
Stand over you and watch  you sleep
I stay quiet as I possibly can
You dont here me
You continue to sleep
You dont know I just like your smell
I am Nosferatu
I will bite you soon
I will drink your blood
Til your body is drained
I came for you
In the night
The sun blinds me
It will boil my skin
Thats no good
I need to stay alive
In the darkness
And with your blood
It bleeds red
Although its really blue
Time to eat
Dont awaken and scream
No one needs to hear
Dosent matter its over
I was quite thirsty
Thanks and
Oh my
Theres the sun
Away I go

A moment of time- a poem

A moment in time
We decided on lies
To fix what we were in
The crime we committed
No one can know
No truth lays here
No one should tell
But we still go to hell
A moment in time
Changed our lives
Forever and Ever
A bad decision
A wrongful mistake
A quick reaction
A bad one
Thats so permit
A moment in time
When we loss control
And someone fell
And never got up
Its really sad
No one can change it
But it should stay our secret
At least til the end
A moment in time
A moment in time
A moment in time
Where our dreams now hide
And our fate just died
No one comes back from this
In that moment of time

It's not like the movies

It not like the movies. I didn't feel the spark when we first met. It's not like the movies. We don't get together in the end. We don't fall hopelessly in love. It's not like the movies. You don't confess your unconditional love for me. The world doesn't stop when you speak. It's not like the movies. I don't feel love at first sight. I can breathe without you. I don't think about you when you leave. It's not like the movies. I can live without you. It's not like the movies and that kind of sucks for us.

Going out for cigerattes

I walked out for a pack of cigerattesKnowing I wasn't coming back Things had just gotten so hard I had no more control  So I decided to take the easy way out And leave for a little while  Just to get some cigerattes  But then minutes turned to hours And days turned to weeks With each passing store  It wasn't good enough for me So I drove to the end Drinking in any dive I could fine Staying in any hotel cheap with my lies Dreaming of the memorie I left behind For a pack of cigerattes  A pack I never bought Cause I don't even smoke

In the darkest corner

This is hardly romanticThis is not for real This not a good dream This is not what it feels like
This dosent feel safe I don't feel warm It's not right I feel like I am choking to stay alive
I cant get any air Not tonight Hear I am  Alone With all my fears In the the darkest corner of the world


I saw a turkey
stuffed with leaves
cooking on an open fire
in a tree filled kitchen
surrounded by some cool people
family with love

I saw a turkey sitting on a wood table
surrounded by berries
baking in the sun
in a grass filled dining room
covered in some clouds
family with smiles

yes or no

wanna get married
for life or for now
for weeks or for years
for them or for us
for money or for love
for fun or for real

wanna get married
tomorrow or today
now or never
tonight or in the morning

wanna get married
and get a big white house
and have a few kids
and get the mini van
and send the rest of our days together
or get a divorce
and never see each other again

wanna get married
yes or no
no or yes
not maybe

Would you believe

A rose grows in the darkA woman finds strength in her fear A man stands in the storm A child laughs at nightmares A family rises in spite of hardship  A sun comes out the clouds A scream could be heard with no sound Would you believe me

Say something

Say something So I can say I love you to Say something  So I don't give up on us Say something So I know that this is true Say something  So I feel that this is real Say something So I can stay  Say something  So I can give my heart to you Say something So I can say I love you to


I don't want realismI want magic I don't want straight  I want curved I don't a strangers meanness I want a strangers kindness  I don't want romance I want desire I don't want time I want an eternity  I don't want richness of money I want richness of spirit  But we get life

For a sister

Don't worryDon't be sorry Don't cry Don't even try Don't get sad Don't be mad
It will all be okay At least for today It will all be fine At least go dine It will be all good At least it should
Don't you worry

Night night - a poem

Get drunk drunkOf my blood punch To your face face Cause of the hurt  That was given to me me  Due to your infidelities  And feel the pain pain Of a never ending hangover  That is crazy crazy But you deserve it At least tonight night 

The real white fence life- a poem

On this side of paradiseWhere the children play And the moms drink their problems away  The dads never come home When they do they drive over the garden nomes 
On this side of paradise Where the children cheer And the moms choose Martinis over beers The dads forget about love When they do they just curse out the doves 
On this of paradise Where the children stay And the moms push them out the way The dads chose to walk out When they do they it means they have chosen a cowardly route

Let us play- A poem inspired by the film The Hobbit

Let us play a game
A game of heads or tail
Or rather 20 questions
But maybe cast a spell
Using my special precious
That makes it all unseen
But its not a prize to give away
Cause its our precious
And it stays today
So away you go
Take you thieving hands
Cause we know you mean harm
To get our precious
That we may never see again
So let us play a game
A game of three guesses
Guess a riddle if we can
Just I and myself
Or guess whats in your pocket
Thats not fair
We have to our precious
Just I and myself
So let us play a game
Whats missing from our hand
Our precious

