The attack of the giant caterpillar

One day Sally was sitting in her room playing with her new science kit. It was only 19.95, something she ordered from the back of a comic book. Her mom had got it for her for her 11th birthday.
It came with goggles, flasks, telescope, chemicals, among other things that science people like to work with.
So she saw on the box, there was a chemical that could make things bigger and so she tried it out. She increase her pillow size with one drop. With two drops her show was the size of a sofa. With three drops, her brush was the size of the tub. She ggiled at the results.
Her mom shouted to her, "Bedtime!" So she went to sleep. She dreamed of all the amazing things that she could do with.
When she left out the next morning, and locked her bedroom door, leaving the chemical in the open window.
Around noon, a Caterpillar was going along the window, and the wind blew and spilled the whole bottle on the caterpillar. So of course the caterpillar grew as long as a football field, and as tall as 15 story building. It was hairy and black.
It crush everything and left a slime over the rest. The girl was release from school with the rest of her schoolmates to get home with their parents. She immediately went to the window and saw the bottle was emptied. She panicked and search the box for a cure, that was on the box to be ordered for 19.95. So she told her mom what happened and her mom agreed to order it.
Meanwhile the towns army tried to kill it for the next 3 to five days but to no relief. it finally came in the mail, and her and her mom drove to the center of the town where it was at and pulled up behind it and poured the whole bottle on it. It immediately shrunk but not before letting out a huge caterpillar fart that really stunk. It shrunk down to the size of an ant.
The girl was a hero and got a key to the city. It was really cool and that science kit company got shut down but not before, a kid enlarged his dog.

Well good luck with that Nowhere Town, Ohio.

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