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TIme to be real

To often people choose to be fake
And what I mean by that
Is they are not being true
True to who they really are
They adapt to others
And change for them
But is it all worth it
I don't think so
At the end of the day
You got to live for yourself
 Cause what have those people done for you
You should not have to change for anyone
Be comfortable;e in your skin
Be happy in you life
And love yourself
Stay strong
No apologies for your existence
No sorrows for being born
Your here for a reason
Like so many of us
And you should have fun in your life
Exploring all of that
Dance like no one is around
Laugh like its your last
Live for every moment
Cause when you look back
You can say you lived for you
Your happy with you
It sucks knowing you did some thing
Based off of someone else opinion
Why should we all be the same?
Why should we all do the same?
When did it become cool to hang with the group?
When did being different become overrated?
Well its not
Be different
God made us all different f…

The Villian

He gets up everyday and dresses in all black or all red. That's what the job entitles. He must be grumpy to everyone. He must do mean things like trip people or spit at them or hiss at them. That's what the job entitles. He must hate on everything that's good. He must betray everyone. He must hurt the ones he hate the most. He must never eat anything that taste good. He must never say thank you or please or just be polite. That's what the job entitles.
He is The Villain in most movies. He got beat up alot and has to do all his own stunts. But to keep things legit, it requires for him to be in character at all times of the day.
This man does not want to be The Villain.

It was a nice summers day, and he was walking down the street in a black trench coat. He was really hot but it was apart of the job. He walked right into another Villain. They stared each other up and down. Then they laughed. The Villain offered another Villain to go grab lunch and maybe catch up. They  a…