Sally: A halloween poem

Him and Sally went for a drive
Down the long dark country side
She going on and about love
All he wanted to do was spill her blood
They got to a lake and parked the car
She wondered why they had gone so far
He looked at her with the worst smile
Asked her to get out the car
She was so in love she never thought
He was there to strangle her in the dark
Gasping for air from her one true love
He watched the life leave her eyes
He quickly undressed her and took her belongings
Through her in the water without a second thought
And on he went back to the city
Him and Sally went for a drive
Two went in and one came out
He never got caught and she was never found
But down the long the dark country side she can still be heard
Going on and on about her one true love
Who only wanted to spill her blood.

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