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The yellow umbrella

Follow my yellow umbrellaTo a brighter day and time Just make sure the rain is slowing And the sun is glowing Ever so bright And follow my light yellow umbrella Under the clouds it will be seen  No need to get green This is our thing For me and you It will glide to the sky And you will see How the wind carries  it And keeps it afloat  Hold steady my love And follow it right on home

Like a flower

Like a flowerI grow up I bloom I might start at the bottom But I will get to the top With the right sunlight Pouring me down on me I can survive it all  Even if to fall  I have water to give me strength I have others around me  Cheering me on It dosent matter who plants me in  I will love them till the end Blowing in the wind Only pushes me to stand taller Than I can And like a flower  If I die  Others shall take my place My kind won't be forgotten  Especially if there are pieces of me  Out there in the world I shall live in through them   Like a flower I return to earth again 

The empty room that is your heart

Your heart Is like an empty room nowNothing fills but air Who left that window up over there The door is locked for now No key under the mat can be found Trying to get in is the hardest part But will I be happy to see The emptiness awaiting me Let me in  Pour it all over me Let's place something there  Where are we to put this chair  So I can comfortable here Your heart is like an empty room  Put it up for sale I will in right away  Give me the key I ask nicely Let's make your heart my home

Strangers and friends

StrangersIn the deep of the night Friends  In the bright of the light Winning all On the bets of games Losing all On the bets of life Taking All they can get Giving All they that have Street lights Guiding their ambitions Table lamps Shading their secrets  Feasting  Like poor kings Dining  On rare queen wine Sleeping On desperate motives Dreaming  Of better times Strangers Friends Walking down the boulevard Shadows keep them tight

Keeping it real

I eat cereal at midnightAnd pizza for breakfast  Coffe fuels the sleepless days  And beer steers the partying nights I dip my Cheetos in my Twinkies I use my orange hands to paint my face Then I wrap a trash bag around my waste I don't ask for much I keep it simple And I don't like it rich  In my paper tin dreams come true On banquet dinner feast  And natty bo luck And through my shades I search for my thrift store king To sit next to his queen On our toilet paper throne And keep it simply  Real

A chance at you

If u gave me a chance I would take it The best thing to happen to you I would make it My love for you I would not fake it Your favorite foods I would bake it Your heart I would not stake it Your blissfull life I would awaken it So give me a chance And I won't waste it

Loving you is something impossible

I know I am not your only one
And thats not okay
When you say its right
I look at you with more wrong
Being bad show your true soul
And its not something to love
Not by me
Its crazy when you do wrong
I can really see you
And without love
You are the disgusting one
Loving you is something impossible
And I realized your not the one
And thats okay
When I say its right
You look at me with more wrong
Being good shows my true soul
And its something to love
Just not by you.

Take my heart to luxury

Take my heart away
To a place better destined for it to stay away
Leave there in its utter luxury
Pass to no one else to have it in that way
Its yours to keep and not throw away
Hold and don't ever let it leave your sight
Grab it tight with all your might
Leave it in its blissful luxury
Keep it away from painful darkness
Take it to the light and don't let it fade
My heart belongs only to you today
And never to anyone else can hold it like you can
Touch it gently and be careful with it
Take it to luxury

Man in Mexico

I met a man in Mexico Who was lost and didn't know where to go His skin was white as snow He seemed to had seen something bad That made him awfully sad To which he cried for his dad And he heard nothing back He saw a man attacked By a human  With there teeth  And bare hands  He drink the blood like it was wine And all that time He was just looking in the mirror  watching himself perform it all See the man in Mexico  Was a cannibal Desperately looking for his companion  The name was a young Hannibal

A crush never to be

Straight down the line
He don't look fine
But I know he is not mine
And here at the airline
I look for a sign

But nothing come
So I just stay mum
Real hard I chew my gum
And trying to distract with a hum
Imagining I am home with my drums

But I wanna go talk
Trying the courage to walk
And not just stalk
In this little corner block

What would I say
To make his day
To make it go my way
But to my dismay

She walks over and joins him
And now things look real grim
And my hope starts to dim

Cause she is his love one
So i think to run
Cause I am so done

And he will never know
How I admired him so
When he looked so low


Paging to room 303

If all I ever have is you in my heart
 You in my heart
Then I would not die so sad
Not sad at all
And if all I ever learned was through you
With your help
Then I know that I am in the smartest
That I am smart
Cause if I only talked with you thats all I need
All I need is your conversation
And if I only could see you it would be enough to full fill me
Your sight makes me whole

As I float through life
Searching for you
I have all to give you

Our love would be endless and free
Being so happy
Together in our love nest

You give me opportunity
You give space
There is nothing more that I would take

If all I ever have is you in my heart
It would overflow with joy
Then I would not die so sad
Knowing your love made me no scared of the afterlife
And if all I ever learned was through you
I know I am to good to be true
Then I know I am the smartest
Even smarter than you
Cause if I only talked with thats all I need
All the speech I want to hear
And if I only could see you it would be enough to full…

She not your wife - a poem

You can't look at herOnce she dead Once she been buried Once you had her funereal You can't wish for her body to be alive Cause you won't get her soul And the woman who returns She won't be your wife But don't look at her Not in her eyes at least Don't invite her in your home  Cause she not your wife Not anymore  Her soul is in heaven And her body on your doorstep That's not your wife Don't look at her  Or  You will be left with just a body As she takes your soul You will no longer live Only be trapped in the in between  With someone who just looks like your wife So don't look at her Don't invite her in Once you wished to bring her back to life Don't take off her mask Don't touch her corpse She is just a shell Not your wife

The Body

Its empty in the shell that is your body
The pain rises slowly to a hault
And in the core I here you begin to break down
And in your chest there is nothing there
A large black hole with nothing to fill it
Your looking for love in all the wrong places

Its empty in the shell that is your body
The song of your soul has no chorus
And yet you pretend to go on
And in your eyes there is pain
A deep darkness that aint seen nothing yet
Your looking for light in all the wrong places

Its empty in the shell that is your body
The tip of your flesh is cold to touch
And on your skin you haven't felt warmth yet
And in your head there are dark thoughts
A deep hatred for the living world
Your looking for life in all the wrong places

