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This boat

My dear Eleanor Before I hit the floor I want to tell you more Don't go onto shore It's going to be a bore I stand here at the door Meaning it from my core Don't go onto shore  Your feet will get so sore Sand in every pore Don't go onto shore We will ride til four And your not sure It does have a lure But this boat is the cure

Empty frame

I am staring at the empty picture frame Knowing nothing is ever gonna be the same  Not ever gonna get that fame Life just always seem so lame Fighting battles I can't win Doing that since I was ten  Really attached to my kin  Wondering how I can be whole Feeling like an empty hole  This world has token its role  Over me As you can see That's how it be Staring at an empty picture frame This dame I am done for

They came

They cameWith the beast from the blackness From the darkest part of our past Making a tree out of dead souls Marching out of heats mouth They turn sadness to madness And light to dark Giving mercy to no one They came