And _ A Poem

Close my eyes in the darkness
Feel my way to the light
Hope that someone sees me
And take my hand

No one likes being left behind
Especially in a rough time
Hold my hand out
And hopes someone pull me out the mud

Shield myself against the danger
Try to cover my cuts but they still bleed out
Hope you will come along
And bandage me up

Hide away in a corner
And cry all the pain away
Screaming it loud but nothing comes out
And I hope you will hear me anyway

Run into a cave
Cover myself from the cold
Bundle me up in your love
And hope you bring a blanket with your heart

The nuns

All the nuns in the world Can't stop all the Guns in the world
And all the love  Can't stop all the hate
And all problems  Can't be solved with any right solutions 
And all the being the sameness  Can't quiet our differences 
And all the nuns Can't stop all the guns 

Wake me up

Wake me up
When the pain is gone
Wake me up
When death no longer exist
Wake me up
When children are no longer hungry
Wake me up
When no one can get sick
Wake me up
When everyones faith is strong
Wake me up
When everyone can hold on
Wake me up
When tears are only for joy
Wake me up
When drama is just a class
Wake me up
When moms are no longer sad
Wake me up
When dads don't walk out on kids
Wake me up
When we have no enemies
Wake me up
When we are all friends
Wake me up
When dreams do come true
Wake me up
When nightmares are for movies
Wake me up
When no one has to beg
Wake me up
Never again


Don't be afraid Of what's to come next Of what's unknown to you And your heart Set your mind free Release into the fear Go with the peace There is no choice No opting out Just go with it Let the calm rain down on you Don't be afraid  It will only happen once  Take it as you may Just have faith After its all done Things will keep going  On and on Living so close to the unknown

I need

I need
on our loves sanity

I need
from God above

I need
to get my life a firmer base

I need
on our loves foreclosure

I need
to do the spiritual climb

 I need
to keep from going insane

I need
to help stay from the strange

I need
like you need me to

I just need

Next to me

Next to meHe lays All wrapped up Ever so tightly  Sleeping so quietly  Next to me He smells of death And dry roses He is properly rotted As he died a while ago Next to me He lays My man My love  My mummy

In love with a zombie

So I fell in love with a zombieWho's brain was coming out his head Worms were coming out his nose Teeth as rotten as ever Skin as green as poison ivy Body so stiff  But I fell in love with a zombie He don't talk back Or argue Looks aren't everything with a zombie There just happy to be near you  But I am in love with a zombie  And soon I will be one to

A vampires home

No postcard envyWhen living on the hill That gives the town the chills When they give it a small glare Only if they dare Yes we are a bunch of vampires That can see into their dark desires Of course we want to drink blood Then throw the corpse in the mud So hide your kids and your wives Cause we taking everyone's lives This very night  So come closer so I can take a bite

Out there- a Halloween poem

All the ghastly girls out thereGo meet your ghostly guy anywhere  For tonight is sure to be a scare And I know is dosent sound fair But its this or being attacked by a bear And the dead are the only ones that don't care So go meet your guy if you dare As the blood drips down in your hair And your flesh begin to tear If you ghastly girl go out there

A carnival delight - poem

Through the twisted lovers tunnel Under the roller coaster scary lights  Pass the bloody petting zoo Through the disease infected cotton candy booth Under the slimy swing ride Pass the dead performers
There is where your fate lies Through the fortune tellers eyes Under her haunting spell Pass her dying flies  There is where your fate lies
Only if you dare desire To turn back the curtain Take off your mask Become a carnival delight

On a train

We rode on the train
Into the night
Hoping to avoid any frights

We rode on the train
Not many people on it
Hoping the few dont have a fit

We rode on a train
Going nowhere
Giving us a scare

We rode on a train
Where on creature sat
Looking like an inside out cat

We rode on the train
As it got mad
I begin to shout for my dad

We rode on a train
It was going to kill
Have us as its meal

We rode on a train
And never got off
All I could do is cry and cough

We rode on a train
With our few peers
Dying cause of our worst fears

In cold blood- a poem

It feels good
The coldness of it
When it leaves his body
She stabbed his heart
To give him the pain that he gave her
It moves so slow
Unlike their love
Or what she though they had
She was to kill him
Go all fatal attraction on him
He had no choice
She wanted his blood
As quickly as he had gotten his heart
It was an easy battle
One they both lose
He lost a life
And she lost a love
But it felt good
His love did
But his blood felt better
On her tongue