And I will stop with you
And I will rise up to
If its alone I don't care
Cause you are at the bottom
And I can't stay there
When I have so much to give
Its empty in the shell that is your body

For Anne from Andy - A dark poem

At my door I hear a whisper
But she was not to be here
She is to be at her sisters
Soon it will disappear
But it only grown more near
As I begin to here it in my room
I became overfilled with gloom
Who is lurking in here with me
It could only be she
But I look to find no lover
So I run to my bed cover
And wait for suns glow
But darkness hits me low
To reveal a hidden secret
No longer can I kept it
The tale of the man
Who I drowned for Anne
He whispers the truth
I respond oh dangerous sleuth
Return to your grave
And hide away in your afterlife cave
But he has one deed
Coming to make sure I bleed
My life is to be no longer
One thought I don't want to ponder
Telling the truth will take it all
A dirty criminal is what I will be called
Oh Anne will me for sure
But death is neither the cure
For this lie
I choose to die
And in my spot
My Anne he has got
Marrying her in my shoes
In this new darkness now one is to hear my blues

My sweet dear

You are near That I fear I don't want to hear My sweet dear Call out in utter pain My long name In his last breath Looking to death It will not hide The sickness inside My sweet dear You are near That I fear Death is here 

The woman in the shadows

I am a woman trapped in the shadows
Looking for the perfect life form
Hoping you will come along
So we can switch our souls to new bodies
Mine by choose and yours not
Don't worry my child
Its only darkness
The light is where I need to be
To thrive and see
I sit still
In this picture frame
Appearing to be harmless
As I possibly can
But one day
It will happen
Where I will be the one
Staring at you
In your old
Picture frame

Capturing a monster

I grab you by your wrist
And pulled you down the steps
You resisted
And fought back
But down into the darkness we crept
You weeped and cried out for help
But no one could here you
This far down
Deeper into the ground we went
Taking you to the coffin
Throwing you in there
Pushing your way back out
I carefully put you to sleep
Laying there
I admired your beauty
It was there I ponder what I was doing
But then I saw your fangs just a little
Peeking through your bloody mouth
I quickly threw in the garlic
Watching your skin sizzle about
I close the coffin ever so quickly
Pulling the chains ever so tightly
For you are never to get out
Not ever again
A monster like you
Should be locked away
For ever

Jumping off the top of the world

Take me to the top of the world
We will dive off it
And float on life
Til the end of time
Infinity hours to go
This never ending road
Carelessness will pay off
No worries and no crime
No pain and no weak desires
In our faith we bundle up
Keep going and never stop
Top of the world
Here we come
Got to get to one of the wonders
Seven of them to choose from
So lets put the past behind us
And to the top we go
To step off
And never look back
Its daring and exciting yet
No its not even death
Its better
Its endless bliss

The Darkest Night

I walked into a bar
To see what I could get
He laughed in my face and said
You don't look 21 yet
Well I grinned at him real hard
Trying to see if it would work
He told me I ain't that pretty
And to get the stepping to
Oh how I hated him
For not giving me what I want
As I left I laughed a little to myself
For I almost might forget
That I came to warn this man
That he hasn't seen nothing yet
The darkness was sure to come
And by 12 it would be here
The darkest part of the night
Was about to reveal a big scare

Just unwrap them

I went to the desert
To see the tallest thing
Found a pyramid
Full of mummies
And let me tell you honey
It was scary
Full of bugs that live your skin
And enough cobwebs to fill the Grand Canyon
They growled
They were out for blood
Mine in particular
But in that very moment
I realized
That all I had to do was unwrap
Done they fell
One by one
It was done
Making it possible to tell this tale
Just unwrap them
And away they go

Cooly different

I wanted things to be
And yet it was
For a
good while
a couple of days
too many hours
but not a lifetime
What have
I done
I said
I told
I lied about
To get me to this
dark corner
small space
unrelenting repetitive response
I just wanted things
Was there anything
In that?

Sunday Afternoon

On a Monday I am happy for the new week that allies ahead
On a Tuesday, I am sleepy for the wasteland of a monday
and on Wednesday I can't breath
On a Thursday, I am active
On a Friday, I am relived
For Saturday is finally here
But on Sunday, I can't stand the day with out my need

On a Monday, I am excited to see the new week has for me
On a Tuesday, I am sadden for Monday was not as planned
And on Wednesday, I can't sleep
On a Thursday, I am angry
On a Friday, I am defeated
For  Saturday gives me hope
But on Sunday, I can't stand the day without my need

I just repeat
week after week
holding out for a feeling I can't find
I wish upon that star
And break that wishing bone
But on Sunday, nothing comes
On sunday no knock at the door
Not at all

Sailing to you

I decided to sail across the ocean at noonThe wind was pushing me as fast as it could But it didn't feel fast enough As the clouds part and the sun began to set The moon came at the darkest hour Making me feel slower in my power To get across this ocean to you

Dream of falling

Sometimes I think it would be easier to fall down a wellIf you would push me I would never tell I think the pain might be easier Than the forces in my life I can control how I percieve it  Just toss me on down the well It won't be to loud Probably quieter than traffic  And I will feel lighter than a feather floating to the bottom It will quicker than the work day Just promise not to bring me back up Let me slip to the empty filled bottom As I hit the hard ground  I take it in better than rejection  Then I wake up in my bed Thinking of doing it again But it's just a dream Releasing me out of my death If only til I sleep again  It might lazier than Just going to work and making means end Hold my head down low And let out a big sigh I can't wake up from life But I can go to sleep on it Tuck me back in  And wake me up  When life's responsibilities Are at an end

Whiskey and dimes

I gave my soul upAnd watched it fly away now To a place I didn't recognize I sold if for a case of whiskey And a can of dimes Hoping to keep the skin on my bones now At least until I die Hoping to hitch a ride up this dark highway Cause tonight not my time Not like I have a clock Or my soul  I am just an empty shell now Doing my best to survive Hoping to stay alive

