The tale of the boy

It was the whisper that was heard across the land
About a very poor sad young man
Who had his heart taken by a very scary woman
Only to boiled in some very hot water 
She danced and danced as the flames grew higher and higher
Trying to make happy a certain buyer
It was a ghoulish man
With a very big hunger 
Can couldn't be denied any longer
Now the poor boy went searching for this lady
Would he find her? Maybe
His life was not his own
This he didn't know
The price of a young heart was high
More than a plane in the sky
But the man wanted what he want
And with the gold coins that's what he got 
The boy was never the same
And the lady never came
Back to give his heart
From His body it was torn apart
And the whisper can still be heard
Of the heartless boy 
The rich buyer
And the slick woman 

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