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Run away you and I

It's dangerousBut I want to run with you tonight And blow out the fire That lit the pain That I saw in you last night I know you hurt inside So let's get straight to it Right now We a perfect match  So come on  And run away with me tonight Just the two of us

Piece of crap

You washed it all away Drowned my heart in the puddle left behind You had so many lies I saw it as truths  I was the opening act asking to be the main attraction  But you no room And I do despise How I Almost fell for your lies You piece of crap 

No no

One day I had it allHaving a ball And then you came in  And it crumbled and burned Saying empty promises  And me falling so hard Sounded so good But your actions was weak I know it wasn't much time But it meant something to me You didn't even care You didn't even call Now I am posted on the wall Letting it all sink in Wasted time and short lasting hurt I wanted it to be good Like I thought it should  But you were no good for me  No no

Cant go back after cheating

I want to forgive you
I want to look past it all
I want to forget the pain and all its caused
I want the hurt to disappear
I want the betrayal to leave me alone
I want us to dance to our song
I want our love to be whole again
I want act like we did before
I want us to stand so tall
I want to believe your promises
I want us to be in love again

Is it possible?
Not after your cheating ways
It hurts to bad to pretend
That I am okay

Fire in your eyes

I see the fire bright in your eyes
Seeming to burn on forever
Passion is whole
And your is open
With that you welcome me
Into your heart
A place I am meant to be
Keeping me there
Is an important job for you
Which you are well qualified to do
I see the fire in your eyes
Flames higher then ever
Your passionate about our love
And thats how I like it
I would have it no other way
In your heart, I choose to stay
For forever

Trouble, trouble, trouble

I see trouble, trouble, trouble all around me
Fix me a sniff drink so I can be
No end in sight do I see
Oh trouble please get away from me
Your tall dark and handsome as can be
Tempting me hard, making me weak
Take your temptation and get away from me
Oh please trouble let me be
Make me weak in my knees
Unlock my chain with the key
Trouble please set me free
You need to stay away from me
Keeping me all night, I see
Making my dreams come to be
Don't you here my begging plea
Mister just go on out to sea
And live me be
And take all my love woes away from me


I know I have been saying this for a whileBut I want to see it in words Today I have decided to be my own person Today I have decided to live for me I accept myself flaws and alls I accept me through all my awkward falls I am not a size two I didn't finish college I know what my passion is and what j want for life I am not afraid to say a career and a family Maybe three kids or just the one I am not the nicest in the morning I don't talk much around people I am tired of apologizing to other people For my mistakes or just at least my exstince I am not althetic I can cook and I am good with math I am cheap  And maybe I laugh to much But it's just me being happy I like to stay in I don't like to pretend I am ties of being in my sister shadow A good night to me can be alone or with others For being by myself sometimes brings me such a peace I am going to stop caring so mix what people think I am little sensitive but that I am working on  Taking things to personal can be a problem  I don't like a…

The engagement is sour

I decided explicitly
That your plans to marry me
Are sour
So I am calling it off
Reclaiming my life for me
And you take all your dreams
Hide them in the biggest tree
I wont care if I ever see you again
At least not in this life time
One encounter is good enough
So go be tough
Somewhere else and leave
Cause I decided explicitly
That your plans to marry me
Are simply not meant to be

The problem with us

The problem with usI think that's me I have tried to hide the embarrassment  Of being something we don't need  You comfort me  But I am not whole  You take me in But I am so wrong  The problem with us I think it's me You won't let go  Your just being nice You can take your life and go Go be fine without me This thing I have It's not changing anytime soon This problem we have It's my burden to bare Who you really trying to comfort You or me I can't be all that you want And now we see my missing peices Your disappointed heart Cause the problem with us I know it's me