Not a were panther

It feels like there are not enough hours in the dayTo tell you all I want to say There  is not enough darkness in the night  To give the people a good fright  And all I ever want to do Is give ya a good scare to Can I do that Maybe with a bat Or I can wear a scary hat All I wanna do  Is howl a you  Sun or moon Rain or shine I want just want to be the werewolve I can be Not the were panther you might see So get scared Like you cared About my feelings And evil dealings Just do this for me And I will you be

And here we go

Where did all the blood goThe blood I have saved for centuries The blood of my soul Gone forever  Cause you forced it out Out of the cold and into the floor Don't you leave just yet This soul needs blood And now I need some of your warm ness And vibrant life Out of your veins  And into my mouth Just with a slit And a quick tuck And here we go

Stars and grass

We don't need anything Or anyone Just the stars  And the grass See we can sit  And dream About our future While trying to ignore the past If I lay with you Maybe we can let go And breath into our souls The life we are meant to have And the love we are meant to share Can we just stay And hold out Our hands  To the possibility Of a future of a forgotten life But a present  Of beutiful ignorance  And quiet bliss Here between the stars  And the grass


I stick my hand in the darknessReaching out for an unknown figure  Hoping it bites back And it bites hard  Oh my goodness I wish it was my neck And it drains out of me

On this wedding day

It's the wedding dayI am in dress but not on my way They want me to walk to him  And kiss his lips For today  Buts it's really for the rest of my life  His kiss his lips The same everyday  I am not sure if I really want that  And it's okay I am not sad or mad or glad I feel nothing  On this wedding day My vows are written I don't feel smitten Enough to say them to him Kiss me like overplayed song  To bad I can't turn you off But today I might turn you down  But do I really feel like starting over  It might be easier to slip into your everyday  So I go down the aisle Floating on my thoughts of eternity  This is til death And that makes me happy On this very wedding day

I evolve

I evolvedMoving on staying strong  Carrying  my motivation Washing away the hatorade Soaking up my will To build  A better life me Keep going on Keep evolving Stop walking with a slump Only standing straight up Staring the world in its eyes Ignoring all it's lies Learning to not take it personal  Holding the strength  That is mine  I evolve Pass your childish ways And your selfish games I learn not to be alone in my choices While still living for me And being grown up I face life with the strength of a tiger  And the knowledge of an elephant And the speed of a cheetah  And the courage of a shark It is me I evolve I grow older I grow wiser I gain distance  From the bullcrap  Of people who want to bring me down  And I evolve Pass your gossip  And your rumors Finding life pass it Finding it bigger than it  Learning to live for me I evolve In to the person I hope to be Want to be Need to be  Have to be  For me I evolve 

See a light

I see a light coming through the windowAnd it's shining down on me I see a light coming through the window  And is raining down on me I see a light a light at the end of the tunnel  And I am gonna follow it out I see the light at the start of my day And it's going keep happy all the way No darkness in sight Not a cloud or drop of doubt  Not any sadness causing any madness  It's all good

I did for you

I did for youI did for you As you stand there I just wanted you it know I did for you I did for you  And I wouldn't change nothing at all
I choose it I wanted it This is good for me and you In more ways than one Taking a chance like this I made a choice  I said yes

I did for you I did for you As you stand there, I just wanted you to know I did for you I did for you And I wouldn't change nothing at all
I wanted us to see each other I wanted us to be closer And yeah we text, call, and web cam But it wasn't enough Seeing you take selfies at places I never heard of  I knew there was something to be done  So I said yes
I did for you I did for you As you stand there, I just wanted you to know I did for you I did for you And I wouldn't change nothing at all
And you know it's not bad at all Now you know I am here to stay Don't doubt my love for you any longer Away we go together  So take my hand  And understand  How good this can be Between you and me  So I said yes
I did for you I did for you As you stand the…

Under the stars

I took a moment under the starsTo wish upon a love I have never had To hope for something to come For that special one to come task my hand And hold me close like I know he can I took a moment under the stars To dream of a love I wish I had To hope it would be everything for me For that special guy to see me as I am And be the human that I know he can So I wished upon a shooting star Took a wishbone and got the small end Through my pennies down an empty well Pick the petals til the end Took all the eyelashes that I could Dreamed about it as hard I should Then I realized you already came and gone  I to busy looking when I had you  If I could go back I go get you and never let you go So I took a moment under the stars  To wish you well and try not to dwell  On my lost and never found love

We get the happy ending

I want that kind if love story where we end up together in the endAnd then we stay together forever and ever And if we die young I want our souls to meet up in the afterlife I would do anything for you The kind of love that makes me strong And keeps me happy in the dark part of the night I want that with a person who gets every part of me That when we are together it's in perfect harmony I want someone who won't use our love to hurt me That I won't have to question our love every in my life Who won't look at me as a burden but the opposite  Let's not be together for convience  I just want that When it's right me When He allows it to be

I carry it

I drag my leg as I walk throught the nightI move slow as snail on snow I am drownig in my lack of life It's a disease It's in me I carry it

Mr pid gotta leave town now

Oh mr pidLook what you did You done something real bad And made your girl real sad Like you know you would Like she knew you could What did you do Gave her what she was due No you gotta to get gone After you what you done

Saw a fairy

So I saw a fairyAnd he offered three whole wishes But I that's a genie thang to do  But apparently not So what do I wish for World peace? End hunger? Is that possible he ask back I don't know  But I make it one wish And now I have two Maybe to fill my house with popcorn But no I want it to never stop So I ask for endless popcorn And he gives me a ton of boxes  Now I have one He says I should let him be free Again thought it was a genie thang  But apparently not So I think on it And sit on it And ponder it But you can fly I say But I wanna walk he says But you can live forever I say But all who I love can't he says But you have no bills I say But I have others debts he says So I consider if And I do it And for that before he changes gives me one more wish And so I wish to take everyone pain away And just like that everything is okay

Scooby gang

One two threeDon't let the monster get me That's no fun Four five six We will fighting him off with sticks And then we will run Seven eight nine Hopefully he won't cross that line Oh wait here he comes  Ten eleven twelve We should push him down that well He got my hands num Thirteen fourteen  From here we can't be seen Let's try not to die Fifthteen sixthteen He growls real mean Well oh my Seventeen eighteen This all ain't making me to keen To come back here Nineteen twenty Let's go and get gone right now Let's leave these monsters to the Scooby gang

