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That is that

I want you To be my one and only I am saving all my love for you I want you to know How special you are to me This only for you
Take my hand And I will lead the way In my heart You will always stay Cause it's only there for you
I want to be your special girl In a special world And we will laugh At our own inside jokes Silence is key But happy we will alway be
All of me Belongs to you No sharing Just caring on your part Love is love And bliss is good for that
I am yours And that's just that

Elope with me

Take me to the alterSay yes to me Oh baby please Just elope with me Wear your white Looking real tight Place a ring On my finger Make it nice And bright Say your vows And wow me away Whisk me off To a blissful honeymoon  Take my hand  And lead the way To a better day That leads  To me and you  Together forever  In matrimony

Leave your hat

Leave your hat with me Cause this is where you need to be And you will see Over a bourbon cup of tea Lay your hat on my head I will keep it warm for you  Having it here I know you will be back soon

The station in Paris

Meet on a trainIn a station in Paris Where the girls wear the white And the boys wear the sadness And we will escape all of this madness Meet on the roof Of that train Flying so high Above the rain  You look to me and say How happy you are  And with that smile Comes all of this gladness Join me in coach Where everybody smokes And we will elope In thier white cloud of love  Just meet me on that train  At that station in Paris And be careless With me

A fish and a cat

A fish got thrown into my window as a sign you came, suddenly into my life, my heart will never be the same, listening to your voice I know that tears are just a myth, and I am thinking about you you know right now.A black cat crossed my path as a sign you caused pain, to me suddenly into life, before I even knew it, and now tears are being shed, and I am thinking about you know right now. 

Today in town

In my headI am thinking of you And all the things we been through  Cause I saw your reflection  In a store glass window  Today in town And I wonder If your as sad as I am That we parted ways  So quickly In our anger We cause each other depression And hid the happiness To be thrown away And in your Stoney expression I realize what I am saying might be true That I should be with you In my head This is true In your gray colored eyes I see the missed times We shared And no it's not fair To be separated like this  Talking to you Is something I miss But we just not brave enough To apologize to each other For what we have done

I wish

I wish I could set it all asideAnd forget it all And forgive it all I wish I could do that I wish we could be together  And love each other And be kind to one another And forget all the problems  And only have solutions And not talk so meanly  And not hate on each other And only protect each other  I wish I could do that I wish you could not be as bad as you are And break your bad habits And forget your bad flaws And not cheat on me And not lie to me And keep your promises  And come when I call I wish you could do that I wish we could be Forever you and me But there aren't enough pennies in a well to make that happen  Or enough wish bones Or shooting stars To hide the scars I wish

Two girls and a curse

Two girls met in a small parkNear a small pond It was the dead of the night They weren't looking for a fight Just a solution In there hands laid a very black book With very mean curses For any bad heart And if you are to see them practicing at night With all there might They are trying to get someone Just pray with all your might That it's not you That's all you can do  Cause as the moon come out It will shine bright On the right one Who did them wrong And now they get strong And cast a curse To bring that person to there worst

Wave after wave

Your feet is in the waterAnd it feels light Up against the air on the horizon Your feet can't touch the sand And you float on the tiny waves Looking up at the sunset above you  And you feel free Letting your body go with it Nothing can stop you now Wave after wave Slowly drifting towards the horizon No dangers in the water You alright  And you feel like you can touch the sky Clouds moving closer toward you You not worried It's not rain Wave after wave You lie there thinking About all your worries But who really cares I can stand on shore and see you Your coming towards me Relaxed as can be So nicely happy Your slowly drifting As your guided Wave after wave I can wait forever

The book

Burn the pages of the book of our loveTear off the bind of my heart Erase the words of kindness Then throw away all our years Check out a new partner at the library Take her to a quiet place  Try to copy the same joy you had with me But soon you will take her back you will see Not sure what to check out Any no other quite like this autobiography

The flame

I lit the flameThrew it in the pool Watched it go out In a haze of blue On a leaf That was really green I felt mean It was a really long day Where things go out of hand Made someone sad Didnt mean to do that My life was seen As a dead end road In a small world I watched the flame Burn out in the clear water And I felt the same As a burned out leaf As I watched my life  Fade in front of me I felt done

Now we lay

Now we lay here at her funeralShould had worshipped her when she was alive  I was the only one there for her She was born sick and I loved it Now we lay here at her funeral  Seeing people she didn't see in life  Feeling to guilty to miss this She was crazy and I enjoyed it Now we lay here at her funeral  Holding hands like a family Praying for how her soul will be Wishing she was still here I know she only loved me Now we lay here at here funerel  Tears coming down my face Can keep from her friends Cause there just strangers to me She was born bad and l breathed in it Now we lay here at her funeral

The one that's not here anymore

When my memory is not enough anymoreAnd I cant access you in my dreams When the thought of you can't fill me whole And your voice is now just a whisperin the wind I get so lost that I can't be seen The earth starts to shatter around me And my knees just get so weak And feel like I can't fall far enough Cause honey your all I ever want and ever need Cause honey I can't breathe without you near  Cause I found love in your amazing heart And now I am floating endlessly  between life and loss And now I never save I love you unless I mean it And I keep close those precious things that mean the most to me But you slipped through my fingers faster than I can blink And now we past each other like two trains in the dark night And I want you back Cause honey with you the future is so happy Cause honey in your hands is where my heart remains Cause honey I found love in who we are  And now time is not the same And now I feel only hunger for your love But your all gone now and it hurts me And now your thi…

