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Cooly different

I wanted things to be
And yet it was
For a
good while
a couple of days
too many hours
but not a lifetime
What have
I done
I said
I told
I lied about
To get me to this
dark corner
small space
unrelenting repetitive response
I just wanted things
Was there anything
In that?

Sunday Afternoon

On a Monday I am happy for the new week that allies ahead
On a Tuesday, I am sleepy for the wasteland of a monday
and on Wednesday I can't breath
On a Thursday, I am active
On a Friday, I am relived
For Saturday is finally here
But on Sunday, I can't stand the day with out my need

On a Monday, I am excited to see the new week has for me
On a Tuesday, I am sadden for Monday was not as planned
And on Wednesday, I can't sleep
On a Thursday, I am angry
On a Friday, I am defeated
For  Saturday gives me hope
But on Sunday, I can't stand the day without my need

I just repeat
week after week
holding out for a feeling I can't find
I wish upon that star
And break that wishing bone
But on Sunday, nothing comes
On sunday no knock at the door
Not at all

Sailing to you

I decided to sail across the ocean at noonThe wind was pushing me as fast as it could But it didn't feel fast enough As the clouds part and the sun began to set The moon came at the darkest hour Making me feel slower in my power To get across this ocean to you

Dream of falling

Sometimes I think it would be easier to fall down a wellIf you would push me I would never tell I think the pain might be easier Than the forces in my life I can control how I percieve it  Just toss me on down the well It won't be to loud Probably quieter than traffic  And I will feel lighter than a feather floating to the bottom It will quicker than the work day Just promise not to bring me back up Let me slip to the empty filled bottom As I hit the hard ground  I take it in better than rejection  Then I wake up in my bed Thinking of doing it again But it's just a dream Releasing me out of my death If only til I sleep again  It might lazier than Just going to work and making means end Hold my head down low And let out a big sigh I can't wake up from life But I can go to sleep on it Tuck me back in  And wake me up  When life's responsibilities Are at an end