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Big dreams

We live in citiesHeads filled with big dreams  Floating on black clouds Dining on cheap wine  Celebrating a ten cent raise Knowing we only have  Is each others hand

I am....

Don't tell anyoneIt's a secret  Can you keep quiet I sure hope you can My life depends on it So don't tell them What I just said I am on trusting you With my secret  That reveals my past  Shields my future  As you hold the key  To the my now So please  Don't tell anyone That I am I am

This side of paradise

This kind of quietOnly happens once  On this side of paradise Where it's not to sunny And it's not to dark And the birds hum sweetly While the water flows gently And time stands still  Only for a moment  On this side of paradise

Are you a Zombie

Hello mistaPlease to meet ya I am not good with hellos Or goodbyes You look friendly  And seem nice But ur eyes are dead And I don't hear a heartbeat Hello mista Are you a zombie You don't respond You just groan One of your arms are missing There's a worm coming out Of your eye socket Your clothes are torn  And your drooling  Oh mista Please don't kill me Noooooooo

Lets go for a ride

HeyCome on now Lets go for a ride today We on the bay And it's nice weather We will go riding With the top down Only me and you Me and you I want to take you for a ride In my brand new car I  am so excited  For us today No more bus rides Or long walks in the rain So come baby Get in the car  I got this  Only for me and you  Me and you Throw your hands in the air As we ride the road  Breeze on our face Wind in my hair Smile at me Let me know this makes you happy The sun on our faces No cloud in the sky And it's a perfect day Only for me and you  Me and you