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Q and A with a wolf

Did you tell her?That you have seen me? A creature of the night. Did it scare you? Seeing me like that? I was shifting? Into what? You look like you freaking out? I am just a werewolve. You wanna be one? Or are you just saying that? Cause by day I am still human. So when do I change? Why was I doing it the other night? Cause it's cool. Who was I trying to stop? What was I after? A vampires head. Why you ask? What could he had done? Good question. So? What did he do? We are just nature born enemies.

Stacy mom find a vampire daughter

Did it hurt?The bite? On your neck Blood is coming out Do you need a bandage? Should I call a doctor? Your eyes look dead And your covered in dirt Where did you go last night? Who did you see? It was that man down the road The one that only comes out at night  Why are in the dark? Does the light burn? Your being silly  Come from over there Should I get a cross? Or maybe some garlic? No to early for that  I will get pancakes You want blood? Did you say human blood? I don't have that But father did catch a deer last night Will that do? Should I put it in a glass? Ok I will be back Stay in that dark corner

The moment in the chair

You sat there sleep in your blue recliner chair.
I watched in utter disgust.
You snore is not of human
And your breath smelled like crap as it filled the room
The TV was still on the football game
The cups are spilled all over the floor from your angry shouts
And here you are passed out
Mouth wide open with a Cheeto half in
Sweat pouring off of you and the air is on full blast
Your shoes are kicked off
Your feet smells as bad as your breath
I grab the knife off the side table
The one I brought in for you to use
Its clean
I carefully get up and tip toe over
I stand over you taking in all in
You are apart of my life
And this moment makes me regret meeting you
Regret saying hello back
I get in closer holding my breath
I hold the knife to your fat neck
And I breath
And I tremble
And I back away
And you wake up
And you smile
You ask to help clean up
And I agree
We alright

Percentage of an argument

Percentage of 100We greet each other It's pleasant  We smile Percentage of 89 We talk about our day Mention how you acted  How you were  Percentage of 76 You frown I get upset You say you sorry But really believe what you did was right You wished we never met today As we argued in public Percentage of 63 You get angry I get mean Bringing up dirty laundry Relating this to past issues Percentage 51 At the halfway mark We agree to disagree Forget you ever said Not that you ever meant it We make each other happy I think I might love you Percentage 42 I say I think And you say you don't  Didn't know we were that serious Your being a child Percentage 31 It's heated We talk words of hate It's the final straw My heart hurts You cry a little But it's for show  To make it easier  Percentage 19 That took some energy To fake some emotions I call you on your crap And you call me a spoiled brat  Saying that I need you But you don't want me Percentage 9 It's the final lines Where we try to salvage what we can  But w…


So you are married
To a really powerful dude
And he rules the land
Over the whole kingdom
And you must stand by him
By his side
At least for a while
You give him kids
You respect his decisions
You advise him when he ask
You keep the house together
As he attempts to do so with the kingdom
You raise a future king
You keep the people loyal
Dressed in the best fabric
Kept with the best hair styles
In the deepest secrets
Kept with the best social skills
Never missing a beat
You do it till his end
And then till his son end
And then you will retire
Hope your daughters will be happy
And hope it ends with you
It does
Til your daughter marry the king in the west
And then repeat


So you been chosen
To step up
In his honor
And rise above the rest
Cause your blood
You have a duty
To serve as the one
The one to rule
The one to lead
You have been chosen
A born follower to a postion
To a chair made of gold
To a fountain filled of death
To a throne filled with deciet
To a crown filled with secrecy
So go and be KING
For its only for a lifetime
Your kindness decides the length
Your marriage decides a  son
A son to take your place
Upon your death
At funeral
He will be chosen
A successor
And repeat

It was easy to fall

It was easy to fall
To grab my skinned knee
As blood gushed out
And my mom rush to me
I begin to cry
But mom offered me a sweet
Told me everything is alright
And she would bandage it right up
And I squeal in pain
To scared to look at it
But she points
And I refuse
Tell me its a small cut
But it feels like a sharp pain
But she reassures me
And I look away
Then she whispers for me to be brave
I am no coward
So I look down
The easy part was falling
The hard part was accepting
That maybe I overreacted
To a cut that's barely there
Did she make is go away
She smiles at me
A sigh of relief

Sometimes I forget

Sometimes I forget I am a grown womanAnd I raise my hand to be excused And I shy away from adults And I talk in my low voice And I don't eat my veggies And I ask to go potty And I don't tie my shoes And I let people correct me And I cry away my pain And I scared easily  And I get grossed out by boys And I refer to men as boys And I go outside to play  And I pray for a nap time And I still enjoy lunchables And I watch cartoons  And I consider cereal a meal But I am a grown woman And I live for me And I can do whatever I want


When the days get dark
and he sees what you got
they dim the lights
and you twirl about
don't you know you worth
but your happy anyway
all the liquor and pills takes the pain away
you hide away
but they see what they want
no one see you for real
that's what the fake name is for
you hold you head up high
and collect when you need
and then you go
this is your life
and its what its about
you just a girl
and kind of a woman to
you come again
and he is there waiting
your his favorite
make him feel real special
no one dreams over here
just cold reality
you cushion yourself
with hopes of a different future