A lonely husband blues

I hold my head up high and my feet hang lowAs I sit and think of what could had been and what could been had How it was almost three Now it's just me Oh how could this be I should've walked the line toward you I should've grabbed you close And held you right Cause you were mine But no longer this time  And I sit here and flicker my dime Wishing how I could go back to the past If I ever had the chance I would do it fast In a heartbeat second  I would do it Just to capture misplaced memories That use to be an active life With an one time wife

I got 99 problems and blood is one

That some dark stuff
You licking the blood of his neck
Biting his wrist like that
Showing your bloody fangs to meYou don't care You dripping all over the place Where's your manners They don't really exist When you need to feed And it's been a whole day since you last did You don't want to make one like you You just want to drain him  Of all his blood Did you consider a blood bank That's where we all donate Lots of blood there Where you can cause no harm To any living thing So go on now While it's closed And get what you need  For the night Cause that's some dark stuff Biting on people like that


The year was 1999
And we thought it was gonna be all over
So we brought all the liquors and all the pies
And decided on where to hide
So we got to the basement quicker than quick
And close the door behind
We hutches together in a corner
And decided to cry
Someone started cutting the pies
As they poured the liquor for the guys
If we were gonna go out
We go out good
Like we always planned we would
But 1201 came
Nothing did change
We laughed so hard
And poured some more
For we had work in the morning

Super Free

I wanna swing from the chandeliers
Like I have no care in the world
Like its the safest thing to do
Like no harm exist
Like no danger could happen
Like I am super free
Release me
I wanna fly to the moon
Like its super easy to do
Like its the best thing ever
Like a shooting star past through the galaxy
Like nothing can stop me
Like I am super free
Release me
Let me be
Give me that joy
Give me that choice
Let me see
What I can be
So release me

Why did ya

It was the middle of the night The darkest part I was awoken by a haunting whisper It gave the shivers As I started to crawl to edge of the bed Desperately not trying to see what it is It giggled the most evil laugh Asking me to turn to him as fast as I can I called out for everyone  But no one came My voice was as good as silence as it seemed So I got a little brave but not by choice And before I could turn We were already face to face  And then I begin to laugh back at him For it only my dad A man in a mask They were on sale And he just couldn't resist
Oh  dad oh dad  Why did you have to do this


It doesn't matter that I have to catch my breath whenever you speak
It doesn't matter that your touch makes me weak
It doesn't matter that I like closing my eyes to think of you
It doesn't matter that you feel like a dream come true
It doesn't matter that I want all my days to spent with you
It doesn't matter that I feel butterflies in my tummy when I am around you
It doesn't matter that super ratable to me to
It doesn't matter that I could spend hours with you and love it
It doesn't matter that being with you makes me feel safe
It doesn't matter that you see me for me
It doesn't matter that loving you made me feel free

It all stopped mattering
The day you broke my heart
Tore it to pieces
With no remorse
You may all the good do away
In a pain filled spot
Running off with my love
You took it all away
It all stopped mattering
The day you broke my heart

Saving a knight

IWould run the forest  In the nick of time Just to save you From the danger and harm  From the night  To keep away  All the witches and ghouls Deflect their spells and deadly potions Cause good always overcome evil And I am the queen Here to save my knight  With my sword of light To end this evil darkness   That won't be swallowing you in tonight  Let the joy fill you As we ride into the sunset  On my white horse We go Happily ever after

The evil and steve

There was a dark night
And evil was ready for a fight
A war was growing in the dark
Evil was ready to make its mark
The creatures are sure to come out
All the good were about to pout
It was midnight eve
Not a good night for Steve
He was stepping into harm
Away from the comforts of his farm
For a city girl
Who promised him a twirl
For a completed dare
That was sure to be a scare
It only ended one way
And before the night became day
Steve went gone
As the girl disappeared into the dawn
No mentioned it ever
And the evil was just that clever

Use somebody

I realize today that I could use somebody
Roaming around in the crowd of unfamiliar faces
No one stood out to notice me
I realize today that I could somebody
Anyone want me for some moment
No one stands out
No one but you
The missing link to my chain called life
I am reaching out for you
Your hand is warm and your touch is welcoming
I realize today that I could use somebody
To fill the empty seat next to me
To laugh at my jokes for real
To be with me for me
I realize today that I could use somebody
And today and for forever thats you

As you sit there

As you sit thereYour blood falls Down to the floor All over the place Making the biggest mess I ever seen Oh yes As you sit there
As you sit there Your body is drained Why is your blood so orange Your some kind of alien  And your body is cold Oh yes As you sit there
As you sit there Your no longer a scare I got you before you could get me What did you want me for  No abduction today Oh yes As you sit there

Like a waterfall

It feels so cool to be right now
Like a waterfall
I feel so open with myself
Like a blooming flower
It feels so fresh in here
Like a garden
My heart so big right now
Like the ocean
I feel so close to you right now
Like static
It feels so cool to be right now
Like an ice cube

A ghost- inspired by the movie Ghostbusters

So a ghost passed into my room
And caught me by surprise
I never seen one before
And I might never see again
But in that very moment
It was crazy scary for real
But I am  a survivor
No hostage to your floating soul
Thats not me
I run and hide
But to my surprise
You come right through the door
Your eyes are blue as the sea
Your skin white as the moon
Your touch I could not feel
But here you are looking right at me
I feel the cold
But what do you want
My body to house you
You want my vessel for your soul
Trying to be human again
Means my death
I will survive
I will not die
So  I reach to my cellphone
And I dial

So dial 911

You walked inCaught me by surprise  Witnessing the mad in my eyes I am in distress And you don't know what to make of this And it's cold  Not the air but his body Lying here like this So dial nine  And ask questions later  Quick His blood is flowing  And leaving him forever So I cry While he lies there not speaking His life is no more And your stunned  So dial one And wonder how later Now I don't want him leave We have to do something Your eyes are judging me And you seem displeased with me But you should be sad about him  You realize the damage is done  You look for the lies in my eyes And damage in my hands  But it's done So dial one I confess to nothing  Only a witness to something  And I am hurt So call 911

