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No worries

Tom was having a really rough day and had it had no worries. See in the morning, there was to roaches sleeping on his toothbrush so he had to use his finger which he bit by mistake and mixed in his blood with toothpaste. His girlfriend was disgusted and broke up with him and took the dog he loved ever so much. He was sad but he got dressed, and his shirt ripped. It was the only clean one he had because wash day was on Sunday and it was a Friday. He was sad but he went in his kitchen to get his favorite cereal, coco puffs but his well, ex-girlfriend had took it with her. He was hurt and so his figured he would eat a pop tart but she took those to. He just went to the door but she took his work shoes to so he had to work flip flops to work for his office job. But his car broke down and his bike had a flat, so he had to walk 30 miles to walk which got him there two hours later. He was fired on the spot. So he went to a diner hoping to drown his sorrows in pie but they were all out. In fa…

We Eat Meat

So Good: A short script

Kick push pull and coast

Kick all your troubles away
Push all the madness from your life
Pull all the love into your heart
Coast through all the happiness life brings you

Monday mornings

It was Monday Morning again. Fresh off a work free weekend, Steve had to got back to work. He hated Mondays because he knew that meant back to work the nine to five office job he had. Why did Mondays have to exist ? Why? He wanted Mondays to never come. So he decided to come up with a plan. He would create a machine that would eliminate Mondays of the calendars for good. He worked day and night for two weeks before he came up with it. He then went to the worlds calendar center which was two blocks from his home and placed it inside the center of the building and pressed start.  He woke up one week later on a Tuesday. He got up and looked at his calendar and there was no Monday. He couldn't believe it. He went to work Nd ask everyone what they knew about Mondays and they all said, "we don't have Mondays anymore ." He smiled. His plan worked.  All though there were less people at work. Jim, Bob, Susan, Kate, Phil, and so on. He thought asked had anyone seen them and they …

Stuff your sorries in a sack

Stuff your sorries in a sack cause they are no longer welcomed here. For you say them to much and act to less. You keep apologizing again and again, saying a lot but I hear nothing which is a problem you should fear. Stuff your sorries in a sack mister cause your gonna need something to hold them. They are no good here. You think you can do anything if its followed by an apology but that is something I can no longer stand for. Stuff your s o r r y apologies in a sack. And take them with you when you leave. I can't have a new suffering from the baggage of an old.  You say sorry but then you do it again. Did you not learn from your mistakes, well I have and your sorries are to many.  Stuff your sorries in a sack cause you will need them in your new place.  Your sorries feel like a brick to the face, never soft and always leave bruises. But don't feel bad they heal with no thanks to you. Cause like a brick your to much weight that I need to get rid of.  Stuff your apologies, you hear …

So I will leave

"So I will leave!" he said aggressively. Then he slammed the door shut. The alien man than preceded to walk down the spaceship ramp until his two feet were touching the Earths cool September day. The spaceship then immediacy flew off before he could take a deep breath of the new air. See earlier he had got into an argument with his alien wife about who left the elephant brains out all night. It was like their peanut butter. It was him but he swore up and down it was her.  So he told her he would leave if she didn't admit the truth so she dropped him off on planet Earth.  He begined to walk towards the street and he almost got hit by a car as a car braked in front  of him and honked. He nearly jumped out his skin. He had never seen such a thing let alone heard such a sound. So many cars. In space it was clear, not as much traffic unless you got suck behind a spaceship being driven by an old lady alien.  He continued to walk in his human suit. He looked like a middle age bla…

Thanks for calling

He dialed 2249697 on his cellphone. He was eager to call back the number he had gotten from the girl who worked at Starbucks. It had took him so much courage to do so and she took such a short time to answer back with a simple "yes, here's my number."
He was so excited he giggled as he walked away from her, praying she didn't hear him.  She didn't. He had called and hung up about six times trying to figure out the right thing to say. Where would they eat and what time? These were the questions he knew he had to have the answer to.  He figured Pacos Tacos would be a great place and around seven cause she gets off at five so that would give her enough time to get ready. So he finally called for the seventh time and before he could hang up, a girl picked up the phone saying, "hello, thanks for calling cause here at rays you stab them, we bag them. How may we help you today?" He didn't respond for a moment for he was confused. Did he call the wrong numb…


She looked down at the carpet and whispered in a soft voice "stay, please."He had his back turned to her with his hand on the doorknob. He closed it back and asked "why?" With his back still toward her afraid of what the response might be. He wasn't sure if she had loved him or not and that scared him. She was still looking down, unsure what to say. She had loved him but now she wasn't sure since they had spent time apart. Was she saying it cause she had to or cause she wanted to. That worried her.  They stood in silence for a while. Not an awkward one because they knew what this silence meant. It meant things had changed and she had fell out of love with him and he didn't want to face that.  He had given his heart to her and yet he had wanted her so badly to do the same.  At one point she did but then they went on a break and things changed that summer they spent from each other when she went to California and he stayed at home in Maryland. She had experien…

