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I need

I need
on our loves sanity

I need
from God above

I need
to get my life a firmer base

I need
on our loves foreclosure

I need
to do the spiritual climb

 I need
to keep from going insane

I need
to help stay from the strange

I need
like you need me to

I just need

Next to me

Next to meHe lays All wrapped up Ever so tightly  Sleeping so quietly  Next to me He smells of death And dry roses He is properly rotted As he died a while ago Next to me He lays My man My love  My mummy

In love with a zombie

So I fell in love with a zombieWho's brain was coming out his head Worms were coming out his nose Teeth as rotten as ever Skin as green as poison ivy Body so stiff  But I fell in love with a zombie He don't talk back Or argue Looks aren't everything with a zombie There just happy to be near you  But I am in love with a zombie  And soon I will be one to

A vampires home

No postcard envyWhen living on the hill That gives the town the chills When they give it a small glare Only if they dare Yes we are a bunch of vampires That can see into their dark desires Of course we want to drink blood Then throw the corpse in the mud So hide your kids and your wives Cause we taking everyone's lives This very night  So come closer so I can take a bite

Out there- a Halloween poem

All the ghastly girls out thereGo meet your ghostly guy anywhere  For tonight is sure to be a scare And I know is dosent sound fair But its this or being attacked by a bear And the dead are the only ones that don't care So go meet your guy if you dare As the blood drips down in your hair And your flesh begin to tear If you ghastly girl go out there

A carnival delight - poem

Through the twisted lovers tunnel Under the roller coaster scary lights  Pass the bloody petting zoo Through the disease infected cotton candy booth Under the slimy swing ride Pass the dead performers
There is where your fate lies Through the fortune tellers eyes Under her haunting spell Pass her dying flies  There is where your fate lies
Only if you dare desire To turn back the curtain Take off your mask Become a carnival delight

On a train

We rode on the train
Into the night
Hoping to avoid any frights

We rode on the train
Not many people on it
Hoping the few dont have a fit

We rode on a train
Going nowhere
Giving us a scare

We rode on a train
Where on creature sat
Looking like an inside out cat

We rode on the train
As it got mad
I begin to shout for my dad

We rode on a train
It was going to kill
Have us as its meal

We rode on a train
And never got off
All I could do is cry and cough

We rode on a train
With our few peers
Dying cause of our worst fears

In cold blood- a poem

It feels good
The coldness of it
When it leaves his body
She stabbed his heart
To give him the pain that he gave her
It moves so slow
Unlike their love
Or what she though they had
She was to kill him
Go all fatal attraction on him
He had no choice
She wanted his blood
As quickly as he had gotten his heart
It was an easy battle
One they both lose
He lost a life
And she lost a love
But it felt good
His love did
But his blood felt better
On her tongue

An island girl

She was from the islands
A quiet girl
She was a lady who moved with the wind
She made the ground shake
A girl with force that no one could stop
She was from the islands
A shy girl
She could make you scared with a stare
She would take you down with no weapon
A girl with fight that no one could win against
She was from the islands
An island girl
She was all about protecting her family
She would do whatever in what take
A brave girl
She was from the islands

Sally: A halloween poem

Him and Sally went for a drive
Down the long dark country side
She going on and about love
All he wanted to do was spill her blood
They got to a lake and parked the car
She wondered why they had gone so far
He looked at her with the worst smile
Asked her to get out the car
She was so in love she never thought
He was there to strangle her in the dark
Gasping for air from her one true love
He watched the life leave her eyes
He quickly undressed her and took her belongings
Through her in the water without a second thought
And on he went back to the city
Him and Sally went for a drive
Two went in and one came out
He never got caught and she was never found
But down the long the dark country side she can still be heard
Going on and on about her one true love
Who only wanted to spill her blood.

She and Hims

I watched as he pushed her hair behind her ear ever so gently. I watched as he leaned in ever so close to whisper in her ear. He kept his hand on her thigh and one behind her on the back of her chair. He smiled so lovely at her and she just gazed into his eyes. It was so sweet to see. She and him acted as if they were the only ones in the world.
No I am not the other woman or man. I walked so fast up on them and yelled ever so loudly, "Get your grown man hands off my young daughter!" They both jumped and he confessed, "She is 18."
I shouted even more loudly at this stupid man, "No she is 16 and your 23!" I did a background check on him before i came down to this diner so I can be more prepared.
She pulled away from him and he gave her a dirty look, assuring me "Had I had known, i would never had gotten with her. I don't do that man."
I looked at him disappointed, "Steve you bet to get away before I have you locked away."
He gave me…

Cheese puffs

Steve was very fond of cheese puffs. He ate them everyday. A friend warned him was eating to much but Steve did not care. One day he woke up early. His vision was blurry and he felt naked and so he went to reach for his clothes but had no arms. He felt curved and fat. He went to the mirror to see what was wrong. He was afraid to look down.
It turns out overnight he had turned into a cheesepuff. He was so amazed that his dream had come true he begin to eat himself but he tilted his head to much and broke in half. He died a quick cheesy death. His body was never found because the mice ate him and so they put him as missing but it went unsolved.

They say if you ever listen closely to a bag of open cheesepuffs you can hear his happy chews.....of his body.

Smell good

He rushed down the stairs, out the door, down the snow paved sidewalk, pass all the people, through the slushy streets. It was cold and he had on a blue suit with a black trench coat. It was quarter pass five and the train was to leave at six exactly. He had to catch her. He was only seven blocks away. He just knew in this weather he would have to run it and with it being the holiday season all the cabs were being token by moms andtheir  roast. There was just no way she could get on that train without him telling her. He slid on some ice on the sixth block and fell. A police gently helped him up and asked what was the rush. Charles   Just mentioned he had something to say to someone special. The policeman looked at him wierd. He finally got to the station and looked anxiously for Gate F, leaving for New York from Virginia. He needed to say it. He saw her blone hair from behind atop her brown fur coat and yelled , "Lisa!" She turned quickly rushing to him and he grabbed her cl…

The Tree

It grows
It sheds
It gets cuts
It gets wet

Through bad weather
Through hot days
Through destroying storms

And it stands
Like a tree
We should to

Blow out our love

Blow out the candle
There goes our love
Into the window
To be forever forgotten
Away from us
Now that we part
We see what love have seen
The madness that comes from it
As we exploded into each other
Thinking that meant we really loved each other
But we just need to
Have to
Blow out the candle
On our loves blindness