The nights on me

Meet me downstairs in the bar and I'll buy you a drink
And we will stay up late
I will ask why are you out tonight
We will discuss like we are in a black and white
Show me your colors of pain
As it pours and rain
And by the time you are done
We will celebrate like we just turned 21
Lets head out and catch a cab
Pretending that we are so bad
The bright lights of the night hit our face
We are strangers tomorrow and friends today
Lets beat the sun to the edge of the city
Dive in with all we got
With a few tokens and some gum
How will we pay the driver
We jump out quicker than quick
Like he knew we would
I know I am no good
But the nights on me

Bang Bang- a poem inspired by bonnie clyde gone wrong

I shot you down
You hit the ground
Your blood poured out
I had not doubt
This was the way
Now I wait for judgement day
Your dead now
I am breaking a vow
Our love is gone
It was always wrong
I look at the floor
And watch the blood pour
I have no regrets
I am no longer in your debt
I wont call the cops
I will just grab a mop
And dig a hole
Your no longer in control
I meant to do it
With my killers kit
Caught you in drinkers slumber
Could had hit you with lumber
But the gun felt great
My dead mate

I said goodbye to yesterday

I said goodbye to yesterday
The day you passed away
Send out to the past with no return address
Grasping for something that no longer exist
Having only the pain left behind
Looking to a future I no longer want
Not without you
At least not right now
I said goodbye to yesterday
The day my heart was token away
When we see each other again
I will wait to the end
For that loving moment
To be again a one plus one
And not just alone
A shattered cup
Please together again
I said goodbye to yesterday
As the sun set
The clouds part
The night came dark
Searching for a bright light in the dim of the night
Walls closing in
The earth is pulled in
Ashes to dust
My tears to rust
The pain is here to stay

A queen of Egypt

I went to the eastTook a boat Traveled alone Saw time standing still All the sand  Ashes to dust  Clouds color of rust Stepping on land felt so soft A place in history  Never to be gone  No flowers only water Water filled with gold And buildings filled with souls I touch out and can't catch the dusty flakes Look like snow and feel like rain I love it here There is no pain  Egypt  Where I am queen No king is needed I wear my gems Wrapped in silk Soft as cotton  I own this land I will be taking yours A ruler needs to be strong Egypt is where I stand  Tall and brave

Running out

I am running out
And words cant seem to form in my mouth
Time is loose
And death is near
You say hit pause
But its impossible with out a game
Stay here or should I go
Gasping for air
Nothing seems to come in
It smells rotten and I don't care
So pull me in
And water enters my lungs
Time is loose
And death is near
Sticks and stones hold me down
Your words keep me there
Fear does not keep me afloat
Not bulletproof
Nothing to loose
Hide away and fly off
I am running out
Scream and shout
The pain is real
But my love I steal
Take a pill
Hide away and fly off
Time is loose
And death is near
But now HE is here

Lead you through the darkness

Take my hand
And come follow me
As I lead you through the darkness
The path is narrow
And the hall is tight
But the light is near
Take my hand
And let go of your fears
And come follow me
As I lead you from your nightmares
No longer shall you scare
The horrors are behind us for now
We are bright light bound
No nightlight bright enough for us
The big sun is a must
Horns and voodoo be gone
Take my hand
As I can see its dawn
And follow me into the morning
The night is over at least for now
Oh shall there be such a glory

Lets chat for the rest of our lives

Come on over here and let's sit down
Talk about us then and now  What I Gotta do wen ur not around Try and have fun in town Laughing it up at the clowns It's another talk that got us red But with this wine and cheese we well fed
I dont want lose our good times
And we wont as long your mine
We will leave out at nine
Hanging together, its all fine
Just don't lose my hand
And wont you just stay my man
I am no one to beg
Not at your leg
This is all clean
And worry free
Lets be young and dumb
For the rest of our lives

The feeling

I need to hold on to this I need this Can't you understand  Please here me out I need it Cause this is all I have This is all I got  It's what's giving me a breathe And I need it  So can you give me this The feeling  The feeling 


I can feel you calling me in the air tonightA soft whisper from your dead lips I see the moon and know your out tonight  A cold touch and I am yours for life I know you on the hunt for sure tonight  A rough grab and I am enclosed in your arms I can tell you want my soul tonight A glamour of the eyes and I obey I see the twinkle in your eyes and know there is no choice tonight A nice smile covers your dirty deed I can tell by the shovel we going in that grave tonight A mean laugh and you put me in the grave I know your gonna make me a vampire tonight tonight 

A thing of the ice

I took a pie to the faceOnly it didn't hurt to bad But it was filled explosives They were trying to kill me A creature of the ice

Followed a vampire

With a whisper all the hurt came rushing inAnd with a bite all the pain flowed in And with a touch my skin went cold And with a look my eyes went dead And then my heart stopped beating  And you took my hand leading me to darkness And you giving me such bloodless rebirth And I tried to hold back but you were so strong  And you pulled me into the muddy dirt And told me all your secrets And then I realized I was not me And you held me there til dark came again And promised eternal life and sunless nights And you gave me such a bloodless rebirth And let me suck your blood to get my strength  And my heart beat no more And I am now a vampire 

Love up in flames

I poured the gasoline on your heartWatched our love go up on flames My words could not put it out Your anger spread the flames Our passion for another is in the ashes I am ashamed that we fell so hard Dying of broken hearts and pain We are not fireproof to love Burning together sounds insane  But I would have it no other way I lit the fire to our demise Down in it we fall deeper It burns like no other Forest fires be afraid It can be seen for miles A unreal disaster  Caused I poured gasoline on our heart

A monster

If you loved meYou wouldn't had hurt me so bad You wouldn't had broke my heart You wouldn't had cheated on me You wouldn't hurt my feelings  You wouldn't destroy our love You cruel monster you You took me for granted You treated me unfairly You were so mean You had no shame You ripped our relationship apart You cruel monster you  Rot  Leave Suffer But remember that you are A cruel monster you

Dream me up Scotty

Come fly away with meTo the moon up above  We will dance around with the stars And take in the vast beauty of the shooting star Space and time holds us here Forever shall we stay Hold my hand and don't let go We Will use our love to stay afloat On this wild ride around the galaxy  Taking our time Staying close keeping me warm Being as silly as we can Giving the planets a laugh  It's our own magical place And we should stay as long as we can So close your eyes As tight as you can And dream up this land As fast as you can

Q and A with a wolf

Did you tell her?That you have seen me? A creature of the night. Did it scare you? Seeing me like that? I was shifting? Into what? You look like you freaking out? I am just a werewolve. You wanna be one? Or are you just saying that? Cause by day I am still human. So when do I change? Why was I doing it the other night? Cause it's cool. Who was I trying to stop? What was I after? A vampires head. Why you ask? What could he had done? Good question. So? What did he do? We are just nature born enemies.

