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I got 99 problems and blood is one

That some dark stuff
You licking the blood of his neck
Biting his wrist like that
Showing your bloody fangs to meYou don't care You dripping all over the place Where's your manners They don't really exist When you need to feed And it's been a whole day since you last did You don't want to make one like you You just want to drain him  Of all his blood Did you consider a blood bank That's where we all donate Lots of blood there Where you can cause no harm To any living thing So go on now While it's closed And get what you need  For the night Cause that's some dark stuff Biting on people like that


The year was 1999
And we thought it was gonna be all over
So we brought all the liquors and all the pies
And decided on where to hide
So we got to the basement quicker than quick
And close the door behind
We hutches together in a corner
And decided to cry
Someone started cutting the pies
As they poured the liquor for the guys
If we were gonna go out
We go out good
Like we always planned we would
But 1201 came
Nothing did change
We laughed so hard
And poured some more
For we had work in the morning

Super Free

I wanna swing from the chandeliers
Like I have no care in the world
Like its the safest thing to do
Like no harm exist
Like no danger could happen
Like I am super free
Release me
I wanna fly to the moon
Like its super easy to do
Like its the best thing ever
Like a shooting star past through the galaxy
Like nothing can stop me
Like I am super free
Release me
Let me be
Give me that joy
Give me that choice
Let me see
What I can be
So release me

Why did ya

It was the middle of the night The darkest part I was awoken by a haunting whisper It gave the shivers As I started to crawl to edge of the bed Desperately not trying to see what it is It giggled the most evil laugh Asking me to turn to him as fast as I can I called out for everyone  But no one came My voice was as good as silence as it seemed So I got a little brave but not by choice And before I could turn We were already face to face  And then I begin to laugh back at him For it only my dad A man in a mask They were on sale And he just couldn't resist
Oh  dad oh dad  Why did you have to do this


It doesn't matter that I have to catch my breath whenever you speak
It doesn't matter that your touch makes me weak
It doesn't matter that I like closing my eyes to think of you
It doesn't matter that you feel like a dream come true
It doesn't matter that I want all my days to spent with you
It doesn't matter that I feel butterflies in my tummy when I am around you
It doesn't matter that super ratable to me to
It doesn't matter that I could spend hours with you and love it
It doesn't matter that being with you makes me feel safe
It doesn't matter that you see me for me
It doesn't matter that loving you made me feel free

It all stopped mattering
The day you broke my heart
Tore it to pieces
With no remorse
You may all the good do away
In a pain filled spot
Running off with my love
You took it all away
It all stopped mattering
The day you broke my heart

Saving a knight

IWould run the forest  In the nick of time Just to save you From the danger and harm  From the night  To keep away  All the witches and ghouls Deflect their spells and deadly potions Cause good always overcome evil And I am the queen Here to save my knight  With my sword of light To end this evil darkness   That won't be swallowing you in tonight  Let the joy fill you As we ride into the sunset  On my white horse We go Happily ever after

The evil and steve

There was a dark night
And evil was ready for a fight
A war was growing in the dark
Evil was ready to make its mark
The creatures are sure to come out
All the good were about to pout
It was midnight eve
Not a good night for Steve
He was stepping into harm
Away from the comforts of his farm
For a city girl
Who promised him a twirl
For a completed dare
That was sure to be a scare
It only ended one way
And before the night became day
Steve went gone
As the girl disappeared into the dawn
No mentioned it ever
And the evil was just that clever

Use somebody

I realize today that I could use somebody
Roaming around in the crowd of unfamiliar faces
No one stood out to notice me
I realize today that I could somebody
Anyone want me for some moment
No one stands out
No one but you
The missing link to my chain called life
I am reaching out for you
Your hand is warm and your touch is welcoming
I realize today that I could use somebody
To fill the empty seat next to me
To laugh at my jokes for real
To be with me for me
I realize today that I could use somebody
And today and for forever thats you

As you sit there

As you sit thereYour blood falls Down to the floor All over the place Making the biggest mess I ever seen Oh yes As you sit there
As you sit there Your body is drained Why is your blood so orange Your some kind of alien  And your body is cold Oh yes As you sit there
As you sit there Your no longer a scare I got you before you could get me What did you want me for  No abduction today Oh yes As you sit there

Like a waterfall

It feels so cool to be right now
Like a waterfall
I feel so open with myself
Like a blooming flower
It feels so fresh in here
Like a garden
My heart so big right now
Like the ocean
I feel so close to you right now
Like static
It feels so cool to be right now
Like an ice cube

A ghost- inspired by the movie Ghostbusters

So a ghost passed into my room
And caught me by surprise
I never seen one before
And I might never see again
But in that very moment
It was crazy scary for real
But I am  a survivor
No hostage to your floating soul
Thats not me
I run and hide
But to my surprise
You come right through the door
Your eyes are blue as the sea
Your skin white as the moon
Your touch I could not feel
But here you are looking right at me
I feel the cold
But what do you want
My body to house you
You want my vessel for your soul
Trying to be human again
Means my death
I will survive
I will not die
So  I reach to my cellphone
And I dial

So dial 911

You walked inCaught me by surprise  Witnessing the mad in my eyes I am in distress And you don't know what to make of this And it's cold  Not the air but his body Lying here like this So dial nine  And ask questions later  Quick His blood is flowing  And leaving him forever So I cry While he lies there not speaking His life is no more And your stunned  So dial one And wonder how later Now I don't want him leave We have to do something Your eyes are judging me And you seem displeased with me But you should be sad about him  You realize the damage is done  You look for the lies in my eyes And damage in my hands  But it's done So dial one I confess to nothing  Only a witness to something  And I am hurt So call 911

The nights on me

Meet me downstairs in the bar and I'll buy you a drink
And we will stay up late
I will ask why are you out tonight
We will discuss like we are in a black and white
Show me your colors of pain
As it pours and rain
And by the time you are done
We will celebrate like we just turned 21
Lets head out and catch a cab
Pretending that we are so bad
The bright lights of the night hit our face
We are strangers tomorrow and friends today
Lets beat the sun to the edge of the city
Dive in with all we got
With a few tokens and some gum
How will we pay the driver
We jump out quicker than quick
Like he knew we would
I know I am no good
But the nights on me

Bang Bang- a poem inspired by bonnie clyde gone wrong

I shot you down
You hit the ground
Your blood poured out
I had not doubt
This was the way
Now I wait for judgement day
Your dead now
I am breaking a vow
Our love is gone
It was always wrong
I look at the floor
And watch the blood pour
I have no regrets
I am no longer in your debt
I wont call the cops
I will just grab a mop
And dig a hole
Your no longer in control
I meant to do it
With my killers kit
Caught you in drinkers slumber
Could had hit you with lumber
But the gun felt great
My dead mate