Monday mornings

It was Monday Morning again. Fresh off a work free weekend, Steve had to got back to work. He hated Mondays because he knew that meant back to work the nine to five office job he had. Why did Mondays have to exist ? Why? 
He wanted Mondays to never come. So he decided to come up with a plan. He would create a machine that would eliminate Mondays of the calendars for good. He worked day and night for two weeks before he came up with it. He then went to the worlds calendar center which was two blocks from his home and placed it inside the center of the building and pressed start. 
He woke up one week later on a Tuesday. He got up and looked at his calendar and there was no Monday. He couldn't believe it. He went to work Nd ask everyone what they knew about Mondays and they all said, "we don't have Mondays anymore ."
He smiled. His plan worked. 
All though there were less people at work. Jim, Bob, Susan, Kate, Phil, and so on. He thought asked had anyone seen them and they all replied "those people never worked there And there hasn't been anyone new in a while."
He thought to himself people born on Mondays didn't exist and since there was  Monday, there was no day for people to start a new job. It was wierd. He decided to go get breakfast but since all deliveries were made on Mondays there was none. 
Certain holidays didn't exist like Memorial Day cause there was Monday. Certain tv premiers didn't happen cause they were a scheduled to be on Mondays. 
He thought to himself that was small stuff. Food specials and clothing sales didn't happen anymore. 
But he went through the day just fine and for lunch he would go see his wife. He thought she had left so early before he could even see her. He went to her job and she wondered who he was. See their first date and wedding had happen on a Monday. He had saw his first concert on a Monday. 
He went back to work sad only to get fired. He had graduated college on a Monday and since no Mondays, he never finished college and his job didn't like that so they fired him. 
He went home sad to see most his furniture Gone. Furniture he bought on a Monday. 
Steve spent most of the night crying until he feel alseep.
 Four hours later he woke up with his wife in his face on the floor in a calendar factory. He asked her where he was at. She said she was at work and she had got a call a out a man in a factory holding a microwave saying he shall end Mondays. One guy had punched him and that's when Steve fainted. See it was all just a dream and Steve was happy about that but not about his eye. 
They went home that night and Steve told his wife he couldn't wait for Saturday so he could sleep in. She looked him in the face and told him Jim, his coworker hated Saturdays so he created a machine to end them so they no longer exist. 
He looked at her with a strange look and she told him she was joking.

You can't change the days of the week only you change what you do on that day of the week.

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