Saw a fairy

So I saw a fairy
And he offered three whole wishes
But I that's a genie thang to do 
But apparently not
So what do I wish for
World peace?
End hunger?
Is that possible he ask back
I don't know 
But I make it one wish
And now I have two
Maybe to fill my house with popcorn
But no I want it to never stop
So I ask for endless popcorn
And he gives me a ton of boxes 
Now I have one
He says I should let him be free
Again thought it was a genie thang 
But apparently not
So I think on it
And sit on it
And ponder it
But you can fly I say
But I wanna walk he says
But you can live forever I say
But all who I love can't he says
But you have no bills I say
But I have others debts he says
So I consider if
And I do it
And for that before he changes gives me one more wish
And so I wish to take everyone pain away
And just like that everything is okay

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