The attack of the giant caterpillar

One day Sally was sitting in her room playing with her new science kit. It was only 19.95, something she ordered from the back of a comic book. Her mom had got it for her for her 11th birthday.
It came with goggles, flasks, telescope, chemicals, among other things that science people like to work with.
So she saw on the box, there was a chemical that could make things bigger and so she tried it out. She increase her pillow size with one drop. With two drops her show was the size of a sofa. With three drops, her brush was the size of the tub. She ggiled at the results.
Her mom shouted to her, "Bedtime!" So she went to sleep. She dreamed of all the amazing things that she could do with.
When she left out the next morning, and locked her bedroom door, leaving the chemical in the open window.
Around noon, a Caterpillar was going along the window, and the wind blew and spilled the whole bottle on the caterpillar. So of course the caterpillar grew as long as a football field, and …

From the moon to the sea

From the moon to the sea
All life is included
All time is used
All space is covered

From the moon to the sea
Everyone will be
Everyone will breathe at
Everyone will see

From the moon to the sea
Protected are we
Protected as can be
Protected by He

From the moon to the sea
Is where we all stand tall
Is where we all love each other
Is where we all in weak moments, we fall

From the moon to the sea
And all in between survive together

From the moon to the sea
Where we will always be
Together Forever
From dawn to dusk

Beautifully ruined

Your so beautifully ruined with your hair not all one shade, with your glasses when you read, with your big collection of plaid button down shirts
Your so beautifully ruined with your shade of gray eyes, with your trade school training, with your big collection of cassette tapes
Your so beautifully ruined with your stubble, with your two pairs of shoes, with your love handles
And yet your one of a kind. And yet your just in time.
Ever so beautifully ruined

TIll the bitter end

We are friends till the bitter end
Only we are enemies for now

We are lovers till the bitter end
Only we hate each other for now

We are students till the bitter end
Only we want to teach for now

We are leaders till the bitter end
Only we want to follow for now

Till the bitter end we stand
Only for now we fall

These moments are for now
The dreams are till the bitter end

Hold on for now
Stay till the bitter end
Survive with me till the bitter end
For the bitter end makes us stronger

Till the bitter end we stay
But we leave for now

That black critter

There in the corner of the attic sat a critter never before seen by man. Only one woman. She fed it oatmeal everyday with extra butter and sugar. She read it bedtime stories every night and loved it ever so much. She made sure no light shined on him for he screamed a pigs squeal when light shined on him. He was allergic to the light.
She can across this critter one night in the forest. She saw big gray eyes in the fog and instantly loved the critter. You probably wonder why she was in the forest, she was picking apple gapes for her husband. There were a fruity blend of grapes and apples that were ripest at midnight when she picked them.  She took it home that night and placed it in the attic. So it wouldn't scare any body that came over. It stayed in that Attic for three years until one night on its birthday, it was turning 21 it came out of the corner and came up to her in the middle of the night. It scared her. She was startled but worried that her husband might see it for he di…

Come see the stars

Rosa and Emerson were best friends since like birth. They did everthing together. They went to college and studied space together. So in their studies of space, they tried to figure out a way to get their easier then a space shuttle. They tried everything but nothing worked. then one day they were at the planetarium and the janitor walked up to them in a black jumpsuit with a name tag that said, Jim and said to them, "I can get you to the stars." Rosa was really excited and asked, "With a spaceship." and he said, "No, we gotta get there quicker than that."
She smiled and was all ready to go but Emerson was hesitant and thought it was a bad idea. The janitor starts to walk off and Rosa noticing her opportunity is going with him starts to catch up with him while giving Emerson puppy eyes. Emerson being a sappy dude gave in and caught up with them. they got to the break room and the janitor closed the door and locked it. Emerson said, "So how does this …

The World

The world has become a dark dark place and it shouldn't be and does not need to be. Do what you can to reveal the light in the world.

How to Save a Life

Count to ten and breath. Think positive thoughts and it will soon be over right? The girl thought to herself as she heard them downstairs going through her house. Why is this happening to me? She thought. Hopefully they would not hear her under the bed. She was scared, and hurt that this was happening to her. She was being robbed. It was just things, material items, that she could replace. Her life couldn't be replaced and yet her books could. they would just take the material things and leave right? Was she being cowardly staying there. She should just go down there and threaten them, but what if they had guns. 18 minutes went pass and then she heard silence. A long silence, an eerie silence, as if they stopped but hadn't left. then 18 seconds went past, and she heard one say, "Lets go and grab the flat screen." She was happy, they were leaving and taking the tv she never wanted anyway, it was a gift from an ex-boyfriend who cheated on her. she heard the footsteps a…

18 days

Light and airy were the raindrops as they came down on that cloudy day in August. The air was hot but that did not stop the rain from coming down hard. The day started off with a drizzle but by noon it had started to pour. All the fans were on in the house as well as all the windows. There were only two fans, one in the living room and one in the bedroom. There were only four windows. The one bedroom apartment was above the boat rental shop on the docks. Henderson had came across it five months earlier after he lost his home to foreclosure from the bank. The economy was hard for him to. The payments had came harder and harder to come by and one day he come home to a padlock on his door. it didnt sadden him, he just laguhed and looked for a new place. His wife had walked out on him with the pool boy, saying in this new economy his job was more reliable than his business job. That had sadden him, he just cried and did the best he could to move on. Life was hard for him, he had a new job…