The one that's not here anymore

When my memory is not enough anymore
And I cant access you in my dreams
When the thought of you can't fill me whole
And your voice is now just a whisperin the wind
I get so lost that I can't be seen
The earth starts to shatter around me
And my knees just get so weak
And feel like I can't fall far enough
Cause honey your all I ever want and ever need
Cause honey I can't breathe without you near 
Cause I found love in your amazing heart
And now I am floating endlessly 
between life and loss
And now I never save I love you unless I mean it
And I keep close those precious things that mean the most to me
But you slipped through my fingers faster than I can blink
And now we past each other like two trains in the dark night
And I want you back
Cause honey with you the future is so happy
Cause honey in your hands is where my heart remains
Cause honey I found love in who we are 
And now time is not the same
And now I feel only hunger for your love
But your all gone now and it hurts me
And now your things are the only thing left behind
And I will stand here in this stop til you take me back
Cause your love is what I need to have
And now I am sad
So Just take me into your arms like the loving person you know I can be
And take me under a thousands stars and confess all your love to me

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