An island girl

She was from the islands
A quiet girl
She was a lady who moved with the wind
She made the ground shake
A girl with force that no one could stop
She was from the islands
A shy girl
She could make you scared with a stare
She would take you down with no weapon
A girl with fight that no one could win against
She was from the islands
An island girl
She was all about protecting her family
She would do whatever in what take
A brave girl
She was from the islands

Sally: A halloween poem

Him and Sally went for a drive
Down the long dark country side
She going on and about love
All he wanted to do was spill her blood
They got to a lake and parked the car
She wondered why they had gone so far
He looked at her with the worst smile
Asked her to get out the car
She was so in love she never thought
He was there to strangle her in the dark
Gasping for air from her one true love
He watched the life leave her eyes
He quickly undressed her and took her belongings
Through her in the water without a second thought
And on he went back to the city
Him and Sally went for a drive
Two went in and one came out
He never got caught and she was never found
But down the long the dark country side she can still be heard
Going on and on about her one true love
Who only wanted to spill her blood.

She and Hims

I watched as he pushed her hair behind her ear ever so gently. I watched as he leaned in ever so close to whisper in her ear. He kept his hand on her thigh and one behind her on the back of her chair. He smiled so lovely at her and she just gazed into his eyes. It was so sweet to see. She and him acted as if they were the only ones in the world.
No I am not the other woman or man. I walked so fast up on them and yelled ever so loudly, "Get your grown man hands off my young daughter!" They both jumped and he confessed, "She is 18."
I shouted even more loudly at this stupid man, "No she is 16 and your 23!" I did a background check on him before i came down to this diner so I can be more prepared.
She pulled away from him and he gave her a dirty look, assuring me "Had I had known, i would never had gotten with her. I don't do that man."
I looked at him disappointed, "Steve you bet to get away before I have you locked away."
He gave me…

Cheese puffs

Steve was very fond of cheese puffs. He ate them everyday. A friend warned him was eating to much but Steve did not care. One day he woke up early. His vision was blurry and he felt naked and so he went to reach for his clothes but had no arms. He felt curved and fat. He went to the mirror to see what was wrong. He was afraid to look down.
It turns out overnight he had turned into a cheesepuff. He was so amazed that his dream had come true he begin to eat himself but he tilted his head to much and broke in half. He died a quick cheesy death. His body was never found because the mice ate him and so they put him as missing but it went unsolved.

They say if you ever listen closely to a bag of open cheesepuffs you can hear his happy chews.....of his body.

Smell good

He rushed down the stairs, out the door, down the snow paved sidewalk, pass all the people, through the slushy streets. It was cold and he had on a blue suit with a black trench coat. It was quarter pass five and the train was to leave at six exactly. He had to catch her. He was only seven blocks away. He just knew in this weather he would have to run it and with it being the holiday season all the cabs were being token by moms andtheir  roast. There was just no way she could get on that train without him telling her. He slid on some ice on the sixth block and fell. A police gently helped him up and asked what was the rush. Charles   Just mentioned he had something to say to someone special. The policeman looked at him wierd. He finally got to the station and looked anxiously for Gate F, leaving for New York from Virginia. He needed to say it. He saw her blone hair from behind atop her brown fur coat and yelled , "Lisa!" She turned quickly rushing to him and he grabbed her cl…

The Tree

It grows
It sheds
It gets cuts
It gets wet

Through bad weather
Through hot days
Through destroying storms

And it stands
Like a tree
We should to

Blow out our love

Blow out the candle
There goes our love
Into the window
To be forever forgotten
Away from us
Now that we part
We see what love have seen
The madness that comes from it
As we exploded into each other
Thinking that meant we really loved each other
But we just need to
Have to
Blow out the candle
On our loves blindness

Who knew

That if you
Ate an apple you would die If you smelled the garlic you would cry If you faced death you would lie  If you had a gun you would tell me bye If you sat on a bomb you would go high If you had a chair you would hang by a tie And if in the end look act me weird when I ask why

I want our love

To beExotic  Loving True Exciting Thrilling Passionate  Amazing Historic Flawless Once in a lifetime Only ours Between you and me I want our love to be

A creatures tale.. a poem

Grab your pitchforks and your torches
Grab your wives and your children
Board your windows and your doors
Board your homes and your stores
Light the fires and the candles
Light your hearts and your minds
If you think it will keep out
At least for tonight
For I am Frankenstein creature
Not his monster
I know you are Gods creature
So I don't treat y'all like a monster
So please understand
In the night, I have come to shake a hand
Asking for all the peace in the world
Cause if not, I can kill you all where you stand

