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This is how it started

It started with a coughAnd spread with a sneeze It was first in a rat Then went to a human It came with a bite And lasted in your touch A minor article on the Internet To later take front page on all newspapers It begin as a whisper And got louder and louder And stronger There was a vaccine But no cure Your friends died and then your family It was not a flu It was an infection  It travels on water Flys on planes Causes everyone to become  To become  To become  A zombie

A champion

You chose on this very nightThe war before you As you lace up in your battle gear  Fear creeps into the far counter of your mind Bravery is a remote feeling Calling for help is useless This is your time Yours  To prove your strength Put your fears to shame Let go of your cowardly feeling Hide no more Run no longer Hold your head high And face this war You may have lost the battle But you will not lose the war You are an army of one Against many But you have something they don't You hold it in your eyes You have  Faith And it's the key to your sheild Stand tall And enter that Areana For you will leave tonight A champion

Time and time again

I have seen the ocean Time and time again Sailing for days at a time Hoping you will still wanna be mine And all the seas and the oceans Can't replace what we have The clouds reveal your face And the water shows your heart I can smell you in the air You bring me oxygen when I am weak You make me tall when I fall You make me happy when I am sad You bring me up when I am down Your my start and my finish Your my ending destination  I see the fish and I feel sorry For they won't feel a human love like ours But maybe that's for the best Cause it would hurt alot less when I travel When I travel the waters  My heart aches til I am back with you  I have seen the ocean Time and time again No body of water is big enough  To ever replace  What we have 

Nothing never felt this right

Choose your last wordsThis is our last time On this fast ride Heading for a cliff  No brakes are slow enough for us Our love fuels the passion That fuels the gas For us to rather die Than live without each other They can't tear us apart They shouldn't try We gonna live and die together  This our marriage  And our funeral  And I would have it no other way In eternity we will be free In an infinity of time  We will have each other They can't catch us  Not now As we go over Deep into our love Nothing never felt this right

Like a sore

Your like a sore A red pimple The kind that shows your bone That needs stitches  The kind you pick at That you can hide even with makeup That has scales growing on it And leaves a black mark on your skin The kind you want to hide And would get surgery to try  The kind proactive cant fix Or a tattoo can distract from No matter how well done The kind you get teased for  And remembered for And nicknamed for In a bad way That's what you are There's not enough creams Or pills Or lotions To fix you And that's not a good thing When your like an ugly sore The kind that will always be on your skin

Waking up

She criesAnd we run to her With out hesitation There she lay So fussy So angry  And she wants to be held And we want to sooth her pain Ever so gently  In my arms she sits Ever so softly she sleeps In my arms she lay Cause we love her  And our love calms her cries And our love calms her  And she dreams  Of filled bottles and soft clouds  Resembling us Resembling me

Woke up next to.....

So you woke and saidGood morning to me And I looked at you In utter disgust Well yeah But not for the reason you think It's kind of silly But well you see Your an alien And I am human And this is awkward  So you should leave Go back to your planet  Or whatever No alien baby in me  That is just No So go Now Please And don't drip goo on my new floors And don't leave your scales on my walls And don't knock down the  Oh man You did it Well bye

Number 23

The street cleared A yellow tape was put up Four cops are now appearing  His body lays Frozen and stiff Blood is everywhere But there is only one bullet shell The street lights come on As the killer looks from the crowd His body is turned over And the wrong man was mistaken The family cries And he is taken away Now in his place is a teddy bear  Next to his picture with RIP on it The bus continues to run Kids continue to play In the spot where a dead father just laid  The blood is hosed away The killer still on the loose As he is listed as a number  On deaths this past year

The creature

I stuck a fork into the toasterAnd it nearly killed me I wanted to try it for fun But I knew it would hurt me And yet it didn't kill me I feel a little bit stronger Maybe cause I was made by electricity In a lab on the hill  Out in the cold is no place for me But here with the toaster is where I feel safe As Frankenstein creature I am safe here in this toaster  Away from your torches and pitch forks

The truth about a feud

I took my time Deciding on if this feud was worth it Between you and me Was it worth the pain and the hardship and the hurt Was it worth taking you back even though I could never look at you the same  Was it worth lying every time I said I loved you Was it worth dying inside every time you touched me I tried and think what it keeps me here After all you said in that small feud It still hurts  Your sorries mean nothing when the names you called me meant something You didn't mean for me to here it but you meant for it to be said So I am wondering  If the feud was worth it But without it I would never known how you really feel Do I disgust you that much? Well that sucks Cause no other human is gonna want you like I use to

Standing tall

I am a quiet heroI am an unspoken warrior  I am a surviving soul I am a gentle giant  I am a leading heart I am a loving solider I am a kind spirit  I am an everlasting love I am a rising Phoenix  I am a strong life force  I am human I am me  And I stand. Tall

Just try it

Have you ever stopped for a minute and just thought
About  all the people in the world All the stars in the nights sky All the plants in space All the fire in the sun All the heart beats  All the animals All the fallen heros All the rising talents All the struggling artist All the hurt souls All the broken hearts All the passion  All the love  All the hate
Did you ever stop to think  That The universe is bigger than you know
Did you stop to think About all the energy that gets used for all that
Just try it