The moment in the chair

You sat there sleep in your blue recliner chair.
I watched in utter disgust.
You snore is not of human
And your breath smelled like crap as it filled the room
The TV was still on the football game
The cups are spilled all over the floor from your angry shouts
And here you are passed out
Mouth wide open with a Cheeto half in
Sweat pouring off of you and the air is on full blast
Your shoes are kicked off
Your feet smells as bad as your breath
I grab the knife off the side table
The one I brought in for you to use
Its clean
I carefully get up and tip toe over
I stand over you taking in all in
You are apart of my life
And this moment makes me regret meeting you
Regret saying hello back
I get in closer holding my breath
I hold the knife to your fat neck
And I breath
And I tremble
And I back away
And you wake up
And you smile
You ask to help clean up
And I agree
We alright

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