A vampires tale- a poem

If I were to stay, I would go into a hole
If i were to go, have fun with my soul
When you grab that stake, aim for my heart
For it has already fallen apart
From your silver and not your gold
From your garlic and not your pepper
I will live in the dark, if that what keep me safe
Cause your light it burns my innocnece

A killer dream- a halloween poem

I had a dream yesterday and you were in it
You wanted me to kiss your neck but i was to busy biting it.
You wanted to share love but I wanted you to share your blood
You wanted to hug and I wanted to kill
You wanted to eat some food and I wanted to drink some blood

I had a dream and you were in it
You thought I was kissing your neck but I wanted to slit your throat
You wanted to go on a date and I wanted to go to your funeral
You wanted to build a home, i wanted to dig your grave
You wanted to to marry me but I wanted to bury you

I had a dream and you were in it
You made me feel like a monster but I was so happy
You made me want to be cruel, but it gave me joy
A dream where I harm you made me love you more
If that meant you could die and no longer live

I had a dream and you were in it
It was just a dream
Maybe for you a nightmare
But for me it was all good
maybe it could come true
On Halloween night

I had a plan and you were apart of it
Its set for Halloween night
Its going to be a re…

That was a close one

One day Steve got a text from his friend saying he was on the way an to be ready. Steve didn't find it weird cause his  friend Archie always do that. He assumes they would go get food as always. So he got his regular jeans and white short on. He went downstairs told his mom bye and went and got in the car.
In the car was three other guys in the back. Archie told him to get in front. This was weird for he was sure he was Archie only friend. They drove off and Steve just happened to turn around to see there were guns in their hands. This scared Steve and Archie told him to be cool and that everything was going to work out. Steve did not know what to think so he looked out the window to recollect his thoughts on everything that was happening. He saw them drive pass the diner, pass the movies, pass the mall, pass the bowling alley, pass the gym, pass another diner, pass the library, pass the school. There was nothing else for him to pass. Steve looked at Archie worried and Archie told…

You...... A poem

I hate you
I don't want you I despise you You give me the creeps I don't like you
Your smile Your way Your thoughts  They disgust me
I don't like it when you are near My skin crawls when you touch me
I don't love you I can't stand you I wish we never even met
But here you are  And you need to go away Stay away from me Never return back here  Get your things and go

So much fun: A halloween song.

Through the forest and through the paths
that is where your fate lies
it contains the death that will soon come
but for me thats so much fun

Through it all
you will see it clear
as you look at all your fears
but for me thats so much fun

Go in a little closer
only if you dare
I know you think this is not quite fair
but for me thats so much fun

And tomorrow I will do it all over again
lower someone into their demise
Tortue them with their lies
but for me thats so much fun

Waiting on the ocean

I am waitng on the ocean
to bring you home to me
to where you need to be

There is no thing in the sky
There is no land to cross
Only a big open sea
that separates you from me

Your in a place
where your facing my fears
as I create more tears
whenever your not near

Your letters come a week late
I try to piece them together by the date
but your already somewhere new
just get in here in a few

I know sailing is your job
while mine is picking corn on the cob
I just wish you take me with you
and always you promise one day to

I am waiting on the ocean
to get you here right now
to get you back to town

I know you see many of watery days
i know you will be back in may
i know you still at night pray
I know you cant wait to tell me in person "hey"

I think distance makes our love a little stronger 
even if it means were apart a little longer
I watch the moon at night  knowing its the only thing we share
I hope your looking to cause it helps me know you care

I am waiting on the ocean
to sa…

It was easier than

I didn't do because I liked it. I did it because it was easier than. It was so easy to go to the corner and meet him. Slide him ten dollars in a quick handshake and in return get it in the other hand. It was easy to walk back down the alley with it in my hand. My family knew what I was. My daughters were aware of what I had become so no more guilt and having to hide my dirty little secret. I could past them right now and they would hug me and keep walking. Hug me out of respect and not such  much out of love. Honor thy mother and father. The only reason I think they treat me with such kindness. But no they were always kind.  I pass the friends I had fun with last night. I my what kind of friend would let another have such dangerous fun. It dosent matter I got to escape from my truth if only for a while. The truth that I have cheated on my wife and she left me. That I only cheated with the other woman because she was stupid enough to by me a truck. That I have not bought my daughte…

I wish: a poem

I wish he would just know how Much i appreciate that he works two jobs do hard. That he catches the bus and allows me to use the car. That he wakes me up everyday before the alarm. That he gives me the last piece of the pizza. That he let me control the remote. That he never raise his voice at me no matter how loud I get. That he hold the door for me every time we out. That he never curse at me no matter how wrong I am. That he never hits me in any way. That he does the dishes after work. That he gives me lunch money when I am low. That he loves me and only me. I just wish he knew.

