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An open letter to another soul

Discrimination is a revolving door that America can never seem to get out of. It keeps going and over time does not change much. To be black in America is still as dangerous as it was 100 years ago. Back in the day they could kill us because of the color of our skin and today that still remains true but in today’s world they are still not held accountable for it. Being a minority or being woman or being the different one in race, gender, or sexual orientation, we are constantly reminded to strive but not to far. To reach but not high. To learn but not a lot. To speak but don’t say much. We are reminded to stay in our area, in our lane, and to be good not great. That is unacceptable. We are taught discrimination is a black problem, it’s not. Its a human problem because everyone has faced it. Everyone has faced discrimination in some way either given or received. Back in the day that did not keep people from living their lives. These close minded ideals did not keep Harriet Tubman from…