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Man in Mexico

I met a man in Mexico Who was lost and didn't know where to go His skin was white as snow He seemed to had seen something bad That made him awfully sad To which he cried for his dad And he heard nothing back He saw a man attacked By a human  With there teeth  And bare hands  He drink the blood like it was wine And all that time He was just looking in the mirror  watching himself perform it all See the man in Mexico  Was a cannibal Desperately looking for his companion  The name was a young Hannibal

A crush never to be

Straight down the line
He don't look fine
But I know he is not mine
And here at the airline
I look for a sign

But nothing come
So I just stay mum
Real hard I chew my gum
And trying to distract with a hum
Imagining I am home with my drums

But I wanna go talk
Trying the courage to walk
And not just stalk
In this little corner block

What would I say
To make his day
To make it go my way
But to my dismay

She walks over and joins him
And now things look real grim
And my hope starts to dim

Cause she is his love one
So i think to run
Cause I am so done

And he will never know
How I admired him so
When he looked so low


Paging to room 303

If all I ever have is you in my heart
 You in my heart
Then I would not die so sad
Not sad at all
And if all I ever learned was through you
With your help
Then I know that I am in the smartest
That I am smart
Cause if I only talked with you thats all I need
All I need is your conversation
And if I only could see you it would be enough to full fill me
Your sight makes me whole

As I float through life
Searching for you
I have all to give you

Our love would be endless and free
Being so happy
Together in our love nest

You give me opportunity
You give space
There is nothing more that I would take

If all I ever have is you in my heart
It would overflow with joy
Then I would not die so sad
Knowing your love made me no scared of the afterlife
And if all I ever learned was through you
I know I am to good to be true
Then I know I am the smartest
Even smarter than you
Cause if I only talked with thats all I need
All the speech I want to hear
And if I only could see you it would be enough to full…

She not your wife - a poem

You can't look at herOnce she dead Once she been buried Once you had her funereal You can't wish for her body to be alive Cause you won't get her soul And the woman who returns She won't be your wife But don't look at her Not in her eyes at least Don't invite her in your home  Cause she not your wife Not anymore  Her soul is in heaven And her body on your doorstep That's not your wife Don't look at her  Or  You will be left with just a body As she takes your soul You will no longer live Only be trapped in the in between  With someone who just looks like your wife So don't look at her Don't invite her in Once you wished to bring her back to life Don't take off her mask Don't touch her corpse She is just a shell Not your wife

The Body

Its empty in the shell that is your body
The pain rises slowly to a hault
And in the core I here you begin to break down
And in your chest there is nothing there
A large black hole with nothing to fill it
Your looking for love in all the wrong places

Its empty in the shell that is your body
The song of your soul has no chorus
And yet you pretend to go on
And in your eyes there is pain
A deep darkness that aint seen nothing yet
Your looking for light in all the wrong places

Its empty in the shell that is your body
The tip of your flesh is cold to touch
And on your skin you haven't felt warmth yet
And in your head there are dark thoughts
A deep hatred for the living world
Your looking for life in all the wrong places

And I will stop with you
And I will rise up to
If its alone I don't care
Cause you are at the bottom
And I can't stay there
When I have so much to give
Its empty in the shell that is your body

For Anne from Andy - A dark poem

At my door I hear a whisper
But she was not to be here
She is to be at her sisters
Soon it will disappear
But it only grown more near
As I begin to here it in my room
I became overfilled with gloom
Who is lurking in here with me
It could only be she
But I look to find no lover
So I run to my bed cover
And wait for suns glow
But darkness hits me low
To reveal a hidden secret
No longer can I kept it
The tale of the man
Who I drowned for Anne
He whispers the truth
I respond oh dangerous sleuth
Return to your grave
And hide away in your afterlife cave
But he has one deed
Coming to make sure I bleed
My life is to be no longer
One thought I don't want to ponder
Telling the truth will take it all
A dirty criminal is what I will be called
Oh Anne will me for sure
But death is neither the cure
For this lie
I choose to die
And in my spot
My Anne he has got
Marrying her in my shoes
In this new darkness now one is to hear my blues

My sweet dear

You are near That I fear I don't want to hear My sweet dear Call out in utter pain My long name In his last breath Looking to death It will not hide The sickness inside My sweet dear You are near That I fear Death is here 

The woman in the shadows

I am a woman trapped in the shadows
Looking for the perfect life form
Hoping you will come along
So we can switch our souls to new bodies
Mine by choose and yours not
Don't worry my child
Its only darkness
The light is where I need to be
To thrive and see
I sit still
In this picture frame
Appearing to be harmless
As I possibly can
But one day
It will happen
Where I will be the one
Staring at you
In your old
Picture frame

Capturing a monster

I grab you by your wrist
And pulled you down the steps
You resisted
And fought back
But down into the darkness we crept
You weeped and cried out for help
But no one could here you
This far down
Deeper into the ground we went
Taking you to the coffin
Throwing you in there
Pushing your way back out
I carefully put you to sleep
Laying there
I admired your beauty
It was there I ponder what I was doing
But then I saw your fangs just a little
Peeking through your bloody mouth
I quickly threw in the garlic
Watching your skin sizzle about
I close the coffin ever so quickly
Pulling the chains ever so tightly
For you are never to get out
Not ever again
A monster like you
Should be locked away
For ever

Jumping off the top of the world

Take me to the top of the world
We will dive off it
And float on life
Til the end of time
Infinity hours to go
This never ending road
Carelessness will pay off
No worries and no crime
No pain and no weak desires
In our faith we bundle up
Keep going and never stop
Top of the world
Here we come
Got to get to one of the wonders
Seven of them to choose from
So lets put the past behind us
And to the top we go
To step off
And never look back
Its daring and exciting yet
No its not even death
Its better
Its endless bliss

The Darkest Night

I walked into a bar
To see what I could get
He laughed in my face and said
You don't look 21 yet
Well I grinned at him real hard
Trying to see if it would work
He told me I ain't that pretty
And to get the stepping to
Oh how I hated him
For not giving me what I want
As I left I laughed a little to myself
For I almost might forget
That I came to warn this man
That he hasn't seen nothing yet
The darkness was sure to come
And by 12 it would be here
The darkest part of the night
Was about to reveal a big scare

Just unwrap them

I went to the desert
To see the tallest thing
Found a pyramid
Full of mummies
And let me tell you honey
It was scary
Full of bugs that live your skin
And enough cobwebs to fill the Grand Canyon
They growled
They were out for blood
Mine in particular
But in that very moment
I realized
That all I had to do was unwrap
Done they fell
One by one
It was done
Making it possible to tell this tale
Just unwrap them
And away they go