Although : a poem

Although I walk in the shadows I fear no evil, I do no harm, I speak no hateYou ride my back as if I am a horse not knowing how hard I can toss you off.  We walked together all to easily and I lost no faith. We had ate together and yet I was not full. You have tried to come Between me and him many of times but to no avail. Although I sleep in the darkness I don't live in its ignorance, I don't feel it's hurt, I don't want it's foolishness. He carries me to help me stay lifted in his word. You do your worst and leave me there but I don't and won't surrender to such a Demise of my life. I will not fall to your knees in hopes you will grant a wish that fails in the end. I am forced to refuse your empty promises and your lonely offerings. I am force to stop you in your tracks and push you away. Although you are King in the shadows, He is the All Mighty everywhere. And what's done in the dark will come to light and end you, end you and all your wickedness .

For me and you

Tattoo your name on my shoulder
Place your heart in my hands Lay all your love on me Lets go take a stand 
Never to be alone again Together forever till the end  So lets get married And take our first dance
Tonight is the beginning  To our beautiful life  Carry me into our place  Place me in your arms 
Fill my cup with happiness  Spread joy around our home Never let me go Cause nothing gets better than this

By the bay

Down by the bayWhere the eagles play I wait for you And I want you to I want your musty smell I know you can tell I want your soft touch All to much I want to see your inviting smile  As I start to dial To hear your deep voice  Which such sweet noise If I could have you close I would be the best host You could have my heart As a sign we would never part Just let me have your love As we watch the doves Play a lovers game As we sit and do the same Down by the bay  Where the eagles play I sit with my soulmate  On a lovely date

The truth

Jimmy had a truth
Jimmy couldn't speak it
Jimmy was to scared
Jimmy became a writer
Jimmy wrote his truth
Jimmy made alot of money off it
Jimmy also found relief
Jimmy knows if you can't say it, write it

That woman

God created the sun, the earth, and  the moon.That woman created my pain, my guilt, and my sorrow. 
God said "let there be light" That woman said "let there be misery"
God had angels  That woman had other men 
God created Adam and Eve That woman cheated with Adam and Steve, Phil, Jerry, Danny, and four others
God is the All Mighty That woman is the All slutty
God believes marriage is sacred  between two people That woman believed it was sacred between herself and the men at the gym

The times: a short story

It was good times and bad timesWinter made business slow and Norma was getting worried. It was only November and we had no money. I prayed everyday for a break in the storm in our life. Staying positive wasn't easy and skipping meals became all to common. This was not our first winter and yet it felt like our last.  I was none to pleased with myself knowing as a man I should provide better  but we were in winter months and the crops just wouldn't grow.  It was truly the end and all I had was Norma and cans of beans.  "Soon the light will shine"she said. But frankly it was hard to believe.

TIme to be real

To often people choose to be fake
And what I mean by that
Is they are not being true
True to who they really are
They adapt to others
And change for them
But is it all worth it
I don't think so
At the end of the day
You got to live for yourself
 Cause what have those people done for you
You should not have to change for anyone
Be comfortable;e in your skin
Be happy in you life
And love yourself
Stay strong
No apologies for your existence
No sorrows for being born
Your here for a reason
Like so many of us
And you should have fun in your life
Exploring all of that
Dance like no one is around
Laugh like its your last
Live for every moment
Cause when you look back
You can say you lived for you
Your happy with you
It sucks knowing you did some thing
Based off of someone else opinion
Why should we all be the same?
Why should we all do the same?
When did it become cool to hang with the group?
When did being different become overrated?
Well its not
Be different
God made us all different f…

The Villian

He gets up everyday and dresses in all black or all red. That's what the job entitles. He must be grumpy to everyone. He must do mean things like trip people or spit at them or hiss at them. That's what the job entitles. He must hate on everything that's good. He must betray everyone. He must hurt the ones he hate the most. He must never eat anything that taste good. He must never say thank you or please or just be polite. That's what the job entitles.
He is The Villain in most movies. He got beat up alot and has to do all his own stunts. But to keep things legit, it requires for him to be in character at all times of the day.
This man does not want to be The Villain.

It was a nice summers day, and he was walking down the street in a black trench coat. He was really hot but it was apart of the job. He walked right into another Villain. They stared each other up and down. Then they laughed. The Villain offered another Villain to go grab lunch and maybe catch up. They  a…


I do films, music videos, write scripts, write stories.
PLease hire me!!!

