Thanks for calling

He dialed 2249697 on his cellphone. He was eager to call back the number he had gotten from the girl who worked at Starbucks. It had took him so much courage to do so and she took such a short time to answer back with a simple "yes, here's my number."
He was so excited he giggled as he walked away from her, praying she didn't hear him. 
She didn't. He had called and hung up about six times trying to figure out the right thing to say. Where would they eat and what time? These were the questions he knew he had to have the answer to. 
He figured Pacos Tacos would be a great place and around seven cause she gets off at five so that would give her enough time to get ready.
So he finally called for the seventh time and before he could hang up, a girl picked up the phone saying, "hello, thanks for calling cause here at rays you stab them, we bag them. How may we help you today?"
He didn't respond for a moment for he was confused. Did he call the wrong number? Is this her pulling a joke! It sounded like her. Or did she give him a phony number? If she did, is this a real business? 
So he asked, "can I speak to Lia?"
She replied back, "Lia quick a week ago. I can't believe she is still using this as her rejection number. Sorry dude."
He quickly responded, " is this a real place where I stab, you bag? And what is it that is stabbed and bagged?"
She sighed and said, "yes it's real. Humans like me and you. Duh. Now is that all?"
He was amazed and so he said, "what do you do there?"
She said, "answer the phone. Now are you done?"
He joked, "Why do you got bodies to bag?" Then he laughed. She hung up. He called back and she answered the same way. He said, "ok so do the police know about this?"
She said," it's you again? No they don't, we bag snitches to. Plus you have to sign a blood oath to work here."
He said "wow I promise I won't tell." He said goodbye and at that moment someone knocked at his door.
Two men came in and said, "ray feels you know to much." He begged for his life and then they finally bagged him in a black plastic trash bag. He was alive and so they put him on a shelf in the warehouse until he died of suffocation. 
Rays continue to make a lot of business but it kinda makes u think, maybe you shouldn't get that girls number next time.

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