Stacy mom find a vampire daughter

Did it hurt?The bite? On your neck Blood is coming out Do you need a bandage? Should I call a doctor? Your eyes look dead And your covered in dirt Where did you go last night? Who did you see? It was that man down the road The one that only comes out at night  Why are in the dark? Does the light burn? Your being silly  Come from over there Should I get a cross? Or maybe some garlic? No to early for that  I will get pancakes You want blood? Did you say human blood? I don't have that But father did catch a deer last night Will that do? Should I put it in a glass? Ok I will be back Stay in that dark corner

The moment in the chair

You sat there sleep in your blue recliner chair.
I watched in utter disgust.
You snore is not of human
And your breath smelled like crap as it filled the room
The TV was still on the football game
The cups are spilled all over the floor from your angry shouts
And here you are passed out
Mouth wide open with a Cheeto half in
Sweat pouring off of you and the air is on full blast
Your shoes are kicked off
Your feet smells as bad as your breath
I grab the knife off the side table
The one I brought in for you to use
Its clean
I carefully get up and tip toe over
I stand over you taking in all in
You are apart of my life
And this moment makes me regret meeting you
Regret saying hello back
I get in closer holding my breath
I hold the knife to your fat neck
And I breath
And I tremble
And I back away
And you wake up
And you smile
You ask to help clean up
And I agree
We alright

Percentage of an argument

Percentage of 100We greet each other It's pleasant  We smile Percentage of 89 We talk about our day Mention how you acted  How you were  Percentage of 76 You frown I get upset You say you sorry But really believe what you did was right You wished we never met today As we argued in public Percentage of 63 You get angry I get mean Bringing up dirty laundry Relating this to past issues Percentage 51 At the halfway mark We agree to disagree Forget you ever said Not that you ever meant it We make each other happy I think I might love you Percentage 42 I say I think And you say you don't  Didn't know we were that serious Your being a child Percentage 31 It's heated We talk words of hate It's the final straw My heart hurts You cry a little But it's for show  To make it easier  Percentage 19 That took some energy To fake some emotions I call you on your crap And you call me a spoiled brat  Saying that I need you But you don't want me Percentage 9 It's the final lines Where we try to salvage what we can  But w…


So you are married
To a really powerful dude
And he rules the land
Over the whole kingdom
And you must stand by him
By his side
At least for a while
You give him kids
You respect his decisions
You advise him when he ask
You keep the house together
As he attempts to do so with the kingdom
You raise a future king
You keep the people loyal
Dressed in the best fabric
Kept with the best hair styles
In the deepest secrets
Kept with the best social skills
Never missing a beat
You do it till his end
And then till his son end
And then you will retire
Hope your daughters will be happy
And hope it ends with you
It does
Til your daughter marry the king in the west
And then repeat


So you been chosen
To step up
In his honor
And rise above the rest
Cause your blood
You have a duty
To serve as the one
The one to rule
The one to lead
You have been chosen
A born follower to a postion
To a chair made of gold
To a fountain filled of death
To a throne filled with deciet
To a crown filled with secrecy
So go and be KING
For its only for a lifetime
Your kindness decides the length
Your marriage decides a  son
A son to take your place
Upon your death
At funeral
He will be chosen
A successor
And repeat

It was easy to fall

It was easy to fall
To grab my skinned knee
As blood gushed out
And my mom rush to me
I begin to cry
But mom offered me a sweet
Told me everything is alright
And she would bandage it right up
And I squeal in pain
To scared to look at it
But she points
And I refuse
Tell me its a small cut
But it feels like a sharp pain
But she reassures me
And I look away
Then she whispers for me to be brave
I am no coward
So I look down
The easy part was falling
The hard part was accepting
That maybe I overreacted
To a cut that's barely there
Did she make is go away
She smiles at me
A sigh of relief

Sometimes I forget

Sometimes I forget I am a grown womanAnd I raise my hand to be excused And I shy away from adults And I talk in my low voice And I don't eat my veggies And I ask to go potty And I don't tie my shoes And I let people correct me And I cry away my pain And I scared easily  And I get grossed out by boys And I refer to men as boys And I go outside to play  And I pray for a nap time And I still enjoy lunchables And I watch cartoons  And I consider cereal a meal But I am a grown woman And I live for me And I can do whatever I want


When the days get dark
and he sees what you got
they dim the lights
and you twirl about
don't you know you worth
but your happy anyway
all the liquor and pills takes the pain away
you hide away
but they see what they want
no one see you for real
that's what the fake name is for
you hold you head up high
and collect when you need
and then you go
this is your life
and its what its about
you just a girl
and kind of a woman to
you come again
and he is there waiting
your his favorite
make him feel real special
no one dreams over here
just cold reality
you cushion yourself
with hopes of a different future


Hugs and kisses
Deaths and wishes
Faith and lies
Dreams and truths
Love and stains
Hopes and sighs
Passion and mistakes
Grief and regrets
Secrecy and feelings
Time and items
Blood and places
Shame and bullets
Pain and cover ups
Denial and others
Hate and flowers
Romance and slaps

