I evolve

I evolved
Moving on staying strong 
Carrying  my motivation
Washing away the hatorade
Soaking up my will
To build 
A better life me
Keep going on
Keep evolving
Stop walking with a slump
Only standing straight up
Staring the world in its eyes
Ignoring all it's lies
Learning to not take it personal 
Holding the strength 
That is mine 
I evolve
Pass your childish ways
And your selfish games
I learn not to be alone in my choices
While still living for me
And being grown up
I face life with the strength of a tiger 
And the knowledge of an elephant
And the speed of a cheetah 
And the courage of a shark
It is me
I evolve
I grow older
I grow wiser
I gain distance 
From the bullcrap 
Of people who want to bring me down 
And I evolve
Pass your gossip 
And your rumors
Finding life pass it
Finding it bigger than it 
Learning to live for me
I evolve
In to the person
I hope to be
Want to be
Need to be 
Have to be 
For me
I evolve 

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