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Women take too much off of men

She was sitting in her chair, thinking about her day. Her name was Amber and it had been a long day with her boyfriend but in the end she knew she had made the right decision.
It all started early in the morning of the day before when he woke her up with breakfast, that would had made her happy but he had fixed bacon and eggs and sausage. Amber is vegetarian. She understood the mistake, they had only been dating for two years. Maybe he had forgot even thought he had fixed a great veggie dinner the night before. She accepted that.
Then as they were getting dress, he got coffee on her new dress trying to dance and drink coffee at the same time. She understood, mistakes happen. the dress only cost 100 bucks and today was her interview with a big company but whatever. She just went to the closet with a stomach burn and looked for another dress. Her stomach hurt bad where he burned her with the hot coffee but she accepted this, guys can be goofy right.
When she was about to leave her mom c…

Do you remember: A Poem

Do you remember when you smiled at me every time you saw me? Don't tell me you forgot when you laughed at all my jokes weather they were good or bad? How can you forget when you told me you not only loved me but was in love with me? Do you remember how you made everything ok with a hug? Do you remember? Cause things are different now. We are not the same as when we first met. And that's not good because now things are bad. We argue all the time and never make up. We don't speak unless its about a bill or how mad we are with each other. Where did the love go? When did it leave? When did i stop being funny and you start being harsh? To bad so sad. Stuff happens. We grow apart. That's crap and are cowardly excuses for not facing me like you should. Do you remember when we didn't argue? Don't tell me you forgot when you told me we could live on our love? How can you forget saying you will never leave me? No you didn't but you pretend to when you see me now on …