I hold

I hold my hands up
In defense of
The pain yet to come
Its cold out there
But ain't warm in here
I hold my breath
Counting to ten
Maybe it will go away
Maybe its just a dream
Trying to scream out
But no one hears
I am trapped inside
At my own demise
Knee deep in grief
I am lost right now
Cant fight the unseen
Cant stop the untouchable
Just cry out for relief
But its not letting up
I can predict the end
I can imagine my start
I don't remember my whole life
And yet it all ends
I hold my head away
But it finds me anyhow
No I can let go
Take pieces of my soul
I get to keep my heart
But it crumbles away
Maybe there is a cure
Just not for me
Not yet

I shall stay

Guided by a beating heart
I shall stay
On this path chosen by you
Saying I am to old to dream
To young for reality
Thinking I am to careless to hold my own
To strong to let go
Guided by beautiful soul
I shall stay
On this path chosen by you
Saying I am to tall to reach my goals
Saying the ceiling is not high enough
Caught up my lies
But telling to many truths
Guided by a smart brain
I shall stay
On this path chosen by you
Saying I am to understand
To smart to not get it
Thinking life will just past me by
Not realizing I am ready for the ride
Guided by my great love
I shall stay
On this path chosen by you

Friday night

It's Friday night and we trying to catch a flickFaking sick to get started Thursday night Calling out when it's so bright Then night here I come For some all time fun So quick we better run
We hitting the town and painting it red No cops can catch us cause we to fast We got hands up filled with bottles They know we to good tonight I wanna dance all night long  Feeling so happy  I wanna just hang out With my best girls tonight  It will feel so right 

The invasion of the snatchers

They don't knowI be forming in the night They don't know We here to take their souls and nothing else They don't know We can look like them and talk to They don't know We plan on taking Earth  They don't know You think you calling help but you really calling us They don't know We gonna invade y'all bodies They don't know We are the invasion snatchers  They don't know We stealing bodies fast They don't know  It's better than being human They don't know Aliens know what best for mankind They don't know


I am The cape crusader The towns hero Lois lane secret lover Evidence that earth is not alone in the universe The guy in the blue tights  The man with the S on his chest The American from Kansas  Journalist at the daily planet A dog Person The one that walks away like a man Your waiter at the bar Your neighbor and friend A son to two moms I am Superman

The crime

You take your time You do your crime  Of hurting my heart  You deserve twenty to life  No parole for you  I am the judge and the jury I am sending you away from me Maybe the hole That seems to nice for you You did the crime  Now do the time  I use my pain for your cuffs It should hold tight There's so much pain in me

Oh pretty please

You got my skin crawling My eyes bawling  Me falling You ungrateful darling Me calling Out to some one Who can hear me better Than you ever could Not that you would  Not that you should Making it crystal clear My dear Awakening my fears  Whenever you are near Bringing me so many tears  I find resolution in all kinds of beers Your not good for me  Now I really see Sipping on your backstabbing tea I want to be released please Oh pretty please

A lonely mans blues

I walk the lineI did my time  Keeping my lies  Breaking loving ties Hoping I don't die I do my best not to cry  I really do try But the pain got a hold on me  Not letting me free I am shackled in my shame Playing a very dirty game I walk the line  This pain is mine I did my time For my lonesome crime

The crazies- a poem

They left two days ago
You just missed them
They left with the others
Getting out before it got to bad
Before they quarantine us
Lock us away
Exterminate us
Before it spreads
It will be a government secret
Hidden better then the cure
The city will be rained down on
Caos will happen
And yet
They left two days ago
They can tell our secret
Our towns secret
About the infection
How it came
And never went
Spread faster than gossip
And was stronger than any truth ever told
Bolder than any lie
And last longer than

The storm

I count the raindrops as they hit my glass windowWatching how endless they seem Daylight struggles to come through the clouds As bowling ball runs through the sky The thunder breaks And the lighting strikes I jump a little and hide Only to sigh It's just a little storm

Most infectious

I played natures most infectious instrument todayI felt from the pit of my stomach to my mouth It caught me by surprise And yet made me so happy Laughter was it Laughter indeed And I held my stomach trying to stop it  Held it so tight I think I squeezed out more It took the pain away  It lightened the air It made us close again It filled a gap of angry with overwhelming joy It spread between you and me  Happily  I say it's the best The best instrument I ever played  Never out of tune Always on key Never missing a beat And easy to hall around Any one can play it and yet Everyone does The rich and poor The tall and short The old and young  I played natures most infectious instrument today It's one thing I won't retire from

The rainy storm

Today the rain fell on me
And I had no umbrella to shield me from my fears
They felt like sleet and hit like hail
Breaking me down as best as they can
Tearing away at me
The clouds got darker
And my outlook looked dimmer
No sun today
As happiness just fades and fades
Hoping for a break
Hoping for some sun
Hoping for it to all go away once and for all
No raincoat could fit
And boots would look silly
On me
Or at least I think so
Trying to be brave
And instead getting wet
The cold hits me so hard
Like a smack to the face
One that leaves a bruise
Cant dance in this
Dont want to sing a tune
Knee deep in this mud
Today the rain fell on me
And I had no umbrella to shield me from my fears
Cause you was no where near

So disgusting

Oh no did I get to closeOh no did I almost see Wats really on the inside All your guts All dirty bones Never made me blink once Really disgusting, really disgusting So disgusting I have alot of fear  I am really scared now I really hate your disgusting body Don't come like your are Do grab your torn limbs Know that you are scary I will take your bad teeth with the good  Walk through the valley of death you will Do it all cause your dead You mummy So disgusting   Really disgusting, really disgusting So disgusting I have alot of fear  I am really scared now I really hate your disgusting body So close your wraps  And wrap your dead body in it  So moan all night long And moan your way through the streets Just moan and be dead

This is how it started

It started with a coughAnd spread with a sneeze It was first in a rat Then went to a human It came with a bite And lasted in your touch A minor article on the Internet To later take front page on all newspapers It begin as a whisper And got louder and louder And stronger There was a vaccine But no cure Your friends died and then your family It was not a flu It was an infection  It travels on water Flys on planes Causes everyone to become  To become  To become  A zombie