The day I had

Your never gonna believe the day I had 
I awoke to the bathroom being unusable because of a certain Swamp Monster using all the water and taking the longest shower. Did I mention he used all the soap and still smelled like wet dirt and leaves. He refused to use a towel leaving puddles of water everywhere.
Upon receiving my breakfast I look over to see who is using up all the syrup to find that the Mummy really likes it on his bug filled pancakes and snake eggs. Really hard to have a breakfast conversation with someone who only groans.
My ride to school was unbelievable you would think but not I when I sat next to a witch. On the bus she sat cause her broomstick was broke. And she had her black cat with her to. All she did was cast spells on everyone on the bus. I got off with an extra foot.
Oh man gym class was a riot when I had to share weights with Frankenstein. And it's never good to bench press with him when he can bench press you. Showing off is what he did and getting all the at…

The birth center

It was a big blue building that sat next to a big pink building. Each looking like a skyscraper that stood 75 stories high. These were the birthing centers. The blue for the boys and the pink for the girls. No it was not a hospital. See there were already born babies they when you wanted a kid, you just got to one and get one. There was a form to fill out if you wanted the kid to be most like you but if you didn't cared. Numbers were drawn from a bowl and which ever number you picked, then that would be the room you go to to get your baby. Everyone was born like that.
Naughty Ziegler wanted to know where the babies originally came from. He went to college and got a degree in birthing systems and then applied for the job as a manger and got it. But for weeks, he only worked the front desk and never was able to go beyond. The babies were brought in a night, so he never saw from where or how. So he applied to be security which they thought was weird but he begged for it and they gave…

What would you do?

What would you do ifThere was no Pleasure Joy Happiness Love Peace Beauty  Bliss Care Comfort Delight Humor Cheer Pride Like
And only  Misery Hate Disappointment  Sadness Sorrow  Grief Depression  Heartache Worry Fear Anxiety  Trouble  Stress
How would you  Live Breathe Eat Sleep Walk Work Play Move Survive Remain Prosper Thrive Believe Stand
Would you Destroy Create Build End Exist  Grow Break Die Stay  Fail Succeed Quit Dream Begin
I would Trust in Wait for  Hold out for  Pray for  Look for Ask for Call for  Seek Request for  Long for  Anticipate Watch for  Wish for  Have faith in
Him The Lord  God Our Savior  The Creator  Almighty  Our Father  Holy Spirit  King of kings  The All Knowing All Powerful Jehovah The One The Protector 

The Edge

I on the edge of the world. i can see miles and miles of water. It's never ending and yet I am on the edge of the world. I didn't walk here. I drove here because I was looking for peace and found the edge. There is no cliff like I thought there would be. There aren't scientists here discovering it. There aren't news people here reporting on it. There aren't photographers here taking pictures. But then there is no sign that's says that this is the edge of the world but that water is going somewhere and I just know this is it. It's the edge of the world. I am not gonna fall off the planet but I have fell out if my world and that's us why I am here. I was looking for a cliff and found an edge with no place to jump. You just step in and I did think it would be that simple. So I won't leap cause I won't go far. I step back and look. There's no people for miles and so I scream thinking something might cave but it doesn't. No it doesn't. So…

Just please

Just.......Shush Be quiet Don't talk Don't speak Close your mouth  Silence your voice  Shut up 
Please....... Listen Let me talk Hear me out Watch my lips  Watch my hand Let me speak to you Let me say what I need to
Just please  For a moment For a minute  For a second Just please

I see your heart

I see your heartI believe in it  I love it 
It loved me It wants It comforts me It protects me
I see your heart I know it  I like it


"Hello and welcome" the perky blonde tour guide said to her group as they stood at the entrance of the big gold building. The group was made of 6 people. They differ in age, height, weight, race, gender.  The tour guide admired how diverse the group was but this was not the first time she had seen such a group and it certainly would not be the last. See she has had the job for over 80 years but she didn't look a day over 25. She had died at 25 and had never told anyone how. In her death she applied to be the guide or at least one them for when others die and transfer them to Heaven or Hell.  "So did everyone have a peaceful death?" She asked as the continued to walk through the building. They all nodded while some were still crying. She noticed and said, " It will be okay." Then she continued to walk pointing out moments from their life. This was a tour of their lives.  It was a tour that would lead to two doors. One to Heaven and one to Hell. The tour…

