For Anne from Andy - A dark poem

At my door I hear a whisper
But she was not to be here
She is to be at her sisters
Soon it will disappear
But it only grown more near
As I begin to here it in my room
I became overfilled with gloom
Who is lurking in here with me
It could only be she
But I look to find no lover
So I run to my bed cover
And wait for suns glow
But darkness hits me low
To reveal a hidden secret
No longer can I kept it
The tale of the man
Who I drowned for Anne
He whispers the truth
I respond oh dangerous sleuth
Return to your grave
And hide away in your afterlife cave
But he has one deed
Coming to make sure I bleed
My life is to be no longer
One thought I don't want to ponder
Telling the truth will take it all
A dirty criminal is what I will be called
Oh Anne will me for sure
But death is neither the cure
For this lie
I choose to die
And in my spot
My Anne he has got
Marrying her in my shoes
In this new darkness now one is to hear my blues

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