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I evolve

I evolvedMoving on staying strong  Carrying  my motivation Washing away the hatorade Soaking up my will To build  A better life me Keep going on Keep evolving Stop walking with a slump Only standing straight up Staring the world in its eyes Ignoring all it's lies Learning to not take it personal  Holding the strength  That is mine  I evolve Pass your childish ways And your selfish games I learn not to be alone in my choices While still living for me And being grown up I face life with the strength of a tiger  And the knowledge of an elephant And the speed of a cheetah  And the courage of a shark It is me I evolve I grow older I grow wiser I gain distance  From the bullcrap  Of people who want to bring me down  And I evolve Pass your gossip  And your rumors Finding life pass it Finding it bigger than it  Learning to live for me I evolve In to the person I hope to be Want to be Need to be  Have to be  For me I evolve 

See a light

I see a light coming through the windowAnd it's shining down on me I see a light coming through the window  And is raining down on me I see a light a light at the end of the tunnel  And I am gonna follow it out I see the light at the start of my day And it's going keep happy all the way No darkness in sight Not a cloud or drop of doubt  Not any sadness causing any madness  It's all good

I did for you

I did for youI did for you As you stand there I just wanted you it know I did for you I did for you  And I wouldn't change nothing at all
I choose it I wanted it This is good for me and you In more ways than one Taking a chance like this I made a choice  I said yes

I did for you I did for you As you stand there, I just wanted you to know I did for you I did for you And I wouldn't change nothing at all
I wanted us to see each other I wanted us to be closer And yeah we text, call, and web cam But it wasn't enough Seeing you take selfies at places I never heard of  I knew there was something to be done  So I said yes
I did for you I did for you As you stand there, I just wanted you to know I did for you I did for you And I wouldn't change nothing at all
And you know it's not bad at all Now you know I am here to stay Don't doubt my love for you any longer Away we go together  So take my hand  And understand  How good this can be Between you and me  So I said yes
I did for you I did for you As you stand the…

Under the stars

I took a moment under the starsTo wish upon a love I have never had To hope for something to come For that special one to come task my hand And hold me close like I know he can I took a moment under the stars To dream of a love I wish I had To hope it would be everything for me For that special guy to see me as I am And be the human that I know he can So I wished upon a shooting star Took a wishbone and got the small end Through my pennies down an empty well Pick the petals til the end Took all the eyelashes that I could Dreamed about it as hard I should Then I realized you already came and gone  I to busy looking when I had you  If I could go back I go get you and never let you go So I took a moment under the stars  To wish you well and try not to dwell  On my lost and never found love

We get the happy ending

I want that kind if love story where we end up together in the endAnd then we stay together forever and ever And if we die young I want our souls to meet up in the afterlife I would do anything for you The kind of love that makes me strong And keeps me happy in the dark part of the night I want that with a person who gets every part of me That when we are together it's in perfect harmony I want someone who won't use our love to hurt me That I won't have to question our love every in my life Who won't look at me as a burden but the opposite  Let's not be together for convience  I just want that When it's right me When He allows it to be

I carry it

I drag my leg as I walk throught the nightI move slow as snail on snow I am drownig in my lack of life It's a disease It's in me I carry it

Mr pid gotta leave town now

Oh mr pidLook what you did You done something real bad And made your girl real sad Like you know you would Like she knew you could What did you do Gave her what she was due No you gotta to get gone After you what you done

Saw a fairy

So I saw a fairyAnd he offered three whole wishes But I that's a genie thang to do  But apparently not So what do I wish for World peace? End hunger? Is that possible he ask back I don't know  But I make it one wish And now I have two Maybe to fill my house with popcorn But no I want it to never stop So I ask for endless popcorn And he gives me a ton of boxes  Now I have one He says I should let him be free Again thought it was a genie thang  But apparently not So I think on it And sit on it And ponder it But you can fly I say But I wanna walk he says But you can live forever I say But all who I love can't he says But you have no bills I say But I have others debts he says So I consider if And I do it And for that before he changes gives me one more wish And so I wish to take everyone pain away And just like that everything is okay

Scooby gang

One two threeDon't let the monster get me That's no fun Four five six We will fighting him off with sticks And then we will run Seven eight nine Hopefully he won't cross that line Oh wait here he comes  Ten eleven twelve We should push him down that well He got my hands num Thirteen fourteen  From here we can't be seen Let's try not to die Fifthteen sixthteen He growls real mean Well oh my Seventeen eighteen This all ain't making me to keen To come back here Nineteen twenty Let's go and get gone right now Let's leave these monsters to the Scooby gang

A lonely husband blues

I hold my head up high and my feet hang lowAs I sit and think of what could had been and what could been had How it was almost three Now it's just me Oh how could this be I should've walked the line toward you I should've grabbed you close And held you right Cause you were mine But no longer this time  And I sit here and flicker my dime Wishing how I could go back to the past If I ever had the chance I would do it fast In a heartbeat second  I would do it Just to capture misplaced memories That use to be an active life With an one time wife