She and Hims

I watched as he pushed her hair behind her ear ever so gently. I watched as he leaned in ever so close to whisper in her ear. He kept his hand on her thigh and one behind her on the back of her chair. He smiled so lovely at her and she just gazed into his eyes. It was so sweet to see. She and him acted as if they were the only ones in the world.
No I am not the other woman or man. I walked so fast up on them and yelled ever so loudly, "Get your grown man hands off my young daughter!" They both jumped and he confessed, "She is 18."
I shouted even more loudly at this stupid man, "No she is 16 and your 23!" I did a background check on him before i came down to this diner so I can be more prepared.
She pulled away from him and he gave her a dirty look, assuring me "Had I had known, i would never had gotten with her. I don't do that man."
I looked at him disappointed, "Steve you bet to get away before I have you locked away."
He gave me the strangest look, "I am Sam."
We both looked toward where my daughter was sitting but she was far into the distance.

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