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I said goodbye to yesterday

I said goodbye to yesterday
The day you passed away
Send out to the past with no return address
Grasping for something that no longer exist
Having only the pain left behind
Looking to a future I no longer want
Not without you
At least not right now
I said goodbye to yesterday
The day my heart was token away
When we see each other again
I will wait to the end
For that loving moment
To be again a one plus one
And not just alone
A shattered cup
Please together again
I said goodbye to yesterday
As the sun set
The clouds part
The night came dark
Searching for a bright light in the dim of the night
Walls closing in
The earth is pulled in
Ashes to dust
My tears to rust
The pain is here to stay

A queen of Egypt

I went to the eastTook a boat Traveled alone Saw time standing still All the sand  Ashes to dust  Clouds color of rust Stepping on land felt so soft A place in history  Never to be gone  No flowers only water Water filled with gold And buildings filled with souls I touch out and can't catch the dusty flakes Look like snow and feel like rain I love it here There is no pain  Egypt  Where I am queen No king is needed I wear my gems Wrapped in silk Soft as cotton  I own this land I will be taking yours A ruler needs to be strong Egypt is where I stand  Tall and brave

Running out

I am running out
And words cant seem to form in my mouth
Time is loose
And death is near
You say hit pause
But its impossible with out a game
Stay here or should I go
Gasping for air
Nothing seems to come in
It smells rotten and I don't care
So pull me in
And water enters my lungs
Time is loose
And death is near
Sticks and stones hold me down
Your words keep me there
Fear does not keep me afloat
Not bulletproof
Nothing to loose
Hide away and fly off
I am running out
Scream and shout
The pain is real
But my love I steal
Take a pill
Hide away and fly off
Time is loose
And death is near
But now HE is here

Lead you through the darkness

Take my hand
And come follow me
As I lead you through the darkness
The path is narrow
And the hall is tight
But the light is near
Take my hand
And let go of your fears
And come follow me
As I lead you from your nightmares
No longer shall you scare
The horrors are behind us for now
We are bright light bound
No nightlight bright enough for us
The big sun is a must
Horns and voodoo be gone
Take my hand
As I can see its dawn
And follow me into the morning
The night is over at least for now
Oh shall there be such a glory

Lets chat for the rest of our lives

Come on over here and let's sit down
Talk about us then and now  What I Gotta do wen ur not around Try and have fun in town Laughing it up at the clowns It's another talk that got us red But with this wine and cheese we well fed
I dont want lose our good times
And we wont as long your mine
We will leave out at nine
Hanging together, its all fine
Just don't lose my hand
And wont you just stay my man
I am no one to beg
Not at your leg
This is all clean
And worry free
Lets be young and dumb
For the rest of our lives

The feeling

I need to hold on to this I need this Can't you understand  Please here me out I need it Cause this is all I have This is all I got  It's what's giving me a breathe And I need it  So can you give me this The feeling  The feeling 


I can feel you calling me in the air tonightA soft whisper from your dead lips I see the moon and know your out tonight  A cold touch and I am yours for life I know you on the hunt for sure tonight  A rough grab and I am enclosed in your arms I can tell you want my soul tonight A glamour of the eyes and I obey I see the twinkle in your eyes and know there is no choice tonight A nice smile covers your dirty deed I can tell by the shovel we going in that grave tonight A mean laugh and you put me in the grave I know your gonna make me a vampire tonight tonight 

A thing of the ice

I took a pie to the faceOnly it didn't hurt to bad But it was filled explosives They were trying to kill me A creature of the ice

Followed a vampire

With a whisper all the hurt came rushing inAnd with a bite all the pain flowed in And with a touch my skin went cold And with a look my eyes went dead And then my heart stopped beating  And you took my hand leading me to darkness And you giving me such bloodless rebirth And I tried to hold back but you were so strong  And you pulled me into the muddy dirt And told me all your secrets And then I realized I was not me And you held me there til dark came again And promised eternal life and sunless nights And you gave me such a bloodless rebirth And let me suck your blood to get my strength  And my heart beat no more And I am now a vampire 

Love up in flames

I poured the gasoline on your heartWatched our love go up on flames My words could not put it out Your anger spread the flames Our passion for another is in the ashes I am ashamed that we fell so hard Dying of broken hearts and pain We are not fireproof to love Burning together sounds insane  But I would have it no other way I lit the fire to our demise Down in it we fall deeper It burns like no other Forest fires be afraid It can be seen for miles A unreal disaster  Caused I poured gasoline on our heart

A monster

If you loved meYou wouldn't had hurt me so bad You wouldn't had broke my heart You wouldn't had cheated on me You wouldn't hurt my feelings  You wouldn't destroy our love You cruel monster you You took me for granted You treated me unfairly You were so mean You had no shame You ripped our relationship apart You cruel monster you  Rot  Leave Suffer But remember that you are A cruel monster you

Dream me up Scotty

Come fly away with meTo the moon up above  We will dance around with the stars And take in the vast beauty of the shooting star Space and time holds us here Forever shall we stay Hold my hand and don't let go We Will use our love to stay afloat On this wild ride around the galaxy  Taking our time Staying close keeping me warm Being as silly as we can Giving the planets a laugh  It's our own magical place And we should stay as long as we can So close your eyes As tight as you can And dream up this land As fast as you can