Hugs and kisses
Deaths and wishes
Faith and lies
Dreams and truths
Love and stains
Hopes and sighs
Passion and mistakes
Grief and regrets
Secrecy and feelings
Time and items
Blood and places
Shame and bullets
Pain and cover ups
Denial and others
Hate and flowers
Romance and slaps

I hold

I hold my hands up
In defense of
The pain yet to come
Its cold out there
But ain't warm in here
I hold my breath
Counting to ten
Maybe it will go away
Maybe its just a dream
Trying to scream out
But no one hears
I am trapped inside
At my own demise
Knee deep in grief
I am lost right now
Cant fight the unseen
Cant stop the untouchable
Just cry out for relief
But its not letting up
I can predict the end
I can imagine my start
I don't remember my whole life
And yet it all ends
I hold my head away
But it finds me anyhow
No I can let go
Take pieces of my soul
I get to keep my heart
But it crumbles away
Maybe there is a cure
Just not for me
Not yet

I shall stay

Guided by a beating heart
I shall stay
On this path chosen by you
Saying I am to old to dream
To young for reality
Thinking I am to careless to hold my own
To strong to let go
Guided by beautiful soul
I shall stay
On this path chosen by you
Saying I am to tall to reach my goals
Saying the ceiling is not high enough
Caught up my lies
But telling to many truths
Guided by a smart brain
I shall stay
On this path chosen by you
Saying I am to understand
To smart to not get it
Thinking life will just past me by
Not realizing I am ready for the ride
Guided by my great love
I shall stay
On this path chosen by you

Friday night

It's Friday night and we trying to catch a flickFaking sick to get started Thursday night Calling out when it's so bright Then night here I come For some all time fun So quick we better run
We hitting the town and painting it red No cops can catch us cause we to fast We got hands up filled with bottles They know we to good tonight I wanna dance all night long  Feeling so happy  I wanna just hang out With my best girls tonight  It will feel so right 

The invasion of the snatchers

They don't knowI be forming in the night They don't know We here to take their souls and nothing else They don't know We can look like them and talk to They don't know We plan on taking Earth  They don't know You think you calling help but you really calling us They don't know We gonna invade y'all bodies They don't know We are the invasion snatchers  They don't know We stealing bodies fast They don't know  It's better than being human They don't know Aliens know what best for mankind They don't know


I am The cape crusader The towns hero Lois lane secret lover Evidence that earth is not alone in the universe The guy in the blue tights  The man with the S on his chest The American from Kansas  Journalist at the daily planet A dog Person The one that walks away like a man Your waiter at the bar Your neighbor and friend A son to two moms I am Superman

The crime

You take your time You do your crime  Of hurting my heart  You deserve twenty to life  No parole for you  I am the judge and the jury I am sending you away from me Maybe the hole That seems to nice for you You did the crime  Now do the time  I use my pain for your cuffs It should hold tight There's so much pain in me

Oh pretty please

You got my skin crawling My eyes bawling  Me falling You ungrateful darling Me calling Out to some one Who can hear me better Than you ever could Not that you would  Not that you should Making it crystal clear My dear Awakening my fears  Whenever you are near Bringing me so many tears  I find resolution in all kinds of beers Your not good for me  Now I really see Sipping on your backstabbing tea I want to be released please Oh pretty please

A lonely mans blues

I walk the lineI did my time  Keeping my lies  Breaking loving ties Hoping I don't die I do my best not to cry  I really do try But the pain got a hold on me  Not letting me free I am shackled in my shame Playing a very dirty game I walk the line  This pain is mine I did my time For my lonesome crime

The crazies- a poem

They left two days ago
You just missed them
They left with the others
Getting out before it got to bad
Before they quarantine us
Lock us away
Exterminate us
Before it spreads
It will be a government secret
Hidden better then the cure
The city will be rained down on
Caos will happen
And yet
They left two days ago
They can tell our secret
Our towns secret
About the infection
How it came
And never went
Spread faster than gossip
And was stronger than any truth ever told
Bolder than any lie
And last longer than

The storm

I count the raindrops as they hit my glass windowWatching how endless they seem Daylight struggles to come through the clouds As bowling ball runs through the sky The thunder breaks And the lighting strikes I jump a little and hide Only to sigh It's just a little storm

Most infectious

I played natures most infectious instrument todayI felt from the pit of my stomach to my mouth It caught me by surprise And yet made me so happy Laughter was it Laughter indeed And I held my stomach trying to stop it  Held it so tight I think I squeezed out more It took the pain away  It lightened the air It made us close again It filled a gap of angry with overwhelming joy It spread between you and me  Happily  I say it's the best The best instrument I ever played  Never out of tune Always on key Never missing a beat And easy to hall around Any one can play it and yet Everyone does The rich and poor The tall and short The old and young  I played natures most infectious instrument today It's one thing I won't retire from