The Upper Room

"You know it's not so bad going up to the upper room. The only thing is you don't come back." Jim mentioned to his wife Sandra as he stood over her. She was laying in the bed and he was was looking at her with a big smile on his face.She asked, "I don't come back?" He said, "none of us do. That's okay. I am looking forward to being there with everyone and you should to." She turned her head to face the window and looked out at it. She always loved the ocean view. He noticed, "In the upper    room you will have the best view of all the oceans and seas. And one day I will be there to join you." She said, "You don't need to talk about me like I am already gone." She frowned and started to cry. He noticed and sat in the bed next to her. This wasn't easy for him either. They just got married two years ago and she had got sick to quickly  for them to have kids. He was sad to and hurt and mad but he understood God had a p…

The fighter

I am trying to stay afloat but I am not in any water I am trying to get my balance but I am not up high  I am trying to save the world but I am so powerless I am trying to staying positive in a sea of negativity  I am trying to fly but how do I reach the sky I am trying my luck when it's mostly been bad I am trying to breath without any air I am trying to find a way when all hope is lost  I am trying to reach the top but I can get out of the bottom  I am trying not to hurt anyone when pain is so easy to create 
Every days a struggle and I am trying my best to make the best with Him in my corner cheering me on

Dont look with your eyes

He sat in the chair, waiting for her to come in the room. He waited patiently enjoying the scent of fresh flowers his mom had sent him. They had only arrived a hour ago. The air was cool with a slight breeze. It was quarter to three and she was running 15 minutes late and counting but he was patient.
A few minutes later he heard a knock at the door. It was soft and barely noticeable. It was a little unsure. He knew why though. Today was the day he was going to get to see her. He was excited and scared all at the same time.
He yelled to her that the door was open and she slowly turned the knob. He could hear here taking a deep breath before she walked into his apartment. She was dressed in all white. Her hair was blond with settle curls that fell just before her shoulder. She had on small white heels with a sparkling veil that fell on her shoulders. It was embroidered with silver flowers. Her gown was strapless and fell just below her knees. It was a satin dress with a full bottom. She…


It hurts bad
Not everyone gets over it
You cant just move on
There is so much pain

And yet we have no choice
Just got to accept it
Just got to realize everything happens for a reason
We weren't meant to be

It stings like a bee
It hurts like a gun shot
It feels like a tornado through the heart
It leaves a person weak

You say maybe I am taking it to heart
And I should
But my heart was set on you
And your heart on another


Its not your problem
You rejected me
Made me feel like trash
I asked and no thanks I am not your type you said

Then what is?
Don't matter
Its me
Cause in a few years, we will meet up on the streets and your girl will look like me

And I will wonder
Why my guy
Looks nothing like you
And yet you rejected me


I was better off without you
Never with you
Loved you like crazy
Thought your flaws were cute

I am better now
Some months later
The pain is gone
Cause I have been accepted

Not by a man
I am not that girl
I accepted myself
And found…

And there she laid

It was a hot summers night and the bed was bare. It was to hot for blankets. It was sweaty and muggy in the room. it had just rain but that did nothing for the heat. She was alone and on a night like this, thats how she wanted it to be. She was always alone. And that never upset her. Men were dogs and she felt why should she put herself through that misery. So she concluded it was better to be alone. Alone in the summer on a hot night.It was to hot to be bothered by another person anyway. So she layed there from 11pm to 2am tossing and turning until she realized it would be no help just to lay in her sweat. So she got up and took a shower. It was a long cold one.
Then she heard a knock at the door. Who could be knocking this late at night? She didn't know anyone who would knock that late unless it was her mother but she would had called first. She put on her robe and went to the door with a hammer, suspicious of who it could be. She turned on her lving room light and looked out th…

The Night Shift

He was just a monster who lived in her closet and would only come out at night to scare her. He would run around her room, shaking her bed, and giving her nightmares. This was his night job and her closet was his place of residency. Mail was delivered to the home for him. He went out for walks and to run errands, keeping his closet neat and stocked with all his favorite things. He was just a monster with a night job to scare one little girl from age seven to eleven. Then he would move on to another child. It was his job and he was great at it and he had been doing it for over 113 years. he had seen all kinds if rooms and beds and closets.
He was not happy though, but nowhere else was hiring and he had needed a job bad. See the kids weren't scared by monsters anymore. Vampires were their soul mates, werewolves were their crushes, even The Blob Man was a cool playground toy. Things were changing and messing up the Scare Department of the World. People thought it was hard out for pim…

An Ode To Mascots

I am a

I am a
Random Knee

I was never
Just Sad

That I
Held Y'all Gear
Gave You Beers
Patted Your Tears

I Was Just There To
Provide A Cheer
Help You Win
Help The Crowd Shout
Help The Other Team Lose

And Yet
Time Has Past
I Am A Boss
Not An Animal Or Weird Object
I Am Me
As A Mascot I Use To Be

