Under the stars

I took a moment under the stars
To wish upon a love I have never had
To hope for something to come
For that special one to come task my hand
And hold me close like I know he can
I took a moment under the stars
To dream of a love I wish I had
To hope it would be everything for me
For that special guy to see me as I am
And be the human that I know he can
So I wished upon a shooting star
Took a wishbone and got the small end
Through my pennies down an empty well
Pick the petals til the end
Took all the eyelashes that I could
Dreamed about it as hard I should
Then I realized you already came and gone 
I to busy looking when I had you 
If I could go back
I go get you and never let you go
So I took a moment under the stars 
To wish you well
and try not to dwell 
On my lost and never found love

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