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The new queen

Its 2am in the morning The conversation gets heated You said I should start leaving But I just stay You said your going to bed soon So you leave in the living room And turn off of the lights And I just sat there Till I hear someone on the stairs I know its not you So I ignore to But then they bust through the door And I jump in terror Only seeing flashing lights And you come running out Fighting with all your might But they are too strong Away I go They take me up the stair To the rooftop of our place And then I see it The big spaceship I am going to be in I hear shouting behind me But they are taking me To another planet Looking for a new queen It was 2am in the morning The conversation got boring Said you going to bed soon So I snuck out of the castle And tried to run away Only to look up And not see the moon I just saw earth So I just stood there Till I heard you behind me And you came so closely Telling me my human life is behind me

Take this walk

Do I take this walk? To talk about the times When all we did was go and dance and dine Talk about the finer things in life we could have And you tell me to understand the money will come Living off of hopes and dreams of what could be Telling me to imagine the big house As we looked up at the sky and dreamed Do I take this walk? To talk about the times When all we did was ride in the finest cars We dress up and go to the finest bars When we had a clue of just how to be young And you would say how happy you are just to be Thinking past tomorrow was not an option for me To busy I suppose trying to figure out how today would go As you twirled me around the dance floor Do I take this walk? To talk about the times When all we were laugh smile Betting on things with half a mind Rolling in the money we were wasting on lies And you would whisper to me how you loved me Living in our nest of love and money Telling me to stay with you cause its gonna get real good soon As you walked with me under the star filled sky

We own the night

We break the rules We break the law We stand tall We own it all We stay up all night Fight before flight Bouncing back so quickly But I get so scared So terrified That in our reckless fun We wont make it far Time to think Before we act Look at the wanted posters When did that get cool? We are all over them Everywhere I can’t keep running I am getting to scared You stay strong Tell me its gonna be over Not to soon More money to make I power through As we run and hide Only to decide I want to do what’s right We change our names Take the next flight Leaving this town Leaving for good The next place We will be so normal Keep in mind All that crime is behind

Don't tell me

Say what you need to say Tell me what you need to do Feel how you want to feel I wont tell you what to do I want to hear you out That’s the best thing here Only that I fear It’s near


I need some time to think To let it all sink in You finally committed And it feels so different Between us now We were always friends Said till the very end But one day changed that Now we are so much more Tell me that you love me And smile as you do I got the key to your heart now We were childhood friends Always hanging out Playing hide and seek Chilling at the burger spot Getting jobs together But one moment changed that It was right after a fight I was telling you I love you And you wanted me to prove it So I asked you out Why can’t we had seen Sooner in our life So much time wasted What fools we were But it changed for good There is no going back It would be too weird And you have my heart