A champion

You chose on this very nightThe war before you As you lace up in your battle gear  Fear creeps into the far counter of your mind Bravery is a remote feeling Calling for help is useless This is your time Yours  To prove your strength Put your fears to shame Let go of your cowardly feeling Hide no more Run no longer Hold your head high And face this war You may have lost the battle But you will not lose the war You are an army of one Against many But you have something they don't You hold it in your eyes You have  Faith And it's the key to your sheild Stand tall And enter that Areana For you will leave tonight A champion

Time and time again

I have seen the ocean Time and time again Sailing for days at a time Hoping you will still wanna be mine And all the seas and the oceans Can't replace what we have The clouds reveal your face And the water shows your heart I can smell you in the air You bring me oxygen when I am weak You make me tall when I fall You make me happy when I am sad You bring me up when I am down Your my start and my finish Your my ending destination  I see the fish and I feel sorry For they won't feel a human love like ours But maybe that's for the best Cause it would hurt alot less when I travel When I travel the waters  My heart aches til I am back with you  I have seen the ocean Time and time again No body of water is big enough  To ever replace  What we have 

Nothing never felt this right

Choose your last wordsThis is our last time On this fast ride Heading for a cliff  No brakes are slow enough for us Our love fuels the passion That fuels the gas For us to rather die Than live without each other They can't tear us apart They shouldn't try We gonna live and die together  This our marriage  And our funeral  And I would have it no other way In eternity we will be free In an infinity of time  We will have each other They can't catch us  Not now As we go over Deep into our love Nothing never felt this right

Like a sore

Your like a sore A red pimple The kind that shows your bone That needs stitches  The kind you pick at That you can hide even with makeup That has scales growing on it And leaves a black mark on your skin The kind you want to hide And would get surgery to try  The kind proactive cant fix Or a tattoo can distract from No matter how well done The kind you get teased for  And remembered for And nicknamed for In a bad way That's what you are There's not enough creams Or pills Or lotions To fix you And that's not a good thing When your like an ugly sore The kind that will always be on your skin

Waking up

She criesAnd we run to her With out hesitation There she lay So fussy So angry  And she wants to be held And we want to sooth her pain Ever so gently  In my arms she sits Ever so softly she sleeps In my arms she lay Cause we love her  And our love calms her cries And our love calms her  And she dreams  Of filled bottles and soft clouds  Resembling us Resembling me

Woke up next to.....

So you woke and saidGood morning to me And I looked at you In utter disgust Well yeah But not for the reason you think It's kind of silly But well you see Your an alien And I am human And this is awkward  So you should leave Go back to your planet  Or whatever No alien baby in me  That is just No So go Now Please And don't drip goo on my new floors And don't leave your scales on my walls And don't knock down the  Oh man You did it Well bye

Number 23

The street cleared A yellow tape was put up Four cops are now appearing  His body lays Frozen and stiff Blood is everywhere But there is only one bullet shell The street lights come on As the killer looks from the crowd His body is turned over And the wrong man was mistaken The family cries And he is taken away Now in his place is a teddy bear  Next to his picture with RIP on it The bus continues to run Kids continue to play In the spot where a dead father just laid  The blood is hosed away The killer still on the loose As he is listed as a number  On deaths this past year

The creature

I stuck a fork into the toasterAnd it nearly killed me I wanted to try it for fun But I knew it would hurt me And yet it didn't kill me I feel a little bit stronger Maybe cause I was made by electricity In a lab on the hill  Out in the cold is no place for me But here with the toaster is where I feel safe As Frankenstein creature I am safe here in this toaster  Away from your torches and pitch forks

The truth about a feud

I took my time Deciding on if this feud was worth it Between you and me Was it worth the pain and the hardship and the hurt Was it worth taking you back even though I could never look at you the same  Was it worth lying every time I said I loved you Was it worth dying inside every time you touched me I tried and think what it keeps me here After all you said in that small feud It still hurts  Your sorries mean nothing when the names you called me meant something You didn't mean for me to here it but you meant for it to be said So I am wondering  If the feud was worth it But without it I would never known how you really feel Do I disgust you that much? Well that sucks Cause no other human is gonna want you like I use to

Standing tall

I am a quiet heroI am an unspoken warrior  I am a surviving soul I am a gentle giant  I am a leading heart I am a loving solider I am a kind spirit  I am an everlasting love I am a rising Phoenix  I am a strong life force  I am human I am me  And I stand. Tall

Just try it

Have you ever stopped for a minute and just thought
About  all the people in the world All the stars in the nights sky All the plants in space All the fire in the sun All the heart beats  All the animals All the fallen heros All the rising talents All the struggling artist All the hurt souls All the broken hearts All the passion  All the love  All the hate
Did you ever stop to think  That The universe is bigger than you know
Did you stop to think About all the energy that gets used for all that
Just try it

Big dreams

We live in citiesHeads filled with big dreams  Floating on black clouds Dining on cheap wine  Celebrating a ten cent raise Knowing we only have  Is each others hand

I am....

Don't tell anyoneIt's a secret  Can you keep quiet I sure hope you can My life depends on it So don't tell them What I just said I am on trusting you With my secret  That reveals my past  Shields my future  As you hold the key  To the my now So please  Don't tell anyone That I am I am

This side of paradise

This kind of quietOnly happens once  On this side of paradise Where it's not to sunny And it's not to dark And the birds hum sweetly While the water flows gently And time stands still  Only for a moment  On this side of paradise

Are you a Zombie

Hello mistaPlease to meet ya I am not good with hellos Or goodbyes You look friendly  And seem nice But ur eyes are dead And I don't hear a heartbeat Hello mista Are you a zombie You don't respond You just groan One of your arms are missing There's a worm coming out Of your eye socket Your clothes are torn  And your drooling  Oh mista Please don't kill me Noooooooo

Lets go for a ride

HeyCome on now Lets go for a ride today We on the bay And it's nice weather We will go riding With the top down Only me and you Me and you I want to take you for a ride In my brand new car I  am so excited  For us today No more bus rides Or long walks in the rain So come baby Get in the car  I got this  Only for me and you  Me and you Throw your hands in the air As we ride the road  Breeze on our face Wind in my hair Smile at me Let me know this makes you happy The sun on our faces No cloud in the sky And it's a perfect day Only for me and you  Me and you