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I know I have been saying this for a whileBut I want to see it in words Today I have decided to be my own person Today I have decided to live for me I accept myself flaws and alls I accept me through all my awkward falls I am not a size two I didn't finish college I know what my passion is and what j want for life I am not afraid to say a career and a family Maybe three kids or just the one I am not the nicest in the morning I don't talk much around people I am tired of apologizing to other people For my mistakes or just at least my exstince I am not althetic I can cook and I am good with math I am cheap  And maybe I laugh to much But it's just me being happy I like to stay in I don't like to pretend I am ties of being in my sister shadow A good night to me can be alone or with others For being by myself sometimes brings me such a peace I am going to stop caring so mix what people think I am little sensitive but that I am working on  Taking things to personal can be a problem  I don't like a…