She not your wife - a poem

You can't look at her
Once she dead
Once she been buried
Once you had her funereal
You can't wish for her body to be alive
Cause you won't get her soul
And the woman who returns
She won't be your wife
But don't look at her
Not in her eyes at least
Don't invite her in your home 
Cause she not your wife
Not anymore 
Her soul is in heaven
And her body on your doorstep
That's not your wife
Don't look at her 
You will be left with just a body
As she takes your soul
You will no longer live
Only be trapped in the in between 
With someone who just looks like your wife
So don't look at her
Don't invite her in
Once you wished to bring her back to life
Don't take off her mask
Don't touch her corpse
She is just a shell
Not your wife

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