Time to go old friend

There was a knock at the doorSo my feet went to the floor To see through the peep hole The man here for my soul  He looked back at me Through the hole he could see So I turned the nobe ever so gently Breathing ever so lightly Opening the door greeting a friend For my soul we make amends Death is here That I fear For my life He hands me a knife In it he will trap my soul Place angel as my new role I place it in my heart As my body falls apart I take my last breath of air Realizing how life was no fair He is here for me Too late to chat over tea A door reveals itself to us As reality falls to dust I am escorted through the door As my soul floats above the cloudy floor It is heaven I am relieved Being here finally is hard to be believed Death tells me this is my new place And shines me a big smile from his face He pats me on the back Sadness I lack Through the pearly gates I go Into the eternal great unknown

Don't risk it

Don't go over thereFor its sure to be a scare Just go anywhere else but there In that corner lies something no good Something I will avoid if I could At all cost I just would It's big and scary It's tall and hairy It's not nice like a fairy It growls and snarls And barks like a dog It spits at you Making your breath  Fewer and few Don't go over there It's sure to be a scare There a thing that lives in here It's dark And bloody And muddy  Just don't risk it

Oh you

Oh YouYour sitting there so sad Thinking about when he got mad But you should be glad The pain is gone Something you wanted for so long Cause he did you so wrong And yet your just sitting there You can now go anywhere Now things will be more fair No more pain for you You can do whatever you want to The hurt is few and few Go out there and see What your meant to be And rejoice in your glee For now you are free

Wide eyes sigh

My eyes grew big in sizeWhen I saw ahead the many lies Once told by man And held by monster The many lies Society tries to hide In our history past No less a test  On forgetting the truth My eyes grew big in size As I begin to rise To the unruly sight in front of me For me to see What hides beneath The facts that tuck us away for sleep That history dosent mention All that died All that cried All that tried And have been forgotten My eyes grow big in size At the amazement of the lies That grow in front of me With each step and breath we take Into the future The good is rejoiced And the bad is forgiven To be put away  In one word paragraphs  In our history books But what it took For us to get here For us to be near The tip of freedom My eyes grow big in size  When I saw ahead the many lies Society left behind For the future to testify  About our little piece of freedom

Ouch oh no

I really can't stayI won't even say On this very day Why I don't want to be here  So stop asking me  I just want to be free Can't you just see Why I don't want to be here  You making me mad I get so sad So can't you see so bad Why I  want to be here I am just going to go Cause you stepped on my toe Now you know Why I just don't want to be here  Hate the pain Driving me insane Got to go and get a cane Why I just don't want to be here Not any more Oh Lenore Just watch my feet on the floor

Jack and coke: a nono

I sit in a room With two great men They get me through Thick and thin  Jack and Coke Jack keeps me warm at night Coke snuggles real tight They the only ones Who treat me right  Jack is easy on the eyes Coke travels wherever I go Jack is real sweet to me Coke is the man to be All I need is them two guys To protect me against life's old lies Jack I drink  And coke I take To keep me right

This one is for you Daryla

I take my bluesAnd I write a song And I play a tune On my old guitar On a lonely Saturday night After we had our last fight You said some hurtful things And it hurt me to the core But I am just a man A very sad man Playing for y'all lovers tonight To take your mind  Off some stupid fight That may cause you to lose The love of your life 

Baby boy got turned in

I did my timeOver stealing a dime That wasn't mine At twenty nine  I find my way To a better day Making up 11 years And plenty of tears I step into the light With all my might And hold my head up high As I look up at the sky Oh my I am out But all I do is pout Jail is all I know It took me so low But in there I leave my brothers To go seek out my mother Who turned me in Her little baby boy, Ben

Let's go for a swim

Take me to the waterThe smallest lake you can find Let's not stop Til we swim to the center And hold our heads up high To get a peek at heaven in the sky

The mountain climb

I climb the mountainAt the far end of town In the dark of the night With quiet as my companion  And the moon as my guide With no gear Didn't plan on doing this Was going for a walk Needed some air Just heard some devastating news Knock the wind out me  And I needed to breath again But none of this air will do  Not down here Not in her with them So I climbed To the highest peak Pure determination  Maybe up there There would be bliss Away from this madness And she said it to me so casually Like we were discussing some comedic movie  Like it was normal for me to hear I got to top Two hours flat I stood above our town And I let out the biggest Scream I took a deep breathe And released Onto to the town My pain Today I recieved horrible news And even up there It hurt all the same But the screaming kept coming Til it was just a whisper  Til my throat went dry And my voice was weak I took the air in And I fell to the ground And I weeped On the highest peak For today I loss someone And with them Went my voice  And staying with me  Was …

Solider #587

I fought in many of warsI was honored for it I got a medal or two And my picture in a book I been called a hero A legend among soilders But you will never know About me or the others But He knows And that's all that matters Cause my name got lost Never to be written again And my date of birth  Is any mans guest But He knows And that's all that matters

Soil to soil

They make it look so easySliding into another life From soil they came And soil they go The soul goes up above To the stairway to heaven I want to hold them close But letting go is difficult They make it look so peaceful Slipping into an eternal slumber Telling me we will meet again I form a small smile Praying for it all Getting so scared so far But they make it look not scary Like it's better than a fall Slipping into the next life Seeing loved ones again Greeted with loved Covered in bliss He made it look so easy All the way to the end