She looked down at the carpet and whispered in a soft voice "stay, please."
He had his back turned to her with his hand on the doorknob. He closed it back and asked "why?" With his back still toward her afraid of what the response might be. He wasn't sure if she had loved him or not and that scared him.
She was still looking down, unsure what to say. She had loved him but now she wasn't sure since they had spent time apart. Was she saying it cause she had to or cause she wanted to. That worried her. 
They stood in silence for a while. Not an awkward one because they knew what this silence meant. It meant things had changed and she had fell out of love with him and he didn't want to face that. 
He had given his heart to her and yet he had wanted her so badly to do the same. 
At one point she did but then they went on a break and things changed that summer they spent from each other when she went to California and he stayed at home in Maryland.
She had experienced a new type of love , a kind she wanted for the rest if her life and it had scared her that she didn't want him apart of it. 
He turned around and said, "why?"
She looked him straight in the face and said "cause I want to tell you, that I do love you but I am not in love with you anymore . Sorry."
His knees weakened. This was the very thing he didn't want to hear. He was hurt but he had understood that time apart had changed them. Right now he didn't see for the better but in time he would.
"Okay." He said and that was all. He tried to fight his tears to say that.
She noticed and she cried a little to. 
He quickly turned and left out but not before taking one last look at her.she met his eyes as well and there went their love never to return again.
So I guess she didn't want him to stay...... Sorry not every love sorry end happily.

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