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The tale of the boy

It was the whisper that was heard across the landAbout a very poor sad young man Who had his heart taken by a very scary woman Only to boiled in some very hot water  She danced and danced as the flames grew higher and higher Trying to make happy a certain buyer It was a ghoulish man With a very big hunger  Can couldn't be denied any longer Now the poor boy went searching for this lady Would he find her? Maybe His life was not his own This he didn't know The price of a young heart was high More than a plane in the sky But the man wanted what he want And with the gold coins that's what he got  The boy was never the same And the lady never came Back to give his heart From His body it was torn apart And the whisper can still be heard Of the heartless boy  The rich buyer And the slick woman

You know

You know when someone is the oneWhen you smile when you hear there name When you smile when you hear their voice When you smile at the thought of them When the mention of them makes you feel safer When seeing them makes everything better When you can sit with them for hours without speaking and it not be awkward  When you make time for them And they make time for you When they make your fears go away When your family likes them When you like them When you love them When the sight of that person takes your breath away When that person gets your jokes When that person is kind to you and not just for sex When you know you would do anything for that person When you laugh about the small things together When you tackle the big things together You know when someone is the one I do  And it's you

They don't believe our love

I tell my friends I am in love with youAnd they can't believe it's true And they all think I am crazy For wanting to be next to you In my life and after to But they don't understand our love And gows it's true They get what I see And that makes no difference to me I only want you Not those other few So take my hand And place the ring on it Coming for you It is sure to fit Spend your life with me And oh so happy we will be

Please please

Please please Don't leave me I will make this right Here is my heart Please tonight Just stay I mean my feelings are for you I never meant to hurt you Please please Don't leave me I can make the pain go away I can make this up to you On my own I can't be I need you Maybe more than you need me Open arms I ask you Please please Just stay