Time and time again

I have seen the ocean 
Time and time again
Sailing for days at a time
Hoping you will still wanna be mine
And all the seas and the oceans
Can't replace what we have
The clouds reveal your face
And the water shows your heart
I can smell you in the air
You bring me oxygen when I am weak
You make me tall when I fall
You make me happy when I am sad
You bring me up when I am down
Your my start and my finish
Your my ending destination 
I see the fish and I feel sorry
For they won't feel a human love like ours
But maybe that's for the best
Cause it would hurt alot less when I travel
When I travel the waters 
My heart aches til I am back with you 
I have seen the ocean
Time and time again
No body of water is big enough 
To ever replace 
What we have 

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