No worries

Tom was having a really rough day and had it had no worries. See in the morning, there was to roaches sleeping on his toothbrush so he had to use his finger which he bit by mistake and mixed in his blood with toothpaste. His girlfriend was disgusted and broke up with him and took the dog he loved ever so much. He was sad but he got dressed, and his shirt ripped. It was the only clean one he had because wash day was on Sunday and it was a Friday. He was sad but he went in his kitchen to get his favorite cereal, coco puffs but his well, ex-girlfriend had took it with her. He was hurt and so his figured he would eat a pop tart but she took those to. He just went to the door but she took his work shoes to so he had to work flip flops to work for his office job. But his car broke down and his bike had a flat, so he had to walk 30 miles to walk which got him there two hours later. He was fired on the spot. So he went to a diner hoping to drown his sorrows in pie but they were all out. In fact they were closing cause there was a food shortage. He was sad.
On the way walking home, he got beat up by street thugs who took all his money and keys and bankcard and id. Once he got home, he had to break his window to get in. He tried calling the bank only find out, his phone was disconnected. His neighborhood was having the rolling black outs again. So he decided to walk only to get there and find, they were suffering the blackout as well. He was sad.
So he decided to walk to his moms house and walked in to find her telling him to leave cause she still didn't forget about him punching her cat last week for scracthing him. He was sad.

He walked the whole night only to come across a surfer dude who told him to go to No Issues Beach and take a swim. So he did and he suddenly had no worries. The beach was magical and he lived there as a hobo for the rest of his life happy. Even had two kids with a mermaid. Don't ask how, but if you must she was fish on top and not the bottom. I know weird but he was happy.

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