How to Save a Life

Count to ten and breath. Think positive thoughts and it will soon be over right? The girl thought to herself as she heard them downstairs going through her house. Why is this happening to me? She thought. Hopefully they would not hear her under the bed. She was scared, and hurt that this was happening to her. She was being robbed. It was just things, material items, that she could replace. Her life couldn't be replaced and yet her books could. they would just take the material things and leave right? Was she being cowardly staying there. She should just go down there and threaten them, but what if they had guns. 18 minutes went pass and then she heard silence. A long silence, an eerie silence, as if they stopped but hadn't left. then 18 seconds went past, and she heard one say, "Lets go and grab the flat screen." She was happy, they were leaving and taking the tv she never wanted anyway, it was a gift from an ex-boyfriend who cheated on her. she heard the footsteps and then the door close. she waited 18 long minutes before she moved then she got to her door, locked the bedroom door, got in the corner and called 911.
The cops arrived and one said to her, "Thanks for being brave. Sometimes the smart thing is the brave thing and the brave thing saves your life."

She smiled and went on to have five kids with that cop and lived a happy life, traveling promoting safety.

How did you save a life???????????????????????????

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