Over His Head

It was a Tuesday and Jim was going to his job at the local 7-11 which he hated but he needed a job so he kept going.
So a customer came in and went straight to the slushy machine and got one. He then paid for it but something happened. He never turned it off and it was in the back so Jim never saw. It was a slow day and so it just kept going. It was Jim lunch break and paying no attention to the slushy mix all over the store went straight to back and closed the door to eat his ramen noodles, grape soda, and Cheetos lunch. 15 minutes into his lunch he noticed a red substance seeping under the door. He was curious so he opened and the mix poured all over him. It was over his head and he was buried and really cold cause he had the air on so the slushy stayed cold. Thinking quick he begin to slurp his way out of the mix. It didn't work he ended up dying of extreme case of brain freeze.  He was so in over his head.

The Red Block

May and Frank met in 1922 when he was 22 and she was 18. She had just graduated from high school and he was a busboy at a restaurant. They met one night at a fair. She was there with some friends and him as well and amazed by her beauty he walked up to her and said, "If i win you that bear, will you ditch your friends and come to join me for some ice cream tonight." She smiled and thought he probably wont make the bell go to the top and so she agreed.  He did win the bear and a bets a bet so she went with him and they stayed together for 65 loving years.
Lisa was 33 and the year is 2013. She was in the dressing room of the church wondering if she was marrying the right man for this would be her third marriage. She was wondering if she was making the right decision. She wanted love to be so simple and come to her do easy but her first husband cheated on her and the second one just walked off and never came back so she just assumed he had left her. This one was a guy she had o…

Too cool

Johnny always thought he was so cool. Everyday when walking him from school he would want to prove how cool he was by walking in the street and not on the sidewalk like the rest of the kids. Billy thought "Johnny thinks he is to cool to play it safe." No, Johnny just though he was always to cool to play it like the other kids. He would run with scissors because he thought it was too cool to walk with them. He would always spit out water because he thought he was too cool to drink it. Johnny was really crazy and Billy knew that.
One day they were walking home again and Billy shouted to Johnny in the street, "Your not being cool, your being dangerous. Something bad is going to happen."
Johnny said back, "Man, I am cool." Billy just shook his head in disbelief. He had given the warning and now all he could do was wait.
See Billy was apart of an elite group that tried to help people like Johnny, but Johnny didn't adhere to the warning.
One day they were w…

Nothing makes sense

The pain made him numb
The pain had him just going through the motions
The pain made him unable to feel life

Speech had no meaning
Touch had no feeling
Taste was completely bland
Smell did not exist
Sight was not complete

He was in pain
He was hurt
He was in mourning

Nothing could replace
Nothing could mend
Nothing could change
Nothing could restore
Nothing could compensate

He would not forget
He could just move on
He should mourn

It was hard
And yet he was not alone
But does anyone ever really know the feeling
With her the world, at least his world was complete
With out her nothing, not anything makes sense

And In The Night He Reached

It was 12 midnight on a Thursday night. He was sleeping on he full size mattress rapped in in his blue quilt blankets. It was a cold winters night and the smoke from the fire he put out in the fireplace earlier in the night was long gone from his sight but the smell still lingered in the air.
The dogs were on the side of the bed quietly sleeping as well. The blonde man turned over to look at his dogs and saw them sniffing towards his bed. He wondered would they could be sniffing at and so he slowly lifted the blankets off. He was worried because he did not know what to expect but he felt surprisingly calm. So he quickly leaped onto the floor in one motion and looked under the bed.
And he found a girl who looked to be 15. He had noticed her from the missing posters and milk cartons. He had saw her picture all over the news, five years ago.
He said, "Are you, are you Samantha Phillips?"
She respond, slowly "Yes, I think so."
He said, "Well,  I know so. You famil…

No worries

Tom was having a really rough day and had it had no worries. See in the morning, there was to roaches sleeping on his toothbrush so he had to use his finger which he bit by mistake and mixed in his blood with toothpaste. His girlfriend was disgusted and broke up with him and took the dog he loved ever so much. He was sad but he got dressed, and his shirt ripped. It was the only clean one he had because wash day was on Sunday and it was a Friday. He was sad but he went in his kitchen to get his favorite cereal, coco puffs but his well, ex-girlfriend had took it with her. He was hurt and so his figured he would eat a pop tart but she took those to. He just went to the door but she took his work shoes to so he had to work flip flops to work for his office job. But his car broke down and his bike had a flat, so he had to walk 30 miles to walk which got him there two hours later. He was fired on the spot. So he went to a diner hoping to drown his sorrows in pie but they were all out. In fa…

We Eat Meat

So Good: A short script